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Bread Baking University ::Complete Bread Baking Operational Guide with recipes


Bread Baking and Bakery business is very lucrative. It's one food business that gives daily money and this is the reason many are launching their bakery daily. 

VIDEO TESTIMONY FORM KUMASI(Click to watch the video)

As I travel from Kumasi, to Takoradi, Kwabenya to Tema, Lagos to Abuja, Awka to Portharcourt, Benin to Asaba to teach and conduct my One on One classes and establish bakeries for clients, I see more people like you, desire to start theirs too. This is why I wrote this book, to teach you all the step by step proccess of opening and operating a successful bakery from ground zero. 

Truth is that not many understand the secret to bread baking business, especially now that it requires creativity and science.

BREAD BAKING UNIVERSITY Complete eBook (instant download) covers Practical Step by Step Operational Guide (Starting and Running a Successful Bakery, with Recipes included in 5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg and 50kg). 

TODAYS LAUNCH PRICE: You can get it for just Ghc50, N2,500 or $4  on a limited time availability before price increases.

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Chapter 1:  Starting a successful bakery                        

Chapter 2:  Basic Equipments needed and science                           

Chapter 3:   Ingredients Needed for professional commercial bread  baking                                  

Chapter 4: Bread and Recipes Formulation.                            

Chapter 5: Flavours and Industrial Ingredients Secrets. 

Chapter 6: Process of bread baking and Secrets                       

Chapter 7: Step by step Mixing and Baking Method                 

Chapter 8:  Science of bread marketing                     

Chapter 9:  Sustaining your bakery 

Chapter 10: Conclusion, Prices and Contacts.                                     


Ghana: Pay by MOMO to 0244142638(Prince Nelson). After payment send details of payment by WhatsApp to 0551689453 and you will receive your ebook.

Nigeria: Pay by Bank. Pay to Zenith Bank: 1017249190(Name: Bakers At Work) WhatsApp 09028854666 with your payment details and you will receive your ebook.

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Here's to your success

Chef Henry Omenogor

Founder of BAKERS AT WORK.






How to mix and mill your bread dough the right way

Most people who are new to bread baking wonder how bread is made. Bread is basically made from flour and combination of other Ingredients like water, salt, yeast and sugar

However, milling of bread must be done rightly to get the right results. There is the right and wrong method. People who just jump into it without learning it make lots of mistakes. Mixing and milling bread dough is a science.

You can mix and mill in three ways: Hand Kneading, Fabricated Milling with mixer, and Spiral Mixer Mixing.

The primary reason for mixing and milling bread dough is to bring out the gluten in your flour to give your dough structure that will enable it rise and get ready to become bread when baked in the Oven.

How to knead by hand: You knead and allow for double rising before baking.

Fabricated Mixing and Milling: You first mix in the dough hook, transfer to Milling Machine and mill till dough is degassed.

Spiral Mixer Method: You mix on slow speed and then fast speed to get a smooth dough ready to rise and bake.

Note: Most people don't make the right quantity of bread and so don't make profit b cause they do not understand the right bread recipe. 

How to achieve the above:

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What to do if you forgot to add yeast to your bread dough during mixing

Chef Henry, pls I forgot to add yeast during mixing, I have kept my dough in the pans for 4 hours and it does not seem to be proofing or rising. Is my product spoiled or what should I do now?

You are not alone. I have been there. I watched my 72 year Old Baba forgetting to add yeast.  I wan under his mentorship.

On my own, one day, I had some meeting at Circle, Accra and my wife was to handle the secret ingredient mixing. When I came back they have added dough to pan. That was really her first time and I was excited and thanking her,  praising her how I was proud of her for helping out since we needed to meet up with supply the next morning. Then, I started asking her the ingredients she added one after the other. Boom! I discovered she did not add yeast as the yeast also looked like one other ingredient we use. 

Four hours, the bread remained at it's flat position, instead was becoming oily due to margarine greasing. I sensed it. NO YEAST ADDED.


