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Spiral Mixer VS Local Milling Machine.. What's best for bread Making and which should you buy

So you want to start a bakery and confused what machine should be bought for milling and mixing your bread dough?  Read through to make your own decisions.

During one of my Physical Bread Baking Classes in Lagos, a lady who have been baking from home and selling but was having challenges came from Ibadan, Western Nigeria to attend. Her bread was not coming out well, not smooth, not stretchy or elastic and very crumbly. She uses an English Spiral Mixer for her bread mixing and milling. Unfortunately, she bought the wrong Machine. Single Speed, single phase..

As I travel to homes and places for my one on one trainings all over the regions in Ghana, 95% of the people starting or running bakeries uses local milling machine to make their their bread. When I was starting my bakery in Sapaeiman, Fise and Festus areas where I ran my hot bread kitchens in Ghana, I used the local milling machine.

All my trainings in Medoma, Santase and Apiaedu areas in Kumasi, local milling machine was all we used. In Sunyani, Kasoa, Atadeka, Garu, Bawku, Mallam, Darwenya, Tema, it's all we used. 

When I started my training in Lagos, Nigeria, I used local milling Machine as well as my training in Enugu.

Now listen, one of my clients in Ekiti who runs an NGO uses a local milling machine. She has been complaining about who should help her operate the local machine.

Another of my client, a fresh graduate in Portharcourt, Rivers state uses a local milling machine and sent me message about her frustrations in operating the machine since it is man-powered or manual.  She was advised to buy local milling machine that was installed on the ground of a three bedroom building.

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Moreso, I have many bakers who are using the Spiral Mixer to run their bakery, and are also complaining about the quality of their bread. They complain that their bread does not draw, it's not chewy, it comes out hard, not elastic, crumbly.

The same way those using the local milling machine is complaining. So I am addressing it today.


I have used the two types of machines. Both local and English. When I was putting up my final permanent bakeries, I had to critically consider lots of factors, to buy local milling machine or buy a spiral mixer.

If you are using local machine or spiral mixer, you have to understand that you must use the right bread recipe for both to work well. I have seen bakers who just pour ordinary water to mix their bread dough, they don't use industrial bread baking ingredients and don't even use EDC for their bread mixing. Yet, they want the machines to do wonder. It's not possible. Machine does not make bread good. It's your mixing, ingredients added, methods applied that gives you good bread. 

First thing you need to do is to change your recipes. Don't copy recipes along your street and think all should go well. Those bakeries you know are selling well and people are rushing their bread has secrets you should know.  Understand how ingredients works and change your mixing methods. Don't just pour ingredients anyhow and expect something Wonderful. I have provided a comprehensive details on how to start a commercial bread baking and make profit. I have made my knowledge into a complete ebook series to help succeed.

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1.  It will mill your bread very smooth.

2. It does not use electricity to be powered.

3. It is powered by motor.

4. It will degass very well your dough and remove pocket of air in dough.


1. You need to install it inside the ground, hence your building is permanently condemned and strictly for the machine.

2. It is operated by man-power. If you don't get the boys to operate it, you won't work.

3. The machine could cut hands of operators. Check most bakers and you will see one, two or three fingers are complete cut off. Highly prone to accident

4. The environment is very dirty and not hygienic.

5. Operators will sweat and those sweat goes to the bread dough, contaminating it.

6. It is more costly to install than Spiral Mixer. It has several components you must buy and install all into the ground.

7. Vibration of machine will affect building over time.



1. It's plug and play. Once you buy, you start using by just plugging to a wall socket.

2. It has both mixing of bread dough and milling. Milling is Slow speed, Mixing is fast speed.

3. When ingredients are added in the right way and recipes, you produce a very smooth, elastic, chewy and degassed dough.

