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Start a Lucrative Plantain Farming Anywhere in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sounth Africa

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If you are interested in really making money from Agri-business especially in an area that is less stressful yet big pay spinning to you weekly after your efforts, read on. In fact, you are about to discover an opportunity of a lifetime that those who discovered it already are silently making money but would not want to let you know. Of most agricultural businesses, plantain farming is a skyrocketing business. This is why we present it in this edition.

Plantain farming is lucrative in so many ways. They are used as normal food, processed into powder and sold, are used in making chips, can be fried and eaten also. It is a food of variety.

It is also exported to Europe and US. And the best part is that there is hardly any part of the country that plantain does not thrive. Be it in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Canada and Singapore

How to start this business: Two of the qualities of success is focus and resilience. If you are not the focused type, or you are easily weighed down when you see challenges ahead, then plantain farming is not for you. Modern technology has made everything including farming a wonderful and easier than what it use to be. Starting a plantain farming therefore require that you starting small and having the big picture ahead of you. And this leads us to the next necessary consideration.

Business Planning.

Write a Plantain Farming Business Plan: You do not belong to the old! Everything you want to make success with requires planning from the beginning to the end. Therefore, writing a business plan for your farm business is very essential to your success. You should include in your business plan items such as location, funding source, number of suckers to buy and how to buy them, detailed method you intend to execute the farming process as well as marketing projection. This is also important to the people you are employing to work with you as you also need to show them the vision and where you are going to, otherwise, they will help you to fail.

Starting this business:
Land Location, Soil Type,  Acquisition and Preparation  This is the first and very essential part of your success in plantain farming. You need a land with very fertile soil. This will include places with nice organic soil. This type of soil will help plantain to yield for up to three years.

Because of the nature of plantain, I will advise that you take a preferred choice of owning your own land to grow plantain. But if you don't, then lease for years. The environment must also be the type that is not sunny but humid. Excessive sun will do harm to growing plantain.

In terms of land clearing, you can employ human laborers to clear your farm if you are cultivating less than one acre of land. But if you are doing it in large scale, it is advisable you use tractor.

Get the plantain suckers and planting:  Plantain suckers are like roots or trees and that is what is used to plant. Suckers are seemingly baby plantains and you need to know the right sucker that will be productive. Getting the wrong suckers will ruin your farming business as you may end up planting and having them dead.
You can buy Suckers at the price of N150 per sucker. And be rest assured that the rate of return on investment is very high as this single sucker could be harvested three times with at least three bunches for each harvest that will give you at least N800 to N1,500 per bunch.

In planting, make sure your sucker has good evaporation and space them for about two to five meters away each. 
The best time to plant is during the rainy seasons. Plantain needs rain. However, with modern technique, you can still plant plantain at any time of the year and water if planting during the dry season.

Weeding: This is the most crucial aspect of this farming. You will need to control the weed; otherwise it will compete with your plant. You can either use the local method of having laborers to weed the farm or you use herbicides. Care must however be taken in terms of the herbicide you will use as some could do harm to your growing plantain. Herbicides such as Force up, Gramazone can be used but care must be taken in terms of the application from the plantain leaves.

You also need to protect the plant during spraying of herbicides. Wind is dangerous to the growing plantain and so you need to protect it. You can also apply fertilizers as your plan grows. And this can be done once monthly

Never Miss Any Post, Ideas and Edition of Post. Just subscribe and get your fee  downloadable e-Magazine, ebooks and Tips. All you need to do is  Subscribe to Start Your Own Business e-Magazine

Profit Opportunity: Plantain takes 8 to 12 months to get matured and ready for harvest. The wonderful thing about this business is that there are more than ready made buyers who are there to purchase your plantain even before it is ready. If you sell directly from the farm and growing 5,000 suckers of plantain, you will make N2, 500,000 or KES 4,000,000 from it and it keeps also multiplying for you to plant again as hybrid suckers.

Also, if you have a farm that you plant 60,000 suckers, you are ready to harvest and make N800, 000 , KES 400,000, GHC16,000 every week. And as you harvest the matured one, another one is coming up to replace it and this continues in a cyclical method.

 If you see this opportunity for yourself, I will advise that you sit down now and take off with your business plan, implement your farm business process and take action now.

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