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Make 2018 A Great year. Learn from Our November Special - Discounted Micro Bakery and Bread Baking Class

November Special Anniversary Bread Class, Make 2018 A Great year

My Bread Baking With Micro Oven
Did you start this year with dreams and you find out you have not achieved some, especially Financial? These may include learning new skills, changing habits and living happily and Joyfully! 

But before, I tell you all about it, I want to let you know that I have been blessed and thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to take this journey. I mean journey of touching lives globally in the cause of empowering people with the Micro Home Bread Bakery Skills, Ice cream and Yogurt Mini factory revolution. This year has seen tremendous changes in the lives of people. It is your turn.

Call Now: Hotline: 08079111539 (Call/Text) , +2349028854666 (text, ),Global Whatsapp, Add me: +233543874851

With Ex banker (L) and  International EduConsultant(R)  during Micro Bread Baking Training, Lagos

Milling Time

PH Students

 I have been importuned to train in various states, districts, municipalities in different countries. I have met very wonderful people and touched their lives. 

From USA, UK, kenya, South Africa, Guinea Conakry, Ghana, Nigeria to Canada, Singapore, Australia, my bread baking and training have been accessed.

Our Project/vision is simple : To Train 300 People Who will Start and Run Their Micro Bread Baking Business from Shops or home, living good lives.

As we mark our 2nd Micro bakery Training Anniversary, we are empowering yet another 20 people only with our training and the vision is to equip them with Micro bakery and Bread Baking Skill and finally turn them into action takers, who will start up their own Micro bakery in their various communities.

In the past two years, I have personally and closely entered into more than 50 classic and 20 local bakeries in two countries. I have also trained more than 20 other bakers who have been in the baking business for between three to thirty five years experience. I have also failed and learned great lessons from my personal experience. I don’t just train, I run my own bakery Shops. I am not a college professor; I am a practical expert in my field. Our training is 5% theory and 95% practical.

In this training, that will usher you to a great 2018, you will be learning :

With Cake Experts. CEO of PinkDaisies cakes(R) and CitoWaves CEO (L) during PH Micro bakery Class
1Understanding How Bakery and Baking Business Works Fundamentally
 How I started my Bakery against all odds

3How to Break the Rules of Conventional Bread Bakery Setup and Make it

 Simple Equipment I have used and continue to use

5Ingredients and their Scientific composition

  Ovens and How to get them Cheap

  Researching the type of bread to bake for your community

 Baking your bread and the real formula you should use

 Bread troubleshooting, challenges and Solutions
  Setting up and Dressing your baking shop if you want to run from a baking shop
  Running your baking from home

  How to Cost your bread production

  Complete Bread types and Secret Recipe

  Why my Bread or other Bread is better than yours

Practical baking of Butter, Sugar, Wheat, sardine, Cocoanut, Seeds and Nuts Bread, Raisins and Braided. Lifestyle Bread ( Ketogenic Bread, Over 50 Bread, Elderly People’s Bread. And health related bread),
Bonus: Wonderful Living Blueprint covering
1.    How to change old habits for success
2.    What to do if you are failing now.
3.    How to get clarity to achieve success in 2018
4.    Thinking Big for 2018
5.    Health habits for success
6.    Mind shift strategy for a great 2018
7.    Understanding LOA for success
8.    Using your past failures for a great 2018
9.    You will have free access to two of my ebooks
a.    Bounce back from setback, b. Destroy fear before fear destroy you

Testimonies: Read about our testimonies everywhere/ Click Here

Date:  4th and 5th of November, 2017.

How Much is this Once in a life opportunity training?
I am giving this opportunity to only 20 people and it is closed.  Act Now. Stop failing. Get a skill. 

 Our Training is N30, 000.00 normally. But November Special Anniversary Class is 50% Discounted. Meaning it is just N15, 000.00 so we can touch more lives.

You can become rich irrespective of the economy. Now is the time! Don’t wait further. It is not the government; it is in your hand! Take Action

How to apply and participate in this life changing workshop

1.    Send a text to my phone or send a Whatsapp message with the following “name, state, country, along with the word NOVSPECIAL17” . For example “John Doe, Lagos, Nigeria NOVSPECIAL17”
2.    Make your first part payment of N5,000 and complete the rest (N10,000)  payment on or before 30th of October, 2017
3.    Once you make your first payment, send your email along with your payment details and your 86 paged 2018 Edition of “Micro Bakery Black book, How to Setup a Micro bakery from Home with Micro Oven, Baking 100 to 300 loafs daily”, will be sent to you so you start studying at least one week before the training.
4.    You will also be added to my Bread Baking Whatsapp Secret Class to prepare you.
5.    Training comes with certificate.

Online Distance Training and eBook available. For those who cannot attend
Never miss this opportunity. Make 2018 a great year yet.

Act Name: H e n r y  O m e n o g o r, Act (Savings) No: 2044493628

Call Now: Hotline: 08079111539 (Call/Text) , +2349028854666 (text, ),Global Whatsapp, Add me: +233543874851 
Email: syobizng@
Facebook: Like our Fan page MicroBakeryWithHenry

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