4. It is computerized. Set the timer, once it's time, machine will stop and you start cutting and panning.

5. Maintenance is very easy. Just clean.

6. You can move it to any where.

7. It does not occupy space.

8. Anyone can use it. It does not require strength.

9. It is cheaper than buying a local miller.

10. Very neat production and hygienic.


1. Uses electricity.

My recommendation:

We are in a new world, new opportunities, you don't have run a business in a hard way. Be smart. Buy a Spiral Mixer and use the right recipes, mixing method, right ingredients for your bread baking and bake bread that's chewy, elastic, draws, yummy, rich, long lasting till over ten days. And then smile to the bank. 

You can grab my new ebook and be successful.

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Book of Bread Recipes : Butter, Sugar, Milk, Wheat, Chocolate Bread, Cassava & Soy flour Production

If you ever wanted to bake varieties or a particular brand of bread and make good money, here you will find the answer.

See these challenges many bread bakers and bakeries are encountering:

Bread Did not rise, bread comes out hard, bread collapse to the center, bread spoils after few days, bread smells like alcohol, bread not commercially big, bread not sweet, chewy, or yummy. 

Included in bundle

Let's look at other issues: You have difficulty in knowing how to scale your bread to make profit with rising cost of ingredients, you don't now what it cost you to produce a loaf of bread, you don't know how to calculate your profit, you are confused on how to print your nylon and how to get your NAFDAC or FDA Ghana number. This book provide these solutions.

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I decided to write this book to address many issues bakers are facing. This Complete Recipe book is from my physical teachings and online teachings, solutions and guides I have provided over the years to my clients globally and my personal experience in running my bakeries for over ten years.

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Starting a Bakery                         

Equipments Needed        

Industrial Baking Ingredients

Bread and Recipes Formulation: Butter, Sweet, Wheat & Chocolate Bread Recipes

Cassava & Soy Flour: Equipment needed for flour production

Soy flour Production

All about Cassava Production

Chapter 8: Sweet Cassava Bread Recipes

Step by Step Baking Methods

How to get your NAFDAC or FDA License/number                   

What you should know about Industrial Ingredients and How to buy them. 

Science of bread marketing  

Sustaining your bakery 

Steps to print bread nylon

Measurements & Conversions

Conclusion, Prices and Contacts

How much is complete  BOOK OF BREAD RECIPES ebook.

Considering all efforts and resources put into researching, creating this ebook based on my years of teachings and practice, I will considerably give out this book for Ghc1000, N70,000 or $200.

But for a limited time, I will be giving this book out for only Ghc120, N6,000 or $30.


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Book of Chocolate Recipes: How To Make Chocolat Bread Step by Step

Every Bread Baker and bakery want to make the best bread and sell for profit. And while everyone makes the usual bread, you can shine over competitors with Special Bread. Chocolate Bread gives you premium income as special bread.  

I wrote this classic recipe book titled  "BOOK OF CHOCOLATE BREAD RECIPES"  to give every commercial baker a step by step method of making Chocolate Bread to give their community Premium, yummy, rich bread rolls and loaves. And as a baker, you will always smile to the bank.


Starting a Bakery                         

Equipments Needed        

Industrial Baking Ingredients

Bread and Recipes Formulation:, Chocolate Bread Recipes from 1kg to 50kg

Step by Step Baking Methods                

What you should know about Industrial Ingredients and How to buy them. 

Science of bread marketing  

Sustaining your bakery 

Measurements & Conversions

Conclusion, Prices and Contacts.  

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How to make massive money baking & selling bread rolls

Do you know you there is massive profit in bread rolls and you can make Ghc2,000, N80, 000 from a bag of 50kg flour? Yet this type of bread business opportunity is the most neglected by bakers.

Bread rolls are easy to bake, and basically do not need much Profesional expertise. Anyone can start bread rolls business from home, mix with hand if there is no machine and bake from any oven ranging from kitchen oven to Profesional Ovens.

In my FOUNDATIONAL ONLINE CLASSES to my Professional BREAD PROFIT BAKING & BUSINESS VIP CLASS which is for those who really want to go into bread baking as a business, my clients are given the right recipes and baking processes for maximum bread yield.

