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How to Build & Run a Bakery - January to March bakery 2018 Courses

Train Yourself: How to Build & Run a Bakery, How to bake Sugar, Butter, Agege Bread, Ghana Tea Bread, Wheat Bread, Braided Challah (French Bread), Pullman Loaf, Butter Bread, Understand bakery Equipment, How to kick off --- from idea to reality.
As an experienced trainer and baker that have worked with various degree of trainees and those who are into baking before coming to us, I can comfortably tell you that not everyone that are good at baking bread at home are successful when it comes to commercial bread baking.

I mean that you may be a good baker in your home kitchen for your friends and family. But this does not qualify you to be a successful commercial baker. Unfortunately, we have lots of those who come for our commercial baking after trying to get it alone as home bakers. This is because the operation in commercial bread baking business is quite different from home baking.


Don’t start your business from the reverse way. Invest in yourself before you kick off with a commercial home bakery or out-of-home bread bakery. Best of all, you can run a micro bakery. It is important to know and learn the basics even if you do not want to know the full details and practical process. My advice however is that, you must know your recipe as well as have the ability to bake and organize a commercial baking house.

I have those who even bought the wrong oven, wrong mixer, pans and lots of other equipment before calling us for training.
Don’t gamble with your bread baking training or business. Get the right training.

Understand the basics: Commercial Bread Baking involves much more than meet the eyes. Let us consider the following areas:

Testimony from USA:

“I am truly thankful for your time and consider it a blessing to be able to learn this information from you. I have started baking and truly, I have orders this weekend for Raisins Bread. Pastor Terrence Blakesley, California, USA

Find below our training course for January to March.

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