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How to make money selling Movie ideas to Nollywood, Ghallywood, Riverwood and Bollywood

Back in the days when a popular film titled “Living in Bondage” hit the movie industry  in Nigeria, no one was interested in who was behind the story. However, someone was behind it and money has been made behind too. Today, the film industry has grown and it gets more sophisticated each day with innovation and technology as well as better story ideas.

When you watch films in South Africa, Ghallywood in Ghana or Nollywood in Nigeria, someone is making real money behind for writing the script or for originating ideas.  In this article, we are looking at how anyone like you with an interest can make money selling movie ideas even if you live in United States for Hollywood, India’s Bollywood, Ghallywood in Ghana and then in Nigeria.
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The industry is hungry for outstanding ideas and you can really cash in on this and make real money. Great ideas most times are anchored on true-life stories which catch interest and suspension. 

Who will provide this? Dare to become the person and smile to the bank.
The truth is that if you have a true life story, you are actually sitting on a goldmine and you can sell your way to millions. The opportunity is endless as this can be sold to the film industry, TV soaps and other series as the case may be. I know you would have seen stories that end with the word like “Based on True Life Story”
 What you may not know is that true-life stories are what the Nollyywood industry and other TV stations want and it could open a goldmine opportunity for you. When you watch Series like Tinsel or even if you watch soaps in Uganda, Ethiopia or you are looking at Riverwood of Kenya, all gives you business opportunities

You can turn any true-life story into a movie and in doing this, you don't have to know anything about the business of movie. 

However, there are some basics you must follow before you can make success in this regard including acquiring some rights.

Sometimes, movies are made based on a popular story that is in the public, just like the new movie that has debuted about the triumph of General Mohamadu Buhari, Nigeria’s new president over Goodluck Johnathan and titled “Sai Baba”. There is the need to structure your story line in a way that it may not require your obtaining anyone's life right if you are presenting a movie idea about someone living. 

All you have to do is investigate a story, write it and sell to producers. 

But how much can you sell it for?
The truth is that movie idea prices varies depending on the appeal of the story.  You can actually sell a TV network broadcast movie for N150,000 to N500,000, KES249,999 , GHc10,000 or more. For feature films it could be two times or more of that amount. If the subject is famous, the figure could be considerably higher. 

In other words, if you do nothing else but find twelve viable true-life stories each year that you can sell to Nollywood, Ghallywood, Bollywood or Riverwood,  you could potentially make an annual income of between that is huge.

Here's the basic process:
1.         You need to research and get a captivating real-life story that is capable of selling well for the producer when it is made as a movie. You could do something from your personal life or that of others so long as it is good. This could be national story, a story you read on newspaper 


2.         If it is a story from someone else, you need to get the right to the story from the principal if required.

3.         Sell this right to the producer who is the professional and he will make the movie.
How to Meet the Producer:

I already know your thinking is how you will get to meet the producer to sell this project idea to him. But once you get to him and his attention, you will almost be certain you will capture his interest since you have the life right to the project.

In trying to figure out what to do, you need to be able to understand screen writing or partner with a screen writer to write this movie idea. You can write a one-page synopsis of the story and give to the producer. Once you arouse his interest base on your story line as well as the life right, he could start negotiating the deal with you

Look for producers who have flare for your kind of story line and contact them using various platforms including Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter as well as their phone, email and website.
You could also contact the TV stations with your story ideas.

Above all, you must first of all get a legal life right to movie idea.

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