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How to start a bakery that thrives anywhere

The most fundamental question I am asked most times by would-be bread bakery owners or intending bakers be it from Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, USA, Canada, Australia, or even United Kingdom is cost of starting a bakery. 

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Same is asked in my bread baking  trainings and I have answered them fully in my Commercial Bakery and Bakery Management Home Course DVD and Intensive Manual COMBO package which we ship to any location.

 But today, I am giving you an insight into what it cost to start a Bread Bakery. You don't need to break the bank.

Bakery ranges from Micro to Macro. and the type of equipment you need is what makes your bakery what it is. I started my baking journey with a local bakeryand graduated into the modern bakery. I am able to use all kinds of equipments to bake my breads.

 1. You can kick off your bakery with hand made bread by kneading your bread with hands and baking in an Oven. In this case, all you need is to invest in buying an Oven.

Ovens ranges from N75000, $200 or GHc750 and you can kick off your baking from the conner of your home, kitchen or balcony. I know of a family who makes three bags of only tea bread in Accra,Ghana to bringing in about N30,000 daily. In this category, all you need to invest on is Oven and Pans. But they must be very good.

 2. You could also start with a bread roller and Oven and make your bread effectively.

 3. The third is to invest in other equipments including bread dough divided , moulder and deck ovens. In any way you chose to start, it is important to note that you will break even and thrive in bread baking business if you bake very rich bread that is unique and sell to your community.

 Never try to try baking by trial and error method as what you don't have to your advantage is time. Baking good bread requires modelling someone or an expert doing it perfectly. You can take up our services and order your DVD Home Course or attend any of our group classes or take up a personalized one-on-one coaching.

 To book or make inquiries, call or WhatsApp me on +2349028854666.

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