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Bread baking is a Lucrative business if done right. While bakeries are springing up daily, many are collapsing daily too. 

Following are six reasons bakeries are collapsing and failing 

1. Wrong Baking. Wrong recipe, substandard recipe. Get quality Recipes.
Some bread ones hard, falls or collapse to the center while inside the oven or out of oven, some are crumbly like garri, some smell like alcohol. You have the wrong recipes.
It took me eight yeast to develope and write the BREAD BAKING UNIVERSITY RECIPES BOOK. And you can buy the whole package today for N12,000 or Ghc440. Just Whatsapp me for your copy and.younwill be guided. Whatsapp: +233551689453(Ghana), 09028854666(Naja)

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2. Bread Short Shelf Life: Use quality Ingredients that makes your bread to last long upto ten days without moulding. I have had to sort issues and challenges many bakeries were having and folding because bread does not last. You need the right Ingredients to use for your bread. We sell industrial Ingredients across Ghana and Nigeria. Whatsapp now and we will sort it out.
You can buy bread baking ingredients that will change your bread baking business. 

Whatsapp: +233551689453(Ghana), 09028854666(Naja)

3. Inability to know about Costing. Some Produce bread without knowing production cost. This has been an area most people neglect. Let me tell you this. If you are baking less than half bag of flour, you don't have to give to retailers to sell as you are sharing profit that's very little.
Some are producing 5 bags of flour and loosing Ghc100 or N5,000 from each bag without knowing. Your bakery will collapse. I had to consult for some particular client who was baking and selling by just feeding the people with her bread. Scaling for 1.5kg and supplying for N800. What a disaster.

4. Giving Credit: You are not good in working out selling method. You give out bread on credit and some will never pay you. The you start chasing them here and there.

5. Buying Cheap or used equipments. Some buy equipments because it's cheap or fairly used and cheap. We sell bread Ovens, Mixers and the rest. There are two types of new Mixers: Superior triming chain and hook, then substandard or inferior timing chain and hook. While you buy cheap ones, it could break while you use it and your business is closed. Imaging mixing a full bag of flour and mixer breaks down are working, you have lost that batch.
There are two types of fabricated oven:  containerized oven you see everywhere and the other is galvanized padded Ovens. People buy the cheap ones and business will suffer later.

6 Using wrong ingredients: From the water majority uses to other harmful substances just to achieve volume of loaves or wrong mixing, business will begin to suffer frustration. Not every water is for bread baking. Don't just fetch water and start using. And forget your warm water also. Forget just fetching water from tap water or borehole, pure water and using for bread mixing as you won't get it right. Your bread will not come out good or it will spoil.

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