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WHAT DID I DO? I brought out all the dough together, poured back into the mixer, added the right percentage of  yeast into a bowl, added little handful of flour and water and mixed them together and then poured into the dough. Started the mixing again as normal for next five minutes for evenness.

Everything was together. Then scale and cut and added to pans again and allowed it to proof normal and well risen and then we baked. Bread came out fantastically.

NOTE: You cannot bake bread without adding yeast. Yeast is the catalyst that makes bread to rise and form and this is different from cake which does not need yeast.

If you don't add yeast, you can not produce bread but biscuit.

FIRST THINGS TO DO TO START YOUR BAKERY.... You need expert training on recipes that work, you need to know how to calculate bread production cost and what profits that will come from your baking. You need to know challenges and solutions in bread baking.. Don't ever gamble with your investments. How do you start and make success?

Click here to a direct link on how to start your own bakery and make success


Profit Making Bakery Manual & Premium Bread Recipes (eBook Download)


How many loaves of bread can you get from one bag of 50kg flour? How much should make from one bag of flour? What should you do to have a baked bread that rises to have volume? What scaling should you apply for your dough? The solution is here.

The bread baking industry is very lucrative, but many bakers are getting it wrong with the sudden and steady skyrocketing of baking ingredients due to inflation.

Fortunately, this is the best time to be in this business and the reason bakeries of all sizes are springing out daily everywhere you go from Accra to Takoradi, Wa, Kumasi, Nkawkaw to Sunyani, Lagos to Portharcourt, Abuja , Asaba, Awka, Warri, Benin, Leki, Ikeja, Umuahia, Jos, Kaduna, South Africa, Kenya, Cameron, Liberia etc

The true fact about this industry is that most bakers are focusing  on money first (I am not blaming), rather than understanding the science of bread baking, bakery operations and implementing the right Premium Bread recipes that will give them profit and sustainability. This is the reason I wrote their book. 

If you are a bakery owner or want to start your bakery, you must know and understand first about Bakery Operations, Recipes that give you Profit and strategies for marketing your product to succeed.

Following are what bread bakers contend with mostly (and they are sent to my WhatsApp, emails and calls on daily basis):

- Baked bread is coming out hard, collapsing to the center when it is baked, bread is smelling like alcohol and sour .

- Bakery not making profit because bakers don't know how many loaves of bread that will come out from one bag of 50kg flour, don't know what size (grams and kilograms) to scale in order to make profit from N100, N200, N500 or Ghc2, Ghc5, Ghc10 bread dough.

- Bakers are using lots of ingredients that are already being duplicated. For example, you don't need to add bread Improvers in your mixing, and a few other ingredients as these are just duplications, which eats into your cost of production and Profit.

- Bakeries are running losses because most  don't know how to price bread to make profit.

- You dont know how to make bread that has volume, big for it's commercial value, last ten to 15 days shelf life, bread loaf that rise big,  bread coming out crumbly like garri after a day, your bread is not elastic or stretchy. 

- You don't know about unique types of secrete flavours and ingredients that gives your baked loaves the right aroma and taste.

- You don't have a Marketing Plan and How to make more profit form your bread baking if you already make profit.

This book addresses the above and presents Premium Bread Recipes in 5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg, 20kg, 25kg and 50kg.

It's a complete 2022 Bread Baking Operations and Profit Making Recipes for Profesional Bread Bakers, Master Bakers and Those who want start a bakery.

Profit Making Bakery Manual and Premium Bread Recipes covers the following among others:

Introduction to Bread.
Ingredients Needed for Premium Bread baking explained.
Bread Baking Troubleshooting/Frequently Asked Questions.
Bread Baking Marketing Plans.
9 Ways to improve your bread baking profits.
How to lower your production cost.
12 Ingredients for Premium Bread Baking.
Science of Bread Scaling and Profit Making.
Bread Baking Premium Recipes and Step by step guide to produce your first Premium Loaf.

