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Doing Business, Travelling To, Plus 30 Business to Run in (to/Fro) Ghana as a Nigerian

Do you want to expand your business to another country? Or you just want to know the business opportunities for Nigerians in Ghana? Or you want to incorporate your business in Ghana as a Nigerian but do not know what to do? Or you just want to own your own bank account in Ghana and do legitimate business? Or you just want to travel to Ghana for business and/or fun? Or you just want to relocate to Ghana and then run business to and from Nigeria? Then read on as this is for you. Or maybe you want to know how to buy a land or house in Ghana. Then you are at the right place.

Nigeria and Ghana are the closest of all countries in the world. They are the two closest English speaking countries and a lot of Nigerians visit Ghana for trade and business opportunities each day by air and road. This accounts for why the vehicles that move in-between these two countries with human and material goods are on the increase.  This is your time to take advantages.

There are practically vast business opportunities for Nigerians in Ghana, the peaceful gold coast country of West Africa.  Ghana has a pride of place in West Africa as gateway to other West African countries as expatriates troop there for business too because of the peaceful nature and stable democracy there.
Unknown to many, hardworking Nigerians are making good businesses to-and-from Ghana. For example, there are crops of women who are dealing on “Alata Semina” beauty soaps that are locally packaged as liquid soaps and they visit Ghana to buy them as far as from Oyo, Lagos, Ondo, Ekiti and Kwara etc. These are trading businesses and that is commerce for you. 

You get a product from where it is cheaper and sell in another area for higher profit. You can walk into any of the liquid soap manufacturing companies in Ghana and ask them to produce for you for big purchase. Or you buy in smaller quantities in the open market at Tudu in Accra and resell in Nigeria for a bigger profit. You could also practically get involved in Ghana clothes bringing them to Nigeria to sell for profit.
There are lots of goods that are in high demand in Ghana that anyone can take from Nigeria to sell in Ghana as well as those in high demand in Nigeria that you can bring from Ghana to trade in Nigeria.
Aside the above, companies are expanding into the Ghana territory from Nigeria for a wider market. You could own your branch in Ghana or fully reside and incorporate your business in Ghana to run your business as a residence. Truth is that you could practically incorporate your limited liability company within 8 days as a Nigerian. You could also partner with Ghanaians to establish your business in that country.
If you are desirous of taking advantage of this opportunity and moving to the next level in your quest for business in Ghana, then this is your chance.
Follow me then as I will practically take you by the hand and show you how to successfully tap into the goldmine of business opportunities in Ghana as a Nigerian.

Why will you think of following me to show you how to do business in Ghana actually?  Let me tell you the story:

I run a publishing company that I incorporated with the Ghana Registrar General within  8 working days and I was issued certificate to carry out business. I published several of my books in Ghana including the best selling book How To Bounce Back from Life's setback and mistakes. I shot and sold my DVD's in Ghana and sell both in Nigeria and Ghana. I work with several vendors that sell my books in Ghaana.

In fact, the above is not enough. I published my Newspaper  Start Your Own Business Magazine in Ghana and bring them to Nigeria to sell as well as sell in Ghana. I have traded on jewelries from Ghana to Nigeria. I have traded on customized slippers for ladies, men and kids. had my designs and I will travel to Kumasi as early as 4am and arrive Kumasi about 12noon and make my orders and travel back to Accra with the load getting into my home by 11pm.

I will further package these slippers and bring or send to Nigeria for sale. Surprisingly also, I was selling to Ghanaians who do not know my source of production. I was virtually running a mini slippers production business.

What will I say more, I have met and made friends with merchants who were doing wonderfully well in their various business. Nigerians are hard working people who you can find anywhere in the world.

