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How to Bake Commercial Bread: Step by Step Instructions on My bread Recipe

Baking bread is not rocket science. It is an art that you need to learn like any other business. Bread baking is a great business. There is nothing to fear about it. When you start, you will get it right over time. I started this business with just determination and mistakes. But I was determined to make sure I get my personal recipe and that gave me an edge in the market place. I bake and sell in two different countries. And my vision is to have different bread shops spread all over the country. I manage and own three bread bakeries and shops where I bake various types of bread including Milk, Sardine, Moringa, Braided or Challah Bread as well as others. On of my bread lines that sell well for me is the rolls and sardine rolls. They are soft, nutritious and last for eight days with no artificial preservatives.


 You will have to strive to be the best in any field you chose to start and run. But above all, make sure you have the big picture of your goal while you start small.

 First, I was in this confusion of following everyone’s method and that actually affected me when I started commercial baking. But once I realized that bread recipe is just what you create by yourself with customers in mind and making sure you have a distinct taste, packaging and endearing products. 

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I had played with several items to make my bread until I was able to settle for what I felt was commercially viable, acceptable and very different from what is in the market. This helped me when I was looking for customers as I only needed to tell them to have a taste of what I baked and that was the secret selling point. In this write-up, I am bringing you how to bake yummy yummy bread that taste great.  This is for my VIP-Bread line. I will be exposing to you how to bake various types of bread including braided bread , Ghana Rolls, French Rolls, Butter Bread and Sugar Bread, Tea Bread as well as Philippines Pan de sal Bread which I bake and sell

My Commercial Bread packaged for Market

In your area where you live now, there is a great opportunity for food business, no matter what the class of people that are there.  No matter where you live now, you can start bread baking business and believe me, there is nothing like too many bread in any place. Your uniqueness and packaging presents choices for consumers.  You can start bread baking from your kitchen, home, backyard or a small shop. The might of having the big oven in a the bedroom apartment is no long in vogue. 

This is a 21st century creative business now and all you need is just a small space and you are good to go with bread baking commercially. Therefore, whether you live in the USA, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Singapore or Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, you can start this business. All you need is knowing how to bake wonderful product.

Exceptional ideas that are simple rule the world now and you can come up with a unique bread base on your starting, researching and failing forward.

  • 1.       Bread Flour - One cup
  • 2       Sugar
  • 3.       Water
  • 4.       Butter/Margarine
  • 5.      Improver
  • 6.      Milk
  • 7.      Yeast  
  • 8.      Egg Yolk
  • 9.      Nutmeg
  • 10.   Salt
  • 11.   Essence (I usually use Strawberry)
  • 12.   Baking Powder( 1 table spoon)

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Direction: How to bake your bread

1. Pour water in a bowl and mix Sugar, Salt,  improver, Milk, and Flavour and mix thoroughly.

2. Pour hard flour in another bowl or mixer and add the baking powder, egg yolk, margarine, and yeast and mix together.

3. Pour the Water mixture into the flour mixture and knead for a period of time of up to 10 minutes until it becomes sticky.

4.  Mill the dough until it is completely smooth and all mixed together, ready for molding. This process will help remove the air and gas submerged inside the dough and it will go through a great fermentation process during rising. You need to understand 10 factors that may affect the rising of your bread dough

5.   Molding your bread or panning: This is where it becomes great. Bread molding is what you need to concentrate on as this will either make your shape nice or bad. If you are baking for home use, this is not a problem, but at least it should be presentable as the shape of bread gives an appetizing invitation for consumption. I will cover how to shape and mold bread in latter write-ups.  If you are going commercial, I advise that you meet your local bread pan maker to make your desired shape of pan that distinguish your own bread from others in the market. This will make it outstanding. Consider the costing of your bread also when making your pan. This will come in when it comes to your defined target market. Mold your dough and put them into your bread pan.  Cover them and let the dough rise twice the original. This usually takes three to six hours depending on your yeast, water and other ingredients. This also depends on the temperature. Most of the local bread you eat like agege, tea bread etc are cheap because it has high yeast and no ingredients other than sugar and flour.

6.  Baking Your Bread: Once your dough has risen, it is time to bake your bread. If you want fluffy and crusty bread, you will need to rub the dough with egg yolk and then place in oven for 45 minutes and you are ready to eat your yummy bread loaf.

7.   Once your bread is cooked, arrange your loafs, allow to cool and package your bread ready for sale.  Also, you need to test your bread on the number of days it will stay before going bad. This is food and all care must be taken to know your bread’s lasting period or shelf life. This will also depend on your ingredients  as well as other factors including if the bread is cooked fully or not before your removed it from the oven.

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In the next article on read baking,  you will read about 10 Commandments of Bread Baking Business. I have also written about the 10 Basic Equipment you need for commercial bread baking from home. I will be writing on how to get focused and research to know what type of bread that will sell in your community and how you can give it to them.  I will also be writing on various types of bread and their recipe as well as the business side of bakery business.

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