My Condense Milk Toffee (Candy) Recipe, Enjoy it

Its a great weekend and I am giving you this rich Caramel or Candy or Toffee... Grab your condense milk and produce this...

Make very rich condense milk candy for your family or make it and sell.. Try this

A tin of condensed milk

1. Heat up saucepan over the fire.
2. Add one tablespoon of frying oil or butter, add  condensed milk.

3. Start stirring until it changes to a brown thick caramel

4. Grease the chopping board or table or working table with a little butter, transfer the candy to the working table and spread

 5. Allow it cool for between 2-5 minutes.

6. Roll it with a rolling pin, spread and cut them into shapes of your choice.

Condensed milk toffee is made.

Store or package and sell...

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