Slave Castle
I have traveled to places for fun as all work without play makes Jack a dull boy. But my most sentimental and emotional moment was visiting the slave castle at Cape coast. But my most joyous moment was the canopy walk  at Kakum National Park. I have had lots of fun!
Canopy Walk at Kakum National Park

This is why I have decided to share all the tips, insight and detailed step by step on how to travel to Ghana for  business, for fun, how to incorporate your company with 8 days, businesses you can bring from Nigeria to Ghana, businesses you can bring from Ghana to Nigeria, what sells in Ghana and how you need to go about it, how you can travel, what you need to have and how to go about your traveling even with less than N15,000.00, where to stay when you arrive, how to get fun when you are traveling, hotels and getting office and residential accommodation, getting permit in Ghana and how to make friends. How to get residence permit and how to even buy properties a Nigeria

How to register your company in Ghana as a Nigerian within 8 working days guaranteed:  You do not need more than 8 working days to have your certificate out. All you require is to walk into the registration ministry and follow the processes and I bet you within 8 working days, your certificate of incorporation and authority to carry out business is ready. You need to understand what you need to do to have this easy way. In my book, you will be educated on the issues regarding having a Ghanaian partner or running your business alone as well as various forms of businesses. Types of business also and the best ways to go about it,

Unlike what you are told, you do not need to break the bank to incorporate a limited liability company in Ghana.  Any budget you have can get you through it. N10,000, N20,000, N30,000, N40,000 , N50,000, N100,000 etc

Grab your copy to day for only $15, N4,600, before the price increase
Order by paypal or visa ore mastercard below.  To order in Naira, click here for payment details and instructions

How to Open a Bank account in Ghana as a Nigerian within 2 Days: You can open
 your own bank account as a Nigerian, even if you are not going to reside in Ghana but want to transact your legitimate business. This way, you can be paid directly to your bank account while you supply your products to that country or services. And I mean just two days. I will show you what you need or all you require and it is simple.

Hot Businesses You can run between Ghana and Nigerian:
  There are lots of business opportunities in Ghana for you as a Nigerian. I will practically show you how to tap into these opportunities.  As you read this, there are a  lot of Nigerians who are briskly making money in this peaceful land. They understand some tricks and tips. 

For example, I met a Benin City young man called Lucky who was pushing dust bin cart in the market of Tudu in Accra but was practically transformed with just an opportunity he cashed in on.  He lives in Ghana as a happy and independent business person making money by getting a particular product that is almost everywhere in Nigeria and easy to get and selling in Ghana. He has expanded his business into other branches. Last year, he went back to Benin City Edo State to bring his sister and a brother who lives with him in Accra now and are even managing some branches of this business. i n fact as of today, he employs Ghanaians who work with him.

I will be sharing practically 30 types of lucrative businesses you can run to and from Ghana and I will be showing you how to start these businesses even if you have a very slim budget of less than N20, 000.00. I started by bootstrapping and you can too. Not just theory but practically how to start and market them. 

Grab your copy to day for only $15, N4,600, before the price increase
Order by paypal or visa ore mastercard below.  To order in Naira, click here for payment details and instructions

Understating Cross Cultural Differences between a Ghanaian and Nigerian and how to live peacefully when you stay or visit Ghana; Yes there are practically major differences between a Nigerian and Ghana in terms of temperament, emotion and drive as well as languages and meanings. For example, when a Ghana man says “Don't talk too much” , it means do not bother yourself or stress the issue further as it will be solved, but in Nigeria it means an insult that you are talking out of sense.I will show you how to deal with Ghanaian so you stay out of troubles.

How to get accommodation to stay and how to live in Ghana.  Fear is what governs most people so they remain mediocre in their comfort zone. Leave that zone and move. I will show you how to travel even with very lean budget. I also discuss about renting and how to go about it. How to even stay in Ghana for N500 each day is that is your accommodation budget, You could use this method to live in Ghana for 6 months.

Cheapest way to travel. There are best and cheapest ways to travel as well as what you expect as you travel. How to change your money from Naira to Cedi and understanding the monetary value and denominations and its worth.

Where to visit for Fun and Where/What to eat your Nigerian Food: I have written in detailed form about this, It is very exclusive. You will also have places you can visit for recreation and fun as well as hotels to stay if you are just visiting Ghana for fun. I have really enjoyed myself having fun and I want you to have that feel. It will help you to refuel your life. Take a vacation this Christmas!

How do you get all of these? All these is packaged in a 210 paged Special Report (step by step guide) which is in pdf format.

Grab your copy to day for only $15, N4,600, before the price increase
Order by paypal or visa ore mastercard below.  To order in Naira, click here for payment details and instructions

Don't wait any longer, pick up your phone and call now.

To your success
Start Your Own Business 

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