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Start Your own Community supported Micro Bakery and run a sustainable business

Nothing beats the art of baking bread and the passion of it if you are aspiring to be one or already a baker with passion. When it comes to home baking for family consumption, it is quite different from going commercial. There are two kinds of people that have attended my training and those who would attend my next micro bread baking class online (distance coaching) or in our live workshops (Both group and private); those who want to make their bread and be able to sell successfully and those who want to have more sales by improving and upgrading their skill to commercial standard.

Truth is that wherever you live, one of the best selling model for bread in any community is a new model called Community Supported Bakery. When I started, I used this method in a twist without even knowing it was part of what I was doing. I called it Bread by Subscription and I have described this method fully in my book How to Setup A Micro Bakery From Home With Micro Oven.

What I did was meet the residents of my estate community and introduced my bread to them. I will receive their money by asking them to subscribe to my bread and I deliver to them Oven fresh loaves once it is baked, so they eat fresh baked loaves daily. Their payment is taking in advance subscription.

The new model of selling your bread within your community is to start a Community Supported Bakery and its springing up all over the places. From USA such as All Good Bakers of Albany, Butter Bakery CafĂ© in Nicollet, Southwest Minneapoli, River Side Bakery at Hillview Community Centre, Cultenhove Place,  Stirling.

From USA, to Kenya, Ghana to Singapore, Australia to Canada, Austria to Benin Republic, Zimbabwe to South Africa, Ethiopia to Cameroun, France to United Kingdom, all community within these countries can have their own Community Supported Bakery (CSB)and the owners can make sustainable income.

How does the SCB work?
It works on the model of having both the producers and customers owning the bread and baked bread. Community consumers or customers pay for as members and bread is produced and distributed to them on daily basis or weekly basis. Payments are made upfront for the bakery to use the money paid by members to produce the bread. This way, the bakery can kick off production without having the fund to produce.  This is just similar to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) projects.

Wherever you live, you can start a bakery or Micro Bakery in your community with this model. But first, you will need to understand and master the art and science of baking.

With Community Supported Bakery, you are sure to have your money paid upfront and you are to keep recruiting more people into your sales funnel once you have a good marketing and distribution system in place. Best of all, your payment and income is purely on membership subscription.

In my next discounted baking live coaching in Accra and Lagos, you could be on your way to having it all on setting up your own Micro Bakery from home. 

If you are interested in the group coaching in Accra or Lagos Discounted Bread Class in November 4th and 5th (Few slots left), or you are interested in the live private coaching in Accra or anywhere in Ghana (we conduct the four days private coaching at your location or ours for GHc800 (call for our discounted course ) – Call or whatsapp 0543874851 or distance coaching anywhere in the world, email me on syobizng

Checkout our upcoming classes or apply for distancecoaching class. In this class, you will also join our private whatsapp group as well as take have a post mentoring training till you kick off with your own baking business.

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