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How To Set Up Yogurt and Micro Ice Cream Production & Marketing Biz From Home with NO Machine

For a limited time, you can lay your hands on my Ice Cream and Yogurt book for just N5,000, GHc100, $15. Grab it now before we revert to rel price...
If you know the secret to making great ice cream and yogurt from home, you could be making money from another stream of income or making your personal ice cream for home use.
Just look at it, from providing ice cream and or yogurt to students on Campuses, During Special occasion!s, Birthdays, spicing your events, selling to kids and adult from your home fridge, kiosk, supplying to shops etc, you are on your way to making real money.

Learn a new skill now and you will thank me later. This is why I bring you practical Ice Cream and Yogurt production from home without a machine.

In this step by step manual, I will show you how to make Ice Cream an d Yogurt from the comfort of your home and package it to sell from your home, using a kiosk in a busy area, sell to school children, birthdays or even directly from your own shop if you already own shop, a food restaurant or soft drink joint or even snacks joint or in your home or hostel if you are a student.

If you have tried to make ice cream or Yogurt before and it did not work for you, you have come to the last bus stop.

If your yogurt or ice cream is not as perfect as or better than FanIce, Sandra, Frosty or Nestle, or any of those brands you see in Shopping malls in your country, then you have not made a yogurt.

Look at what our clients are saying

Testimony 1: "This is fantastic. I love the aroma and the texture of this ice cream. Your training is wonderful. Its like fan ice" Hajia Zainab, Ashaley Botwe, Accra

Testimony 2: "Bro, I am so grateful. Business has started and I have done my packaging. I have expanded and will even expand more as students resume. Its like fan ice" Mr. Delali, Cape Coast (Teacher)

Testimony 3: My wife and I are so impressed. Business for us is this. Mr. Okere, 

Testimony 4: This is great. I decided to learn this so I can have something new to sell as I am traveling to Liberia to reside there with my wife. We now have a second income source. Mr Patrick, Ofankor.

Testimony 5: I am a make-up artist and I decided to learn this because I will use it for weekly income added to my normal job. My sister love the strawberry ice cream so much when I got home. Your training is so good. Sheela, Mataiko, Greater Accra, Ghana.
Testimony 6: I am selling in a school with others and I wanted a new product that is affordable and different. I am grateful as this is now my business. Good job. Marian, Ho, Ghana

'I am deeply grateful. What a morning blessing. I made it in training and my room mates tasted it. Fantastic. Business starts on campus. . Emmanuella Cape coast University, Ghana.

"My sister and I are satisfied beyond expectation. You delivered your promise. God bless you. As a Wilton US certified baker, she is fully happy with your bread and ice cream training. .. Patrick and Irene, Adenta, Greater Accra, Ghana.

Perfectly what I wanted. Joyclin , Amasaiman, Ghana

I have orders and counting. I love your package. I make Yogurt and have added this to my business. .. Country Bread Bakery Owner, Sapaiman

The testimonies are endless. You are next
No Machine needed. All you need is an equipment of N500, GHc10,. $2 or less and you are good to go.

Learn how to make rich Ice Cream with different Toppings
Flavours to be learned include:
Toppings include:
Chocolate wafers
Candy sticks

Also, learn how to make yogurt including greek yogurt in one day and sell.
In all, you will have the real and required result. If your yogurt is not as perfect or better than FanIce, Sandra, Frosty or Nestle, then you have not made a yogurt.

You will learn how to package your ice cream and yogurt for sale directly from your home, shop, kiosk and even on campuses. Plus lots of other ideas.
This book covers all you need to know about buying of ingredients and theur purpose, practical steps in making your product as well as costing and marketing.

Order now for just N5,000, GHc100 or $15 

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