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The 'Letting Go' Letter. Why you should free your life:

You have sat down over night with sleeplessness, even at work yesterday thinking of how others offended, disappointed, back bitted, humiliated, or even openly worked against you badly. You are about to start that cyclical thought that run and ruin your day again. You have good reasons why you should never forgive them. My dear you are killing your soul, your spirit. Life is good, sweet and wonderful. Enjoy each moment.

Why keep anger and resentment in your heart. Don't die before your time. 

Unforgiveness will make you cheap, inferior and sick.

Every one that you refuse to forgive will or may not change. It is you that will change. Note also that everyone will not like you. Change your thinking, change your life.

Take the first step. Forgive others as God has forgiven you. I know it is hard but when you do it, it is even cheaper than a life of resentment, You are a superhuman, you are too much and important to allow anger, resentment and unforgiveness run your life. Be free and progressive. Once you forgive, never think of it again. You are an eagle and not a chicken.

Action: Take a piece of paper. Write down the names of people you are yet to forgive. Write them letters; it could be short text, email or phone call and tell them you have forgiven them. Those you have also offended, ask them to forgive you. 

Those you cannot reach, pray to God for forgiveness.
Above all forgive yourself.

Am off pls.

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