Why you should start with bread rolls:
Truth be told, most people should be starting with bread rolls before going into loaves. 

First, you can start with any amount of flour, bake little quantity and start selling from home, within your community and then branch into the real market.

Secondly, you don't need any sophisticated equipment as you can start your business with hand mixing and kneading.

Thirdly and very important is that you can sell for N100, Ghc1, Ghc2. 

Infact, even when there is increase in the price of flour, sugar etc, you should smile home to the bank daily with your baking.

As stated earlier, those who have gone through my Bread Baking School or who have purchased my new book BOOK OF
BREAD RECIPES are exposed to the right recipes that will yield the number of doughs that can give you massive income. 

You can make a minimum of Ghc2,000 or N80,000 from one bag of 50kg flour.

Lastly, anyone can buy these bread rolls as it's cheap. Kids love them, family want to have bread rolls for each child, others takes it as snacks.

Following are what you should know and need to start profiting:

1. You need the right Recipes to give you increased volume, quantity, long lasting and yummy bread rolls or even loaves.

Most people are contending with bread that becomes hard after baking, spoils after few days, smells or don't have volume, does not draw and so they loose customers. This is the reason bakeries are collapsing and I know how frustrating it can be.
What Industrial ingredients do you need for your bread baking, what is your mixing method, how do you bake the bread, what type of water do you need as it's not just every type of water you should use for bread baking.

2. Wrong Bread Scaling: You don't start baking bread without knowing how to scale your dough for profit.  A baker in Portharcourt wrote to explain her frustration in her one year bakery. She bakes bread, has workers and people are buying her bread, but she is not making profit. Unfortunately, her sale is less than cost of production. A client in Gbagada had to close his bakery because there is no return coming. He attended my class and discovered all his mistakes.
You need to know what a Ghc2, Ghc10, N100, N1000 bread loaves should be scaled.  

See my new book you can download for you to start and run your bakery sustainably.
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Details at bottom of article.

3.  You need proper knowledge and expert training to run a bakery. Starting a bakery is one aspect, having a sound and proper knowledge to make profit is another.  Most people just buy equipments and kick off with baking. Some would also call someone who is not experiences to give them a recipe. Your Recipe should be Unique, and stand higher than the bakeries in your area or Community, and you should master the art of marketing and sustaining your business.

Solution: I have made a complete ebook that gives you step by step method of running and sustaining a bakery, how to get your NAFDAC or FDA number, and written exclusively on Bread Recipes. It's a full package of Butter Bread, Sweet(Milk, Sugar Bread), Wheat, Chocolate Bread, Industrial Ingredients that gives your bread volume, make it to last longer in terms of shelf life,  Softened bread that's no hard, chewy and drawing bread rolls and loaves etc. This Complete Download of all the Recipes and Bakery Operations goes today on Promo for Ghc120 or N6,000, $25
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In this detailed article about Ovens, Chef Henry covers all about Science of Bread Ovens, What Galvanized Oven means, Why your bread is coming out the way it is, and how to buy and use Ovens..

Do you know that most of the challenges you face in your commercial bread baking comes from your Oven? I receive daily requests from bakers and would-be bakers on how their bread is collapsing after baking, bread not baked well and coming hard, bread not lasting after baking etc. 

Let's address what you need to know about Galvanized Fabricated Padded Ovens today.

I was exposed to galvanized Ovens early. All Ovens in my Bakery are all Galvanized and Padded. And that's what I also sell. I sell what I use to my clients.

Let me state immediately that most Nigerian Ovens are not galvanized. They will tell you it's  galvanized, but truly, they are not. This is one reason among others why your bread is not consistent in structure. 

It's sad but I have to say it. I had to drag an oven manufacturer to Consumer Protection Council to retrieve my money from him after buying an oven that turns out not to give me the expected bread. This is the reason I ventured into Oven Business.

