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How to start you own Bread Bakery in Nigeria and Ghana

Everywhere I visit for my Bread Baking Training from  Port Harcourt, Abuja, Lagos, Warri, Ibadan in Nigeria  to Sunyani, Accra, Kumasi, Aquapem Mampong in Ghana etc,, its all been the questions of how of “ how do I really setup the right bakery to make profit.”
Let me start this comprehensive write-up by saying that bread is one of the most popular foods eaten worldwide and bread sells massively as a business when handled the right form. Bread business has 70% to 100% profit margin.
Aside the above, bakery business will transcend to generations to come, so they keep running bakeries to at least the third future generation. Beside, it creates employment.

Breads in various classes are in high demand and this is why it is also one of the best products to be produced and marketed.  From personal experience and those others, it is better to concentrate on making a product that you can easily sell than gong for what’s hard to sell.  

For example, in  Western Nigeria, Agege bread  which is the popular local bread is traded highly with most people using it to eat beans  anytime of the day, starting early in the morning mostly. In Ghana, the morning routine everywhere from the cities to the villages, Tea Bread is traded and used to eat breakfast with   a  quick gluten free porridge in Ghana  called “koko”.  While majority of others take bread from tea and others use it as snacks.

Having been in this business producing bread from my bakery and teaching bread baking and bakery setup in various countries, I can comfortably tell you that you can start your own bakery and make profit without breaking the bank. I am not writing from a blogger’s viewpoint, but from a practical experience over the years. I have thought and still teach practical bread baking, concentrating on the science of Bread Baking as well as starting a bakery from ground zero to takeoff and sustainability. This is my calling and I enjoy it. I also have my book Micro Bakery Black book at Amazon. I started bread baking under the tutelage of over 70 years old local baker in Ghana and in Nigeria, spent quality time training again with Philippine and American Bakers and I leverage on my experience today. Every baker need to understand what goes on behind the dough, fire, and selling of a loaf.
One intriguing thing in the course of my training others is that I have been to Micro Bakeries that are not making money not because they don’t have good products, but because thy neglect the aspect of accountability in their business.  For example, a Bread baker should be able to know the number of loaves he will make from one bag of 50kg flour. Unfortunately, the reverse is the case. A baker should be able to understand bakers percentage or the exact percentage of each ingredient he adds to make his bread so the product will have same taste at all times.
Also, I have heard and read write-ups that keep telling people that bread bakery is easy to setup once you have the financial capacity. This is not correct. Bread Bakery is easy to setup and is very profitable if you set it up the right way. Money does not run your company but knowledge and understanding the secrets to the business is what makes you progress in this industry.  I mean doing things right.

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Let us look at the types of bakeries:
Before I talk about the types of bakery, let me state that you do not need to break the bank in 21st century to be able to start your own bakery unlike what obtains before now.
Bakeries that uses a full two to three bedroom flat or apartment to run successfully is no more a yardstick.  Let us look at the types of bakeries
1.    Local Bakery: Local bakeries are involved in making local bread loaves. Most of these bakeries in Nigeria still use the fabricated wood fired Ovens; make sub standard products with most not mindful of the health and hygiene side of the business.  A visit to most of these bakeries will show you the unkempt nature.  Some of the products made are packaged in local nylons or rubber. It is eaten mostly by the low classes. They use local equipment still

2.    Micro Bakery: The other type of bakery right now is the micro bakery. Micro Bakeries ate springing up on daily basis and in various parts of the world.  These bakeries are run within a small space with Micro Ovens in the homes Kitchen, Balcony, Shops, Restaurants etc and its highly profitable. They produce various types of bread from 100 to 5000 loaves of N300, GHc5 or $1, daily and sell directly from shop front , by subscription, to neighborhoods and even by distributions. I personally run hot bread kitchen or shop aside producing and distributing. Here, Micro Ovens and few smart equipments are used in making your bread.
3.    Macro or Major Specialized Bakery: This last type of bakery is a mechanized bakery which is automated.

