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How to scale the right bread size, cost your production, make profits

Let me ask you: How many loaves of Ghc1.50, Ghc2.50, Ghc5,  Ghc10, N100, N150, N200, N400 bread would you produce from 50kg of flour, 25kg flour, 10kg and 5kg flour? 

How much do you make from one bag of 50kg Flour?  Do you know your profit? What scaling size would you cut your dough? What ingredients would you add to make your bread have weight, how much is the cost of producing one loaf of bread and how much profit will you have after production? 

This is the real deal. Even if you can produce nice, chewy loaves but you are not making profit, you will soon be out of Business.

Not addressing the above are reasons  bakeries are closing and those that gets it right prosper. I have calls, emails, messenger etc daily. Bakers are desperate to get it right.

Last weekend, a bakery owner was in the group that attended my Physical Weekend Practical Bread Training Class for N25,000 and the reason he came were ; bread smelling like alcohol, selling bread at loss due to wrong scaling, improving his recipes as customers were already running away from buying his bread, practically watching me mix bread dough with my secret ingredients,  knowing how to mix bread that comes out stretchy after baking, having his bread last longer than 10 days shelf life. I opened his eyes by sitting him down among others and analysed how bread is produced and giving them cost of producing a single loaf and how to make profit. He knew and saw all he was doing wrongly.

My One on One clients who takes physical classes have a section for Profit and costing analysis. You can call or WhatsApp and request for my  One On One physical class. Fee is N150,000 or Ghc2500 which is a  4 days Physical and two month Support where I train you, guide you and help you setup your Bakery. 

You can also join my distance One on One online classes which cost N80,000 or Ghc1000 for private and Ghc155 or N12,500 group class. Here you will be duly exposed to the science of bread profits and how to run your  bakery successfully.

In 2015, a bag of 50kg flour was N6500 or Ghc100. Today, it's N22,000 or Ghc300. Your pan is the same size. If you are not making profit, the next is for you to close.

Fortunately, bread business is lucrative. But you must understand the secret.

How many total kg of dough will you have after mixing 50kg flour? Most don't know and you want to make gain. How many kg of dough would you have after mixing 5kg, 10kg, 15kg etc You need to know.


Let me tell you something spectacular: Bread baking is Science. If you don't understand it, you won't make progress. You need to invest your time and money to know and apply the Science.

If you are in Durban in South Africa, Cameron, Sierra Leone, Lagos, Accra Takoradi, Ho, Wali Wali, Kumasi, Portharcourt, Akwa Ibom, Warri, Ughelli, Benin, Abuja, Moda Keke, Ife, Ekiti, Oyo, Ibadan, Nkawkaw, Kasoa, Atadeka, Aflao, Oda, Ada, Ghana, Nigeria etc, bread profit making and technical application is the same. Get it right and smile to the bank, get it wrong  and close shop. You need to understand why Bakery fail or succeed.

A client in Port Harcourt wrote desperately to me. His bread is no more selling, people are complaining of bread being very light, it spoils easily, it's smelling like alcohol. I placed her on One on One consultation and sorted it. I work d with her to rescale her bread sizes also in order to make profit.

The following are what I will help you to solve in your Challenges:

One on One interactions: We will discuss your bread baking challenges and proffer solutions.

Bread Profit Coaching Class: We will analyse you hat your total dough should be after mixing and how to scale for profit, how many loaves  a 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg and 50kg flour will gIve you.

Bread Recipes: Why your bread recipes is not working and why you should use what I will give you to eliminate certain Ingredients. For example, I stopped using Improver, I add Cassava flour in my baking.

Cassava Flour Production: Cassava Flour will help you cut cost. How to produce it at home or buy you it. Here you will learn how to make Cassava flour and percentage to use for bread making, packaging and selling cassava flour from home. You can own a mini cassava flour factory.

Soya Bean Production and Usage for Bread. I will show you how to make Soya bean flour and how to use it for your bread.

Perfect Bread Recipes in various kilograms and all that you need to eliminate to cut cost of production.

Flavours and Flavourings: How to mix and use unique Flavours.

Bakery Operations and Management: Bakery Operations and Management. There are a lot wasteful activities staffs and even bakery owners indulge in. Pareto's Principle states that 80% of your activities gives you 20% result. I will show you how to concentrate on what gives you results and money instead of doing what does not matter. From records to managing and handling staffs, I will show you how to go about them.

If you want to get it right, take advantage of this opportunity and join my BREAD BUSINESS MENTORING CLASS. You will have your ebooks, videos, training, consultancy and support... Plus a workbook on Costing and mentoring Program. 

HOW MUCH IS THE PROGRAM: It's not for everyone. It's for those who want to be professionals and need expert Mentoring. Fee is Ghc250 or N20,000 and it covers on year Coaching.


Ghana: Pay Ghc250 to MTN :  Whatsapp me on 0551689453 to get MTN Momo to be added to the class:

Nigeria: Zenith Bank: 1017249190(Bakers At Work). Send payment details to 09028854666(WhatsApp/text).

I am waiting.

Chef Henry Omenogor

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