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Make N400K Monthly: Start a Successful Egg Supply Business that Makes You Money

When Mrs. Uche lost her seemingly well paying job years ago, she was at cross roads. But when she look back today, she is very thankful to the system that fired her. This is because she would not have discovered and ventured into the goldmine in Egg Wholesale and Supply business that has given her not only financial freedom, but real joy in working in an industry that others do not see what she see:  Real Income. Even if you live in any area in South Africa, Canada, India, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Singapore or United States, Ireland, Italy, Singapore etc this business is ideal.
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The Egg supply business is one great opportunity that most people are yet to tap into. Egg is a daily consumable item. Therefore, if you are a retiree, about to retire, fresh graduate, house wife work-at home-mom etc, this is an opportunity you can cash in on and make real money.
“I started my own Egg supply after graduating from the University and wanted to create my own business instead of journeying to the city for jobs that are not there” says Romanus who decided to start his own egg supply. Today, he runs a small hatching company and supply eggs daily to hotels that come to him for pick-ups.

Egg has a high profit potential and it is you who will determine what your profit will look like as it is a number or quantity business.

The Opportunity:

Eggs are used for making various foods including baking products such as egg rolls, bread cake and also consumed daily at homes as it is known to reduce many diseases with its rich vitamins.

They are also used in the manufacturing of body products. Therefore they are in high demands.

How to Start This Business:

The first step in starting this business is creating a business plan. I will not want you to start any business without a business plan. Not doing this could lead to failure of your business. Your business plan must include in totality how you want to fund, and run your business for success in details. Write your financial projection and all the detailed plans and steps you want to carry out on the way to your desired goal.

Let me say this. Business plan is not hard to write. I am talking about few paged document that gives you a road-map and guide to steps you will take to carry out your business. Do not be afraid as this can be easily  be done with determination.

All You Need to Success in this business

Kill fear and have determination: One of the fundamentals you will need to succeed in this and any other business is to know how to destroy fear before it destroys you. Bold life involves acknowledging fear and going ahead to to what you want to do anyway

Develop a mind for positive and high self esteem. Be bold to go for what you want without having fear that your business will not work out. As I receive inquiries on daily basis, one of the most prominent reasons most people do not start any business is fear of failure.
Kill fear and have determination. Be positive and patient. Once you have the boldness and positive attitude that this business will succeed, nature or God will bring all elements for success together for you and you will be attracted to all of them.

Carriage Facilities:

Depending on where you are living and your business location, egg business will give you more yield if you have a vehicle for carrying your egg from the farm to your shop or distributing to your retailers. 

The advantage you have here is that you will make good money when you are solving a problem of inconvenience for people who may not want to go to the farms to buy eggs due to factors including breakage, not knowing where to buy in large quantity or not having enough money to buy in large quantity. Therefore, having a vehicle will be a great advantage. 

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Locate An Egg Source or Poultry: 

Knowing a reliable poultry to buy your eggs is very important. You need to know how much they sell per crate and what minimum you can buy. You also need to know how much retailers are ready to buy for you to make profit and be in business.

The location of the poultry farm and proximity to your own shop is therefore very important as this will determine what profit you will be making per create and quantity subsequently.
Do not rely on just one poultry farm. You will need to register with the farm to show your seriousness and you must be a regular buyer from them in order for them to take you serious.

Spot a Targets 

One of the strategies here is to locate markets where you can have real supply of eggs. I advise that you locate your shop in an area that has a good population and human traffic. Your target should range from Bakers who come in to buy large quantities as well as Retailers as well as Sub-Distributors. The opportunity is vast and endless as long as you have a good customer relation plus nice location that is easily accessible. You could also supply to shops farther than your shop if you are mobile.

 Egg Crates: 

You will need to purchase durable egg crates for your business. You could start with 100 crates which you can get for N3,500 paper crates and N12,000 for plastic crates. It is advisable to buy the paper crates as it gives your egg more protection.

Cost Of Starting The Business The total cost of starting and running an egg Distribution business is not high. You will need to purchase or already have a vehicle. You could start with a used vehicle or even rent Keke-Napep in the beginning. Aside the above, you could start this business from home with N70, 000. A crate of Egg directly from the poultry farm will cost between N570 to N600 and this will largely depend on the egg sizes.
You also need to consider renting as hop if you do not already have one as this will boost your business in terms of stocking and distribution outlets where buyers could also visit for purchase.

Profit Potential for This Business:

Wholesalers of Egg make N100 per crate and depending on your location and investment as well as population, you could be selling as much as 1000 crates a week giving you an average of N400,000 a month in profit from your business. As you expand, you will no doubt make even more money. 

One tactics also is to set up smaller retail outlets far away from your own location where you make up to N230 from each crate of egg and this is an added income if you have someone selling in that outlet for you.

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