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August 5 Days Micro Bakery Masterclass

Dear Prospective Bread Baking Entrepreneur,

I am about to reveal a never revealed secret to you today: It took me challenges for a major bread baking business to happen in my bread baking business. Today, our team hold the market share domination. It came with pains, struggles, failures, mistakes but with absolute Faith, Passion and Determination.... Tough time never last, but tough people do..

I will show you how to make a sustainable minimum of N30,000 pure profit daily with this business

BUT you don't need to go through all of that. I have all the secrets and short cuts for you to launch your Micro or Macro Bakery and Bread Baking Business in matter of five days... Let me state that in Ghana and Nigeria alone, I have visited more than 75 local and modern bakeries retraining the owners on the modern art of baking as well as science of bread, plus training  new bakers, majority of whom are running their bakery today. My vision has been to train, empower and produce outstanding Bread Bakers who decide by choice to run a sustainable business with Godly practices as their foundation. This is why I have trained clients from USA, Australia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Ghana, South Africa,United Kingdom etc Click Here for Testimony

If you are desirous of retiring into a home business, or you are a fresh graduate looking for a life career that is money spinning, or you are interested in running a family business that is trans-generational, or want a weekend income or side business to invest in, or you have passion for food business, this class is right for you. If you already run a baking shop but want to expand into bread baking or you are having challenges in your bread baking business, this  training is also for you.

Milk Braided Raisins Bread from My Hot Bread Kitchen
The Bread Baking Masterclass is a five days intensive class that will have every participant becoming professionals in continental and local bread baking and having their own peculiar recipes handed to them. They will also be armed at the end of the course with the ability to run a bakery with core understanding of the tricks in management, marketing and sales, packaging and running of the business itself.

I had the opportunity to be trained under two over 70 years Ghanaian and Nigerian respectively, Philippine and American Bread Science Experts as well as being under the tutelage of a life coach till date. I am bringing all these on board. 

Join my five days intensive Master Class and learn the following

Duration: 5 Days
Date:28th August, 2018 to 1st September
Fee: N40,000 before the day, N50,000 at Venue (Covering Course Materials, Book, and Certificate)
Cant Attend but want a one on one training directly to your home anywhere in the globe? One-to-One course also available for $199 (N75,000, GHc800)
Venue: Rasta Onyema Hotels, Olowora-Isheri, Off Ojodu Berger, Lagos
1. Practical Bread Baking of various types (Butter, Sugar, Wheat, Braided, Raisins, French loaf, Rolls (Pan De Sal) Coconut Bread, Sardine etc).
2. Visit to other bakery
3. Tour To Equipment Company
4. Guest Teaching by NAFDAC Expert
5. Food Hygiene and health Expert by Guest teacher
6. Two Month Post Mentoring Training/online Whatsapp Group
7. Support

Bonus: Two Pasties and Yogurt Production

Access videos, books and take practical baking and support

Over 300 have taken this course or purchased our books on Micro Bakery setup from Amazon Kindle

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Make Your Installment Deposit Payment.
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UBA Act Name: H e n r y  O m e n o g o r, Act (Savings) No: 2044493628
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Facebook: microbakerywithhenry
Instagram: henryomenogor
Email me: syobizng@
Whatsapp me directly on +233543874851
Nigeria(Godwin): Book/Call for booking: +2347052869524
Ghana: +23355250129

Course Description
Bread baking can seem difficult. However, with our easy-to-follow practical and result oriented course guide,  you will certainly discover and crack  the mysteries of bread baking, micro bakery setup and start running your own micro bakery from home or shop  without fear or even breaking the bank.

In this course, you will find the necessary information , techniques and practicality as well as instruments, equipment, and tricks to make commercial bread.  Our vision is for you to kick off with at least 100 loaves daily and increase.

You will also understand deeply about unique bread baking ingredients, and right combination to make great bread. Plus the proper application of ingredient percentage as well as unique recipes for various types of bread including butter, sugar, cake, sardine, braided French bread as well as lifestyle, Ghana tea bread, Agege bread etc.

Contact us now:
Make Your Installment Deposit Payment.
Make your payment by bank deposit or ATM or online to :
UBA Act Name: H e n r y  O m e n o g o r, Act (Savings) No: 2044493628
 Send your info by whatsapp, phone email etc

Contact us:
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Ghana Whatsapp directly on +233 55 225 0129(Whatapp and Calls)

Testimony: Click here for gallery and testimony of those who took our courses

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