Most Fabricated Ovens you use or see no doubt bakes cakes, but not bread. I am not saying this to discredit Oven makers around you who would even tell you their Oven is Galvanized, which is not true, but that's the extent of what the manufacturers can give.

Their Ovens are made with CONTAINERIZED MATERIALS and not galvanized materials. Pure and Simple. Note that I am talking about fabricated Ovens.

Bread Ovens must be one big factor anyone going into bread baking must understand it's science before venturing into bread baking. You need an expert advise about Ovens. Don't assume all is going to be fine. Investigate what is right and get it right for your business growth.

Unfortunately, most people who are 

already into this business have made some very critical and technical mistakes buying the wrong Ovens as well as other equipments. This is the real reasons why they are having challenges in their business.


Let me first of all remind you that you can join my Physical Bread Baking Classes in Accra, Kumasi and Lagos for Ghc700 or N25,000 Promo in NOVEMBER or Have me train you at your own location Privately for N150,000 or Ghc2600

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There are different types of Ovens ranging form Deck Ovens, Earthen Ovens, Rack Oven, Convention Ovens and Fabricated Ovens.

Fabricated Ovens are of different types too. Some are made with container materials and others are made with Galvanized Materials.

The mistakes some make is to make their fabricated Oven inside a building and construct it in a way that is is cemented and fired with Charcoal. Very bad and this is what you see in Nigeria.

So let's read on

Oven must have the right temperature and heat to bake bread. Good ovens gives your bread the right oven spring which results in giving your bread volume. It must also cook your bread completely. Ovens with low heat or that is not rightly padded with the right fiberglass will always ot retain the right heat Temperature to bake bread 🍞. So some bread comes out saggy and crumbly. 

Ovens that are standard must also have a good heat circulation up and and down. Materials used in making Oven must be factored into consideration. Where it's sourced is also important. Unfortunately, not all Oven makers knows where to source for galvanized materials. They don't have that science information.

GALVANIZED OVEN materials are expensive and this is why Oven makers don't use them to manufacturer Ovens. Many people want to buy cheap Ovens to make bread and it turns out it does not work. It does not also last long apart from not baking the right bread.

But galvanized Ovens lasts into 35 years and going.. This is the reason some old timers in Ghana has always have their children inherit their equipments as it's a generational business.

Galvanized Ovens are water resistant, meaning it can be kept outside and when rain falls on them, it does nothing to it. But your ordinary Ovens that are so cheap with cheap materials will spoil immediately rain touches it. 

Galvanized Ovens comes with full glass faced-doors. Let me tell you a truth that you have been looking for an  answer for. The reason your bread collapse inside after baking is because you opened the door when you started baking. You dont need to open your door with galvanized padded oven with full glass face. You can see what you are baking as you bake. Most.of these substandard Ovens are made with  doors not transparent.

Galvanized Padded Oven have good and easy way to operate and light the 🔥 fire. 

Unfortunately, I was at Ikotun Egbe where I went to train and open a new bakery for the owners. Immediately I tried to light the oven, my right hand was taken by fire. The gas circulation was wrongly constructed and this is a very great factor to consider as you buy Oven. I mean SAFETY. 

With Mrs Beverly, during my training and launching of Jazzy's Bakery and Bread in Awka. She is the only female house of Assembly member, Anambra State.

Another factor is that of moveability. A good Oven must have the legs with rolling tires to move it around. Your oven must not be in a stationed place. This will help you in changing position of your oven anytime. even if you want transport your oven to an event where you position and bake hot bread for events, conferences, crusades, party meetings etc, you can move tur OVEN. 

Your Oven must be powered by Gas and not charcoal or firewood. It has a regulator that gives you maximum of blue flame and not yellow flame.

Let me state that some states have started banning the use of charcoal and firewood Ovens because of its health hazard. Don't be caught up with this.

Training with my client in Kumasi as her first Bread is out.. She is the CEO of NAAPS Bakery and they are doing fantastic ally well.

