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How to develop yourself to see into the spiritual realm

Almost all human from various race, tribe and colour  would want to have the ability to see into the spirit realm. Everyone want to be sure of his life, be able to know what is to come the next minute, months or years. We all want to know God's mind concerning as it relates to how to marry the ideal spouse, type of career we were born on earth to pursue, and how we can be used as  spiritual mediums to heal, direct and prophesy to others predictably and precisely. In fact, we all want to be powerful spiritually.

Unfortunately, not all would have the ability as it requires much more than interest. I have met Christians and non Christians alike from other religious inclinations who tell me they desire to see the unseen realm and precisely get the right communications  but have tried unsuccessfully.

We are gifted differently and we can also acquire spiritual abilities if we are ready to commit ourselves to it and observe the principles. While someone who has developed his or her spiritual gift of healing, removing energy blocks or seeing prophesies before it happens is able to do that perfectly, others may not be very perfect or most might be blind spiritually.

The question often comes up just exactly how does a seer or a spiritual person see into the spirit realm?

Be you a Christian or non Christian that is hooked up to the universal source, you can tap into the energy field of your power source. Life is first spiritual before it became physical. Life is controlled by a universal force and those who want to tap into the seeing ability must first acknowledge that there is a source higher than them, be ready to activate that connection.

Like a child born to grow into adulthood, you can climb in spiritual levels through knowledge, dedication and practice. "The secret things that are revealed unto you belong to you, those that are not revealed to you belong to God" so says the bible. "I know my sheep and my sheep knows me".
Tapping into the spirit realm literarily means tunning your antenna to the right frequency of the source and receiving information that are transfered to the part of the brain which will interpret it visually. Therefore there is some chemistry of the brain in some activities and ability to see clearly in the spiritual.

Ways you can develop seeing ability

Giving and submitting your life to God.
The Bible says " seek ye first the kingdom of God, and every other things shall be added to you. Yielding your humanity totally to God will have Him open access for you to experience Him. Life is governed by passwords and if you have the right access password to your heavenly father, you can tap into the spirit world where you can get spiritual messages easily. You can grow in this. Everyone is seeking God's attention, but not all knows about Him.
When you yield to him, you become new and you shake off your human ego and emotions that ordinarily will inhibit your hearing and taping into the spirit realm.

Fasting and praying:
Longing to see into the spirit realm can he quickened by fasting and praying. Fasting means denying and cleansing your human body of all negative blocks that holds your vibration. It means denying your physical flesh and activating your spiritual self.
God is a spirit and those who come to him does so in spirit. When you fast and pray, your pineal gland is activated to be able to understand messages from the spirit realm. Access to the sub conscious is granted.

Purifying your body:
A body that is dirty, worried and taken over by the consumption of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) such as high consumption of meat,  food etc, drugs, alcohol and sex are shut out from the pure spirit of God, instead would be taken over by dirty spirits. Every natural human are supposed to have their angels go with, before and after them. These angels even help in translating and transmuting spiritual messages to us in various forms such s voices, words of others, what we read, our thoughts, and in meteoric visual messages.

But once our body is defiled, they leave us to the prey of the enemies. And we could get the wrong spiritual messages from the evil world. However, if we live a purified life, we will have access to seeing and hearing clearly from the spiritual realm.

Developing your spiritual powers and being able to see in the spiritual takes commitment and efforts. However, you must first of all find out if you have the ability of having spiritual seeing ability

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