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9 Important Questions you must ask yourself and answer before starting that business

Anyone can start his/her business. The first thing you need is decision and action. In order to start your business, you must ask yourself certain questions such as: .
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1. What kind of business do I start: The kind of business you can start need to come within you? It's not just enough to start a business because you saw someone else making it big in that business. You must ask yourself if the business you want to start is viable; close to your heart or that you are passionate about it, is it your expertise or hobby before you start. You must love what you do or you will fail.

2. Do I run my business from home or I need an office: You must decide on your own if you need an office or not. If the business does not require you owning an office, then you will have to decide if you want to run it from home. Running a business from home will require a lot of discipline so you will not be distracted.

3. How much do I need to start a particular business: Deciding or Knowing how much you need to start a business is important as it will enable you evaluate and analyze how much you need to start the business. You must write out details of this and include it in your business plan. Not doing this is suicidal and it has really led to failure of most businesses. 

4. What are my country's laws as it relates to my proposed business: You must crosscheck and check what laws relate to your business if it requires any special permit to start or not. Don't go against the law. 

5. What is my vision in this business and what impact will it have in the society as a whole: You must state clearly what your business vision is and what impact it will have on the society as a whole. You must run a company that is environmentally and socially responsible. 

6. Who can I consult for advice to start this business: If you have to start a business, one of the easiest ways is to climb the shoulders of those who have been there! This will ease you from making costly mistakes. There is no need to go solo when you can have people to consult. You will learn from their mistakes and leverage on them. Attend seminars and workshops, read books and get mentors in the type of business you want to start.

7. Who are the people already running this same business: Knowing those who are already running a business you want to start and under-studying them will give you a good advantage? Visit them, price their items, and know what makes them tick and what makes them weak, and see what you can improve from their services. Let me say this, do not see anyone as a competitor. In the new world of entrepreneurship called enlightened wealth, the universal creator gives you reward for your business. Do not see the next man as your competitor.

8. What unique thing do I need to do in order to be different from people already running this business? Implement that unique thing and have customers coming. It could be packaging, exceptional customer service, quality product or service. Just add value. Go the extra mile.

9. Who is my role model and how does he run his business: This is important. You must have a role model if you have to succeed. Identify and give due respect and honor to whom honor is due, who have been there and you will get there in no time. Stand on their shoulder and see them as leverage. You could volunteer to work for them for a period without pay so that you could have the opportunity to observe them first hand and learn. Above all, be grateful to them and appreciate them. Let them know this and they will keep giving you tips and clues to success.

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