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How to poduce Soy bean flour for bread, supplements or organic tea

When I went to Garu, Upper East Region of Ghana to train, consult and setup a new Micro Bakery and Hot Bread Kitchen for a Teacher, and excitedly she started baking and selling from the first day of her class, I made a startled discovery.
A man walked up to me to thank me for my work of art and decision to empower others who live their entrepreneurial lives with commercial bread baking. He further asked me of what I use to make my bread loaf heavy, chewy and rich.
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I had to include the soy bean flour the following day of the bread baking class and it worked magic for my new client.

Coincidentally, when I returned to Nigeria, I got a mail from a man who introduced same soy bean flour to me. Then I knew its was time to make my own soy flour.

I took a first set of soy beans I brought back from Garu. Soy beans or soya beans is one great farm produce of the Upper East region of Ghana plus areas including BA, Waliwali and Tamale.

I found out it was better and cheaper to produce my soy flour to make it very organic for my bread and I have introduced this to all my Commercial Bread Baking and Bakery Management Classes be in in Port Harcourt, Abuja, Lagos or Enugu as well as our Private Coaching and consultancy services.

When I produce bread with addition of soy flour, it comes very yummy and chewy plus it also has its desired commercial weight and fluffiness.

If you want to experiment with producing your own soy flour, follow the following recipe and thank me later:

1. Wash your soy beans and pick off the bad ones.

2. Transfer to cooking pot and add water to be above the beans and boil for 25 minutes. This will soften the beans.

3. Transfer to tray and roast inside an oven for one hour.

Note: if you don't have an oven, dry it and roast in a pot  on stove burner or gas cooker.

4. Bring down and allow to cool.

5. Transfer to a blender and blend or grinder and grind it.

6. Transfer to a sieve to sieve it into powdery form.

7. Return the remaining part and regrind or re-blend and sieve again to powdery form till it is finished.

8. Transfer to a container and store in a dry place.

9. Use it as food supplements, add to your bread flour and bake bread or make it as porridge or add to your baby feed or use as organic tea.

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Grab your  Complete Bread Baking Video, eBook and Costing course. Click here to access it

Join my next One week Bread baking online. Distance class


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