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How To Really Make Sure Income Globally, An encounter with Culham Amengor of GWT

There are different kinds of persons: those who hoard income earning secrets to themselves
alone, those who show it to their families alone and those who tell the world unselfishly so others can live a wonderful life too. A Miami based Ghanaian, amiable, articulate and charismatic Culman B A mentor belongs to the third group.

Amengor is an Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Speaker and he is in Africa for a subtle financial revolution.

At an interview with him during his free wealth creation workshop in Accra, he said " I've been actively crusading on WEALTH CREATION  and ENTREPRENEURSHIP and showing people how to Start Home Businesses, working from with their part time. My mission is to see people global embrace this business and create multiple streams of income for themselves."

Warren Buffet, One of the wealthiest people in the world advised "Do not depend on one source of income. Make investments to create multiple sources" The average Rich persons of every country do not have one source of income. They built many businesses hence created many sources of income.

"GWT  a Luxury Designer Fashion company from Canada that offered me an opportunity to build another business for myself.  Now we're EXPANDING OUR OPPORTUNITY to all of Africa."

I'm looking for individuals who are hungry for success, Who want to create good income for themselves.
I'll coach you on how you can make your dreams come true and Earn Amazing Income from anywhere you live in the world .

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