How much is this package? 
Considering all efforts, experimentations, investments and money spent in putting this practical ebook together, and what impact is has in changing bakeries for profit, I could have asked for  N15,000, Ghc200 or $80.

But in order to have many access to these secrets to start their own business  and make profit on sustainable living, I am giving this ebook to the first 100 people for N5,00.00, or Ghc80 or $30.

HOW TO PURCHASE WITH IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD (Pay in Naira, Ghana cedis or Dollars).

Pay Naira in Nigeria Bank: Pay N5,000 to Zenith Bank Act:1017249190(Company Account Name: Bakers At work); (Send payment details or Whatsapp: +2349028854666 or 09028854666 along with your email and name and it shall be sent to you instantly on confirmation.

Pay by Ghana Cedis: Request MTN Momo Account by sending WhatsApp message to 0551689453(Ghana) or +2349028854666. You will receive momo details and your ebook is sent instantly on payment confirmation.

In Dollars by Western Union. Whatsapp me on +2349028854666.

Or WhatsApp/Call for details: +2349029854666

Are you still contemplating  if you should buy or not? Take action now and start a lucrative bread baking business. This Promo price is valid till February 28.

I look forward to meeting you in the other side.

Good Luck
Chef Henry

What type and percentage of water do I need in bread

Let's talk about water today in bread mixing:

Water play a very vital role in your bread dough mixing. 

If you have read any of my books or watched my Profesional videos on bakery and baking management, , especially Chef Henry Perfect Bread Recipes, you will notice all I have discussed about percentage of water and it's effect in your baked bread. 

In mixing your dough, you need to understand what is called Dehydration rate. I am speaking grammar? Right? Let me break it down: It is the percentage or quantity of water that will leave or evaporate from your bread from when it is in the oven to when it is baked and cooled.

Some bakers and bakeries are failing or collapsing  partly because they do not understand the type water and quantity to add during mixing. Some have just watched a YouTube Video recommending Warm water or yeast activation and they start using it for bread as standard. 

These are not formula for commercial bread baking.

if you own a bakery or bake bread, you need to take very real time to study water science in bread baking

I spent a full year with 70 years Baba in Lagos and one full year with 65 year old Maame in Sapeiamn Accra, ghana. They have very traditional ways of mixing and adding water. They have noth baked bread for 35 years before taking responsibility of mentoring me.

"My son, I add water this way to give my bread good weight and chewiness", Maame will tell me.

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Let me state this: The temperature of your water is very critical to your  final loaf, weight, volume, shelf life and how smooth and stretchy your bread should be. Anything outside the normal standard, you will encounter baking challenges.

It is not enough to do the above but also know when to add the water during mixing stage and when not to add water again. 

What type and quantity of water are you using? What's steps and when do you add water?Are you mixing wet, dry or standard dough? What's your source of water?

How should I mix and what other ingredients in percentage do I need. For a complete Bread baking step by step guide with videos and ebooks, download Chef Henry's Perfect Bread Recipes now

LAGOS (N10,000) PRACTICAL BREAD CLASS - Bakery Business, Operation and baking


Learn Practical Bread Baking and how to Bank Maximum Profit from one bag of our Baking.

 Note: All participant should come with flat slippers, bag to take baked goods away, writing pens and book. Eat heavy food before coming.

Learn how to bake bread, how to setup a bakery that succeeds, how to run a bakery: 100% practical.

Bread types to be baked: Butter, Sweet or Sugar Bread,  Agege,  Tea Bread (for Ghana), Bread Rolls

Dear Prospective Master Baker,
If you desire to become a Master Bread Baker and live on thriving income, or another source of financial freedom (even if you already have a job),  or you want to retire into owning a Micro Bakery from home, or owning a baking shop, hot bread kitchen, where you  bake very unique and improved bread  and sell within your community, or you need a sophisticated Mechanized bakery, this opportunity is for you.  So I urge you to read every word here. I have over the years built bakers and bakeries in Ghana and Nigeria with results with my physical classes. Also, we have trained well over 4000 bakers globally with our ONLINE DISTANCE CLASSES, with members from South Africa, Kenya, US, C
ameron, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria etc

Class Schedules :
MARCH: 25th to 26th: Lagos
FEE: N10,000 before the day, N15,000 at Venue
Can attend physically? Join us through Facebook live, or Online Live  our teaching platform and we add you to my VIP Distance Online Class

Physical One on One Training: Nigeria: N150,000(Nig),
Physical One on One Training Ghana: Ghc2500(Ghana promo)

See testimony.