Apart form the health hazard, I have been to several places to train bakers including Enugu, Ekpoma etc where Mud and Firewood and Charcoal Ovens are used and the beautiful walls have been messed up.

Anything you are buying, always think of future... You have to buy an Oven once and never buy again. 


The reason why you should buy Galvanized Padded Oven also is that you don't need electricity to operate it. You need only gas cylinder and you are good to go. So you know that Deck Ovens will require you using both electricity and gas at the same time? While you have the bread being baked or cooked with gas power, the electrical supply helps to spark the elements.

I was training a client in Ekpoma and I had advised that she should get a Fabricated Oven as a backup to her Deck Oven. she it's not necessary. Once we started baking, the generator supply went bad. In no time, all the bread collapsed. That was an economic loss.

With fabricated Galvanized OVENS, you are secured and good to go.

Bread Baking Practical Class in our Training Amasaiman, Accra, Center, Bariga Ilaje Lagos with Client, Class in Techiman Ghana etc Join our next physical class


You can always have our galvanized Fabricated Ovens which are used by our customers in Abuja, Portharcourt, Lagos, Mowe, Kokori, Asaba etc All over Ghana and we deliver to anywhere in Ghana and Nigeria.

Sizes ranges from N400,000 for Quarter Bag, N650,000 for Half Bag in Nigeria. Kindly call or WhatsApp for your order. +2449128854667 or email

Installment payment also available.

In Ghana, WhatsApp/call: +233551689453 and we can deliver anywhere in Ghana.

Firm, solid Bread baked form galvanized Oven with volume

I am waiting!

Let me first of all remind you that you can join my Physical Bread Baking Classes in Accra, Kumasi and Lagos for Ghc700 or N25,000 Promo in NOVEMBER or Have me train you at your own location Privately for N150,000 or Ghc2600

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5 Things EDC does in Bread Baking and how to make long lasting, chewy bread

I went to Techiman in Bono East Region of  Ghana to run a One on One Bread Baking Training/Class and met a baker who was baking commercial bread already.  His bread is very small in volume and he had kept wondering why it's like that until he met me.

I showed him how to make Ghc1400 from one bag of 50kg flour, whereas they were struggling with making just Ghc700 from 50kg flour  when the cost of buying a bag of 50kg flour alone as of today is almost Ghc500. I had to give them some secrets, one of which I am revealing here. 

I consulted for an old-timer baker who have been baking for 35 years in Community 5 area of Tema, near Accra and she is also not using industrial ingredients that should make her bread have volume, stretchy, and long lasting. She wondered why her competitor's bread is bigger than hers and more in quantity.

That's what we will discuss today. So read till the end and know  how to get your EDC in your Community.

In my trainings also in Nigeria from Lagos to Warri, Portharcourt to Abuja, it's the same issue and that's what I help clients to solve.

Most people don't know what to add to bread for commercial purpose. Their baked bread does not have volume (not big), not stretchy and don't last long. And they don't know or understand how to increase the number of loaves they get from one bag of 50kg flour. This has led to many bakeries closing down.

Following are what EDC does in your commercial bread baking. If you follow me in my Social Media Page, Chef Henry Omenogor - - Bakers At Work, you would keep reading where I instruct that you should not use bread improvers. Don't waste your money on bread improvers. And don't ever bake bread without using EDC. It's a must.

1. You need EDC to help in binding of gluten protein in dough to maintain production of more gas by yeast in your bread.

With this, your bread volume will expand when baked with a good Galvanized Padded Oven. 

2. EDC stablizes your dough for commercial purposes: More messages and complain I receive from bakers is that of their bread collapsing after baking. Due to their wrong bread recipe and mixing, baked bread is easy to collapse.

EDC will enhance the gluten network structure that keeps the dough stable. And this will result to high quality bread that stands different conditions.

