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Egg Roll Recipe: How to Make Egg Roll in 20 Minutes


Nigeria egg roll recipes: ingredient
½ or 5150g cup all purpose flour
Pinch of salt
1/4 tsp baking powder (half of half a tsp)
4 to 5 eggs (boil 4, add 1 to batter)
3 tbsps granulated white sugar
4-5 tbsps room temperature water
5 cups Canola oil (for frying)

1. Add 3 eggs to pot filled with water, let boil 10 minutes
2. Add flour to a bowl, add baking powder and salt, mix together
3. Add granulated white sugar to flour, mix together
4. Add water to flour
5. Mix water in flour mixture
6. Add egg to flour (see #4 in notes)
7. Work egg into flour (at this point turn heat off boiling eggs)
8. Keep working egg into flour till it forms a thick batter
9. Transfer boiled eggs into cool water to stop the cooking process. Let sit about 1 or 2 minutes before shelling the eggs (pre-heat oil)
10. Drain water, then shell the eggs, discard shells
11. Drop one egg at a time into batter (have 2 spoons on hand)
12. Spoon batter generously over boiled egg till thoroughly coated
13. Scoop batter coated boiled egg onto one spoon and with the other, spoon more batter over boiled egg.
14. With second spoon, scrape off excess batter from edges of spoon holding the egg
15. Oil should be hot. Gently insert the coated egg into the hot oil; use 2nd spoon to gently slide it down
16. After a few seconds to a minute, gently turn coated egg to other side
17. Let fry about 1-2 minutes per side or till dark, golden brown
18. Repeat steps #11-17 for remainder eggs and batter
19. Once fried, transfer Rolls to paper towel to drain excess oil.

Your egg roll is ready! Enjoy it now.
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