The Profit In Bread Bakery Business
From personal experience, I can tell you that bread production if handled well will net you 70% to 100% profit in terms of earnings.  And this also has to do with your quantity of production and type of bread. A bakery that produces one bag of 50kg of bread will make lesser amount compared to the one producing five bags of flour per day.
There are families in Ghana that specializes in baking two bags of Tea Bread daily from home.

What Equipment are you using for your production?
Wherever you live today, you can start bread baking business. First and fundamental thing you need is Knowledge and Equipment.  So let us look at these:

1.    Ovens: Ovens are everywhere ranging from N70,000 to N300,000 in Nigeria or Ghc800 to GHc5000 in Ghana. Gone are the days when you need to look too far to get Ovens. They are all available. Let me state that you have to be careful as not all Ovens used in Nigeria for Baking cake can be used for bread baking.  You must also understand that there are technicalities in Oven production that most buyers should not know, unfortunately, those who buy without any knowledge end up buying the wrong ones
Fabricated Convention Ovens are different from Spiral Ovens and Deck Ovens and these are part of what we take and show those who are getting into the baking business in our training.  For example, Ovens must be well padded and galvanized material should be used.

2.    Milling Machine:  This equipment will largely depend on what type of bakery you are running. With a Micro Bakery, and a small shop space, you may kick off without the milling machine. Depending on your budget, you can get a Molding and Cutting machine along with a Bread Mixer and you are good to go. These equipments will take a very little space and are powered by electrify.

3.    Working Table: A working table for cutting and shapping is needed

4.    Bread Pans: Bread pans are very essential as well as bread trays. And let me state that you also need to understand pans. Some materials will easily get your bread burnt. It is also important to note that your pans are also dependent on what type of bread you are producing. For example, Sugar bread pans are not covered while butter breads are covered. This last one is also called Pullman loaf. And tea bread and rolls are baked with baking trays.

Setting up your Bakery:
Like I said earlier, you can either build a bakery from ground zero, of your own or run from your home or from a shop. Whatever you decide to start with, look at your business ten years from now . Plan ahead.
1.    Understand about Baking and Bakery Setup  by take a comprehensive Training from an expert: I have had to train some people who thought they could start up with their baking business without going through the right training. If you are going to employ bakers to work for you, you must also have the knowledge of baking. You must undergo training or sponsor your bakers, understand how bakery business operates, understand the science of bread baking, and be able to handle the challenges that come with this business.  Not taking a course could bring you back to square-one  with a single mistake.

2.    Decide on type of bakery and bread line:  Once you are able to undergo training, you will decide on the type of bakery you want to run. You also will decide the type of bread production line you want to follow. You can produce Butter Bread, Sugar bread, Sardine and Tuna Bread,  Coconut Bread,  Tea Bread, Braided Bread, Fruit Bread, Wheat Bread,  etc. All these are what we teach in our training or you can also get your ebook on step by step production of these bread types. Just hit the ebook at your right top and make purchase.

3.    Location: Also depending on your type of bakery, you can run your bread bakery from home or shop or a factory. But let me say that Micro Home Bakeries and Shop Bakeries are springing up on daily baiss.

4.    Marketing: bread: Marketing your bread I must say is tricky and scientific, even when it is profitable. Let me state this:  marketing is experimental until you are able to get exactly what works for you. In my bread production, we used to make various types of bread until we decided to use the Parethoprinciple; concentrating our major effort on what gives us 80% of our profit instead of wasting our time on those lines of products that does not give us much. You need to understand the people, know what they want and give them what they want. This way, you can smile to the bank. You must research your geographical target or area to be able to know what type of product to offer them.

5.    Bread Shelf Life: This is a critical aspect of your production. Most people complain that their bread get spoiled within two to three days of production, therefore they incur losses. You must focus on using the right ingredients that makes your bread loaves to stay fresh for ten days.

Food and Drug Registration in Ghana, NAFDAC Registration in Nigeria: You will need to register your baking product with the necessary agencies in other to have a branded product and specialized line of product. This will give your product the right recognition in the market place and reliability.

Getting Started:
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