3. EDC helps in giving your dough a strong mechanical operability. This will prevent your dough from being sticky. It makes it firm, dry and elastic. When you mill your dough and it does not come out elastic or stretchy, the baked product will also not be stretchy. EDC helps to give your dough the required industrial elasticity.

4. EDC will give your baked bread an even inner texture. You see some bread with big holes and not so smooth texture inside. These are lack of emulsification.

EDC makes your bread have small holes and rich in texture and improve the colour of your baked loaves.

5. Prolong Shelf - Life. EDC when added to your dough mixing helps to improve your production and also enhances prolonged shelf life or ageing. This combined with Antimould will give your commercial bread the right richness and good shelf life.

6. EDC gives you soft bread. Let me tell you one truth. Customers in any community will consider buying a bread that is soft and chewy. Softness is a requisite for buying bread by customers. 

Bread that is soft with the right bread recipes will not age easily because it has a good tissue and this is an important factor for protein content. 

Making good commercial bread requires you use EDC.  Enzymes are in EDC and they help in breaking down dough starch to give bread soft and long shelf life.


We have EDC, Industrial flavours for Bread as well as Softeners and Antimould in stocks.

EDC: Ghc120/N5,000

Milk Supreme (Industrial)Flavour: Ghc75/Ghc240/N9600

Butter Cream Industria Flavour: Ghc75/Ghc240/N9600

Softener: Ghc50/Ghc120/N6500

Antimould: Ghc75/Ghc150/N4500

Soy flour : Ghc35

Buy from our Accra and Lagos Baking Centers: Call/WhatsApp: +233551689453(Ghana)

+2349028854666 (Naija)



GHANA: Call/WhatsApp for a four days intenssive practical One on One Bread Baking Training/Class with Chef Henry at your own home

Ghc3000 outside Accra, Ghc2500 in Accra. Learn at my own Bakery or we come to yours. Start selling from day one of your class. 

Tell/WhatsApp: +233551689453

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How to Make Profit From Your Baking Business and how not to make profit

Today, Tema Flour is expensive, Golden Penny Flour is N30, 500, Sugar is N30, 000... Organic Wheat Flour is N30, 000 for half bag in Nigeria. In Ghana, it's going high daily with Tema Hard flour going for almost Ghc450....

Everything is skyrocketing and it's still going higher.. Many bakeries and bakers are struggling to be in business. Some bakeries are collapsing, and many are springing up daily. 
But can I tell you a secret? This the best time to make enough money in the bread baking business if you understand the science of bread baking. Unfortunately, many bakers do not understand this secret. I can boldly state that you can make Ghc1400 from one bag of 50kg flour  in Ghana and you can go as high as N90,000 from one bag of flour on Nigeria. Knowing this require you to take bold steps and get it right through expert coaching, reading books, practicing and taking intentional steps, which most people will not.

In my One on One trainings with clients in Takoradi, Techiman, Djuan Nkwanta, Darwenya, Tema, Dansoman, Kasoa, Medina, Nkwkaw, Kumasi, Ho, Mallam, Ablekuma, Waliwali etc  in Ghana, Asaba, Enugu, Abuja, Eleko, Badore, Lekki Ajah, Benin, Ekpoma, Warri, Awka, Bariga, Ikotun, Festac etc in Nigeria, as well as my VIPOnlineClasses,  my clients and students who are succeeding with their bakeries understand lots about of science of bread baking. Below are some of our Trainings.

Bread baking is an art and science. Those who don't know this are more interested in focussing on the money from this business and so are doing it all wrong by baking the wrong bread standard.

Some are taking to reducing their Ingredients to cut cost, some make sub-standard bread, some add banned ingredients like bromate to have big bread, some bake chaffs etc. Others are adding plenty of yeast etc. You don't cut conners if you will remain in business for a very long time.

I have highlighted here how to succeed and how to fail in your bread baking business.

