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Micro Bakery, Bread Baking December Special Class

From Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja to Benin etc,, all we do is Teach Modern Bread Baking and Bakery Science and finally empower, nurture and equip  our clients to kick off with their modern Micro Bakery, baking yummy and improved bread that people rush to buy even while our clients are on training.

Wherever you are located, you can start your own viable Micro Bakery, baking only bread that is compared to what you have in the national market. This is a guarantee and the people are talking about it everywhere. 

Anyone can bake bread but not all can bake very yummy and improved bread that people run on their heels to buy as fast as it is being baked and they have them returning as repeated customers.

The bread we baked yesterday on training is finished as they bought all. Please we will be making full bag during Monday class. Thank you for your good works. God bless you... Ladi Sarah

"I pray God to always bless you Chef Henry. My bread is different here . My small bakery kicked off and am making good progress. I appreciate. Mrs. Juliana, Kumasi, Accra, Ghana.

It is as if we have know for long. Thank you for your training. I am enjoying the online one on one training, I made some bread today and I am happy. Aramide, Abuja

"Thanks to you. I really enjoyed the training.  Its a great investment with great returns. My bread idea for special shops is our concentration and you gave it to me" Irene.

"It was so nice to have you as my mentor.  Your training is unique. thanks for coming to  PH my boss.. Cynthia of Citoewaves Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

With my practical two days advance and intensive easy to follow Bread baking and Bakery setup training/class, we have past clients who have now started their own successful bread baking and bakery. You have bread with peculiar taste and bread that last up to 10 days in terms of shelve life and not bread that goes bad in two days.

This two days class covers hands on practical class which is conducted on ONE=ON=ONE basis with only 12 students including you(client) and it covers the following areas:

How to start a Micro bakery from home or shop.
=Bakery Model to adopt 
=Running a hot bread kitchen and how to arrange your bakery
=Everything you need to know about equipment: You don't need to break the bank to start your own successful and profit making bakery. Some of my clients had bought equipment they did not need. I will show you how.
=Researching the type of bread in need o offer your community.
=factors that make people fail in bread business.
=Types of pans and bread:
=Bread to cover are: Improved Butter Bread, Cake Bread, Sweet (Sugar Bread), Sweet Fruit Bread (This sells like crazy), Sardine/tuna Bread, Tuna, Braided Bread and any other one or two of your choice.

This training is not just about baking, but you will learn about the science of bread plus the business side of bread. 
This will include knowing and understanding the number of loaves and rolls you get from one bag of 50kg flour, recipes and costing as well as profit margin in bread baking.

You will also understand how to cost your baked good as well as marketing strategies to have repeated customers and smile big to the bank.
Right branding and packaging that sells.

We will be addressing one critical area many bakers find difficult and that is understanding ingredients percentage and consistency.

More Testimony

Your recipe works and I am grateful. I have started my bread business. My husband is very pleased. Mrs Soyombo, Abuja and Lagos.

Uncle Henry, we are grateful. My business kicked off and I am so happy .. Mrs. Okafor Itire, Lagos.

My bakery starts and my people and I are loving this business. I am grateful To my first teacher. Emem, Lagos.

You are a great mentor and I am happy to have had you train me. My bread has been very well patronised and see our baked bread with packaging.. Thank you ... Edith from Sunyani, BA, Ghana.

You have made it very simple for me. I saw your advert in Britain and decided to have this class. I am proud of what you have done. Mavis from Spintex Road..

I am very happy I took your class. It is worth it. I now have three Baking shops in Medina. I am grateful. Alhaja Zianab, Ashaley Botwe

And more..

Location of training: Live class is at Agidingbi, Lagos on 14th and 15th.

You can also join this class from your home as a distance student as long as you have an oven. You are sure to have your training at your end conveniently on distance learning too.

Course Fee: N20K before the day, N25K at venue
Fee Covers:
1. 180 Paged International step by step guide ebook Authored by Chef Henry.
2. Baking Apron
3. Certificate
4. Two Month Post Mentoring Advise
5. Baking Materials and Ingredients

Note: All participant should come with flat slippers, bag to take baked goods away, writing pens and book. Eat heavy food before coming
Be among those that will enjoy financial freedom in 2019. 

WhatsApp me now: 09028854666.

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