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15 things you should know about Bread Baking Ovens

Most people who I have met in the course of my practical Bakery and Baking Training are faced with one major challenge. I have been there too. It is that of getting wrong baking Oven.
I do know there are probably more than a thousand and one Ovens built with different behavior. However, while some work for both bread and pastries, most will only work for either bread and pastry or only for pastry. I am actually talking about Micro Ovens.

You may have been wondering why your bread is not coming out well as you desire. I can assure you that aside some little errors here and there, the major contribution might be your Oven.
Don’t buy your Oven until you have read this. If you already have an oven, check these tips and tricks below too.
1.    Fabricated Ovens are of various types. Some fabricates for Cake and cake Ovens don’t bake Bread.
2.    Ask your manufacturer if the Oven bakes bread. Bread Ovens will bake cake but cake ovens don’t bake bread.
3.    Bread Ovens must be Galvanized
4.    Bread Ovens must have Fibre (fibre glass) inside it to retain heat. An oven that emits heat outside when you bake is not a good one.
5.    Smaller Ovens will bun your bread if the heat is high. Therefore, you must reduce the heat.
6.    Bake your bread more on the top of your Ovens.
7.    Add baking stone to your Oven when you bake. This could be stone or uise a tray you have condemned and place at the lowest pat of your Oven when you bake. This also helps to contain the heat.
8.    Add water to steam your bread at the bottom. You could spray some water at the tray you are using as baking stone during baking,
9.    Don’t buy Ovens because they are cheap. Buy because they are durable.
10. Buy a thermometer and place on your Oven to always know the heat level.
11. Ovens are supposed to be opened from right to left. Some are wrongly constructed to be opened from right to left. That’s wrong.
12. Ovens must be constructed with quality materials to last and bake bread.
13. Don’t open the Oven often as you bake as air may get into your oven and baking bread resulting in the bread falling in the middle after baking.
14. If you do open, try to close it quickly and high the fire for a while and bring it down again.
15. You don’t need one bag oven to be able to bake a bread of one bag. You need to understand Oven science.

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