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What are dough Conditioners and how to use them for bread baking

There are big differences between commercial bread making and home bread.  You may have wondered why your bread is small in size, not smooth, not yummy, not big, crumbling after baking, smells like alcohol after a day while the bread you buy from Shoprite, BB bread in Kumasi, A1 etc looks good, yummy, chewy etc.

This is where dough conditioners come into play their part. Any ingredients that is added to bread to simplify, improve and quicken the bread baking process is a dough conditioner, aside flour, yeast and water. Wherever you live, be it Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Iceland, Ireland, South Africa, Ghana, America, Germany, Spain, etc dough conditioners are used for bread making

Dough conditioners are used for various reasons in bread baking:

1. It improves your bread dough tolerance and make it easier to handle instead of it sagging away.

2. Conditioners enhance your dough by improving the nutrients  for yeast growth.

3. Dough conditioners like EDC or emulsifiers quickens the rising and proofing process to save time and bring volume to your commercial bread.

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4. Conditioners help to improve and increase gas retention by the gluten produced as well as gas production of yeast.

5. Conditioners gives your bread production consistency as well as makeup for flour quality .

6. Gives your bread the right quality and attractiveness in colour.

7. Texturizes your bread and make it yummy and more chewy

8. Gives your bread the commercial volume without you proofing more.

Types of Dough Conditioners:

Dough conditioners include :

Emulsifiers which helps as an agent to improve the gluten and firms the handling of bread dough. Example is EDC, SSL and CSL

Reducing Agents help to reduce the proofing time of your dough. Example is Sodium bisulfite.

Enzymes help to quicken yeast fermentation to produce gas. Example is Amylase..

Oxidants helps to strengthen the dough for gas retention. Example includes Improvers, ascorbic acid

There are natural bread conditioners you can use as options to the above and are more commonly used as they are available everywhere. I have written exclusively about the dough conditioners in my best selling ebook and Video Course and teach same in my weekly distance bread baking class.

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