Tps to success in bread baking:

1. Learn about bread scaling
. Don't use manual scale. It's not going to give you the right bread sizes. It's going to be inconsistent.
Buy digital bread scale for Ghc450 or N25, 000. WhatsApp : +233551689453(Ghana) or +2349028854666(Naija).

2. Mixing Method: Yes I have seen people who just pour Ingredients together and start milling or mixing. You don't do it this way. There are things that does not go together. For example, mixing or combining yeast and salt is not right in your bread baking. Yeast will be retarded by salt. In my teachings and trainings, I have always recommended you mix your ingredients in the form of liquid to liquid, powder to powder. These ingredients must be added one after the other to get the right result. Also, if you are using hand-mixing method, your combination must be different. If you are using Spiral Mixer or local milling Machine, your combination must also differ.

3. Flour type and Gluten: Truth is that most people don't know the differences in flour in Nigeria. Don't use soft flour for bread baking. Use hard flour. Even the retailers do not know and they still sell flour. If you are using soft flour for bread, your dough will not result to producing the gluten in flour necessary for giving structure to your bread. Soft flour is for confectionery or pastries while hard flour is for bread. 

Secondly, some flour gives you more yield than the other, some absorb more water also and some gives more firmness in bread baking. This also depends on the flour that's in your community. 

4. Use Premium Bread Recipes that brings high yield: Let me state this. You will have 1400 bread rolls from one bag of 50kg bread flour and this can give you premium profit. Your recipe is the reason you will succeed in your bread baking business. Don't gamble about this. YouTube recipes are not for commercial bread and I must sink this into you. Commercial Bread does not call for warm water. You don't just also fetch water from boreholes and start mixing for bread baking. These water types will affect your bread yield, quality and quantity.

When you sample bread loaves at the bread selling retail outlets, you will notice some bread are chewy, rich, firm, sweet and last long, while others are chaffs, collapsed to the center, saggy, crumbly like garri and very light, but most importantly not drawing or elastic. You need an expert recipes. 

BREAD BAKING UNIVERSITY PACKAGE: I have made a complete series of my bread baking recipes and bakery operational manual in ebook or digital download so you can access it from anywhere in the world.  It is called Bread Baking University Package Series

The recipes comes in 5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg and 50kg. I have also covered from Equipments science to industrial Ingredients you should use. Above all, the recipes are for Wheat Bread, Sweet or Milk or Sugar Bread, Butter Bread. Sardine, Bread Rolls and Bugger Rolls...

If you purchase today, you will have my bonus videos which teaches you as I bake.

How to  buy your Bread Baking University Series Package with Video Bonus: WhatsApp me on +233551689453(Ghana) for Momo number +2349028854666(Naija) for inquiry. Or pay as below by Bank Transfer:

Zenith Bank: 1017249190(Name: Bakers At Work), then WhatsApp me with your email and Payment details and your ebooks and videos are sent immediately for download.

 International Buyers: Pay by Western Union, Sendwave etc. Just WhatsApp me here +233551689453

5. Lack of Expert Training or knowledge: Yes some of us will read up articles online and watch few YouTube videos and boom, they start commercial bread baking. This is suicidal when it comes to business. For example, a prospective client bought a bakery for N2Million from someone who was relocating to Canada. She called me and requested for One on One training. When I told her my One on One training was N150,000 or Ghc2500, she said she was not interested because the fee was high. She further took some courses somewhere and combined it with Online free books and videos, kicked off with her baking business. 

Unfortunately, her bread started smelling like alcohol and customers were returning the bread, she lost her market share and in frustration called me up for help. We had the Training.

You need a coach, a mentor and expert advise. Take Profesional classes and not half baked. 

Bread baking is lucrative and transgenerational business and must be approached the right way.

Join my next Bread Baking Physical Class in Ghana for Ghc700(Group Class), Take a One on One Training in your home for Ghc2500 or join my VIP online Group class for Ghc300, or One on One private Online Class for Ghc800. You can also join Basic Foundational Bread Class for Ghc20 or N1,000

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