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The 8 New Hot Home-Based Business To make Money in 2017

There are new businesses you can start from home in 2017 and beyond. With our vision with Start Your Own Business Magazine and Journey To Wonderful Living, our audience has been that whose desire to create meaningful wealth from home has been ultimate. In this series on Home based business money making model, we have outlined 20 sure ways to make money from home.

1.      Sell Digital Products online with Bitcoin: If you have any digital products ranging from software, ebooks, applications, music, etc, you can join the new trend of making money buy offering your product globally on Bitify which is a platform that will enable anyone buy from you and download using crypto-currency.

With bitify platform all you need to start is free listing and description of your own product and selling. In order to make good money here, what you need is  traffic and referring of target buyers to your own product webpage. You do not need to own a website, maintain or buy domain name or keep sophisticated monthly payment system. Therefore anyone can join this platform and make money.

Start from here and get paid with bitcoin.

2.      Sell on Amazon: I have been an amazon seller for long and you can start selling on Amazon in a matter of 24 hours. Amazon is one of the biggest online merchant site where both physical and digital goods are sold globally directly from the comfort of your home.

Amazon Kindle as well as Creatspace are two powerful ways to sell with Amazon. Anyone can buy and download your products from Amazon Kindle or get your physical goods sent to them on purchase. With Createspace, you can also submit your ebook and have it sent to your buyers based on print-on-demand.

3.      Start a Micro Bakery from Home. You can start a well paying Micro Bakery from home. Bread sells in the US from $2 per loaf, GHc0.50 to GHc10 in Ghana, N100 to N500 per loaf in Nigeria. If you learn how to make delicious and rich bread, you can start a hot bread kitchen from your backyard or Kitchen and bake real bread and sell from home. If you live in Kenya, South Africa, Singapore, USA, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Europe or even Australia, bread is eaten everywhere and you will be smiling to the bank with this model.

Let me state that Bread baking require work but you can employ others who work for you while you concentrate on the business side of your home bakery. Having been involved in the Micro Bread bakery and baking setup and training, I can tell you that you can bank N20,000 to N30,000, Ghc300, $200 in profit daily from you Micro Home bakery until you spring this business into a big business. Note that I said in Profit.

One of the basis thing you need to do in order to excel here is to bake unique bread that is different from what obtains from your community and also make it very rich.

If you want to start a bakery, I recommend you attend a mentoring program, attend a bread baking school in your area or buy a Micro Bread Bakery ebook home study guide to understand how to profit from this generational industry.
 Start Your own Craft Production and Sell: Craft is one of the most creative ways to make money right now. People are making all kinds of jewelries from Bangle, to Brooches etc. If you have passion for creativity, this is your era. Make nice and trending crafts such as jewelries, rist bands, chains, customized anniversary brooches, country specific wrist bands, neck lace, hair bands, handmade bow ties with prominent or eminent personalities including political figures etc.
Selling this is simple, all you need is to be active on social media sites such as facebook, twitter and whatsapp and use it as a platform to sell your items.

With social media, you are actually connected to a global village and you can sell to millions of people with the right method of reaching them with what you have to offer. Instead of doing all the chatting and gossips on social media, you can actually convert your time and talent to cash.

There are a lot of crafts you can actually learn at Instructable

5.      Local and Global Internet Business with Graphics Designing: If you are graphic designer, you can always make good money from home. All you need knows how to bring your services to the right audience. My advice is that you own a website of your own. All you need to get this done is to register a domain name and buy your own web hosting space. In getting your own domain name, I will tell you to be careful of your domain name ownership. Never allow a local domain name registrar to register and own your domain name contact address as this is purely making him to be the bonafide and legal owner of your domain name. With sad experience that I have passed through on this, I will recommend you register your domain name with while you get your own hosting from

Once you have your domain and hosting in place, you will be able to set up your website for free

6.      Bake Small Chops and Sell from Home: Yes, you read it correctly. Whether it is Meat Roll, Puff Puff in Nigeria or Ghana’s Buffloat, or Meat Pie, Ghana’s Kose with Wheat, or Tom Brown Porridge, or Nigeria’s Akara with Akamu or Pap made and sold in the morning from your home, Chin Chin in Nigeria or Achomo in Ghana, Egg Roll in Nigeria or even Rock Burns in Ghana, you are on your way to making sustainable income from home.

Checkout the number of school children that buy Koko in the morning as well as families in Ghana. Real money is made from this home business.

7.      Start an Affiliate Marketing Online: This is a booming business when it comes to internet marketing. A business model that enables you to sell to a global audience is a great one. Fundamentally, what you need to succeed here is traffic.

Affiliate marketing involves signing up as an affiliate for free with merchant websites such as Amazon Associates, eBay, Commission Junction, Google Adsense and Clickbank. These are some of the top Affiliate sites where you can start selling a product created or marketed by another merchant and you have a commission from the sale once there is a purchase through your own affiliate link.

As an affiliate, you are given a unique website of your own to promote the product to your audience. Some of the ways you can also use to bring traffic is to use social media or advertise the link online.

8.      Self-Publish your book and sell offline: One of the ways I have used in creating wealth has been to put down my ideas in the form of books and sell to local buyers in two countries of Nigeria and Ghana.

 There are a lot of selling niches that you can write a book on and sell. From Sex and relationship, weight loss, marriage and divorce, religion and spirituality, making money, travel to website traffic as well as parenting.

All you have to do is to research a niche that is hungry in your community or global and piece them together as a book. Publish it on your own by printing a number of quantity with the local printer. In order to have the right of your intellectual property protected, you will have to get an ISBN or International Standard Book Number for your book. To get this, visit or inquire from the National Library in your capital city. If you are in Lagos or Accra, visit national Library in Yaba, or Accra respectively and pay about N1,000 or Ghc5 for your ISBN. If buying online, visit ISBN website and buy your ISBN.

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