5 Days Bread Baking, Drinks, Tomato Paste, Soap Production Online Class: Ghc20, N1,000


Would you want to start a skill or crafts business in Bread Baking, Biscuit Making, Tomatoes Paste Production for home use, drinks such as Kola Drinks, Orange drinks or pineapple drinks, Yoghurt and Ice cream production? And Bar Soap? Then read till the end and join over 4000 students to launch your home business

JOIN OUR ONLINE DISTANCE CLASS TODAY AND LEARN FROM YOUR HOME: Ghc20 N1000, $3 and your journey starts  now. Class is 247 Access, interact, ask questions, be guided and launch your Business. 

See Testimonies 

At Bakers at Work, we have a singular mission of training and equiping our students with the right skills and foundation for them to start their own business. 

This class is the Foundational Class Membership is just $3, N1000 or Ghc20 and you can skip a plate of Banku or Eba to join.


Ghana: Pay to Momo: Call or WhatsApp on +233551689453 for.momo details to pay to

Nigeria: Pay by Bank transfer to Zenith Bank Act: 1017249190: Name: Bakers At Work; 
Send me a direct message on Whatspap to join the class: Click here.

Send your payment detail to (WhatsApp) : 0551689453(Ghana), 09028854666(Nigeria)
And you will be transfered to the class.

Please beware of scammers and call us/WhatsApp us on +233551689453/+2349028854666

( See Course Outline below) but first see more testimony before the course details below

Send me a direct message on Whatspap to join the class: Click here.

1. Bread Equipment and simple ones to use. Don't break the bank, start with what you have.

2. Unique Bread Baking Ingredients and how to use them.

3. The right percentage and quantity of Ingredients

4. How flavours influence your bread taste and unique flavours you should use. Don't use what others uses.

5. How to mix bread dough to prevent your baked loaves from collapsing after baking. 

6. How to use hand mixing, local machine mixing and spiral mixer mixing methods.

7. What type of water is needed to make commercial bread.

8. Types of bread and flavours to use and how to mix flavours.

9. How to mould or shape bread. 

10. Bread dough proofing or fermentation methods.

11. Baking bread and tricks.

12. How to make bread that lasts long upto 15 days

13. Bread preservation secrets.

14. Know how many loaves of bread you can make from one bag 50kg flour.

15. Baking of Butter Bread , Sweet Bread, Sardine Bread, Bread Rolls.

16. Making of Cola drinks like Coca cola of Africola, Orange drink like Fanta, Pineapple Drink, Yoghurt, ice Cream.

17. Washing Soap formulations.

18. Tomato Paste Production

19. Basic Biscuits Making.

20. How start your business.
Videos Clips, Video, ebooks downloads in the class and oppprtunity for VIP.

More Testimony


Ghana: Pay to Momo: Call or WhatsApp on +233551689453 for.momo details to pay to

Nigeria: Pay by Bank transfer to Zenith Bank Act: 1017249190: Name: Bakers At Work; 

Send your payment detail to (WhatsApp) : 0551689453(Ghana), 09028854666(Nigeria)
And you will be transfered to the class.

Send me a direct message on Whatspap to join the class: Click here.

Please beware of scammers and call us/WhatsApp us on +233551689453/+2349028854666



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πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»WhatsApp or Call: +2349028854666(Nigeria) , +233551689453(Ghana).

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Watch How to start and sustain a bread baking business below

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