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How I Turned 88 paged InfoPorudt To Fortune Charging N70,000, GHc700 and $199 per purchase

The 2017 Internet Income Blueprint;  Discover just One Secrets I used in Making N70,000 Per Sale of a Single 88 paged Information Product  I created in Two days Precisely February, 2016 That sells globally(for $199) and Keep selling As you read this.

From the desk of Henry Omenogor,
Founder: Journey To Wonderful Living
Baker, Blogger and Coach

Dear Reader,
Read this piece as I am about to show you a simple blueprint I used to start a part time business that gave me most of my income in 2016 and still pay my bills from a global and local market.
Before you read the above, you can get some of my ebooks for free at:

By this time in 20165, I picked up four books I have purchased earlier from my Library and read them page to page, searching for information on how to beat the   odd of 2016. These books are:

1.    Billionaire In Training (Instant Success Series) by Bradley Sugars
2.    The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz
3.    Identity by T. D Jakes
4.    The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley, William D. Danko

In all of these four books, I was searching for a single statement that could pilot my cause for 2016. I was desperate. I was tensed and I was determined never to give up. I read them from 15th of December 2015 to 5th of January 2016. I was to discover in each one sentences that changed the entire course of what I was doing. I was looking for an answer to 2016.
When I discovered the secrets which were common sentences, I paused and paused and looked into myself, my inner self and the rest were history.  What I discovered in the four book could be summarily called Epiphany Feeling!  An epiphany (from the ancient Greek πιφάνεια, epiphaneia, "manifestation, striking appearance") is an experience of sudden and striking realization.

First, I was afraid my product will not be accepted at the price of N70,000. So I sold it first for N7,000 and just few people bought it. I was frustrated and felt the Epiphany Feeling was gone and not workable. But when I kept hearing the sentences that gave me the backing and boost from the four books that I have read, I changed my self worth and decided to test my new product through segmentation.
Big Value = Big Price. I changed that same product in terms of content and made it a global product as well as a local product. I was doing Localized Internet marketing Business.
As I write to you now, I have only one website and one major product that keep selling for me. Best of all is that I have only spent Free Cost Advertising. 

I have used this same blueprint to sell a second product that I have never created but just teach for 20 minutes after closing hours of work working with my client.
Hey! All the product that I sell, I do them part time as I run a Hot Bread Kitchen Business as a full time business. 

As a Man Thinketh, So is He…..
All things are possible for those who believe.

You know what? The best way to run your business is through a silent revolution. I have learned to act behind the scene and live a quiet life. 

The truth is that, that single secret has led me to have lots of clients turned friends. I enjoy this part of it. I have built lots of businesses with my blueprint for my clients with just an 88 paged product as well as a second product that I use only 20 minutes to teach them. When I looked back, I am working my purpose.

Epiphany Feeling…. Or should I still call it spiritual marketing like my mentor Joe Vitale will say? There is one single secret that stands your way from unleashing your potential in 2017 and beyond and that is exactly what I want you to discover in the blueprint. Some people among my fans and followers as well as relatives have even tried to convince me into going into schemes like Cryptocurrency and Ponzi Schemes that double their money. But I keep telling them that the best internet marketing business is that which has a foundation.

And I am bold enough to even ask my clients for tips after they purchase my products and they politely and willingly add Tips of between N5,000 ($30) to N10,000($50) for me. I enjoy this part.
The best business you can operate on the internet is that which you can operate from anywhere and any country and will not require your presence …. Passive Income.
My clients are scattered all over the glove from Canada, USA, UK, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Australia  etc

If you are ready and desirous to just own a single website, no hosting required as you will have a free hosting of your website for life, and I will show you how to go about that, and ready to take what you already know, learn how I turned a single product  through Epiphany Feeling and made it a global product plus boldly charging N70,000 (instead of N7000) in a local market, still charging Ghc700 (Instead of Ghc70) and boldly charging $199 for the simple product that have my buyers even giving me tips after ordering from me and they making success with it.

Stop shooting little in 2017 and beyond. Think big, Act big. 

In this blueprint, I you will learn

1 The single sentence that changed my life from these books… You will not discover it just like that. You will read and pass it without knowing that is the sentence. I will give it to you.
How I played into the hand of my Carlifonia American   Client who ordered my product based on Integrity selling and what I requested from him to catapult my sales. What do you do with a client who purchased your one time product? How do you handle a client with guarantee that your product will work and also have him start a business your information product is about

3.How I used N5,000 (GHc50, $15) skill I acquired (I was even laughed at) and turn it into a global business that sells on a common platform that most people will not use. It was massively successful and I have used it all along till date.
How I charge $50, GHc200(N10,000 to N20,000) selling a simple information that I give out as a secret within 20 minutes part time after work hours without seeing my clients in person. This has helped me run it as global business as I use just a simple online social tool to do this.
 How I created my 88 paged report in just two days and start selling it to a local client through free platforms.
How I created more of these types of product in March and had lots of multiple products that sell like crazy
How I went extra mile to add value to these products and increase the price of these products by 1000% and sold more to quality clients.
How to turn your ideas, skill, hobbies, passion and even mistakes into a product, telling your stories using blogging and selling it as a product. Yes you can do it. It is the simplest way to make money online.
How to set up your own blog or website with just a domain name and free web hosting for life. My website has no hosting as it is hosted for free.

1100 local and global websites that are using my blueprint and making real income online.

  How I practically run an inforpreneurial business in two different countries and how you can start same.

  Using social networking sites for your business and how to use it professionally

.  How to create your professional facebook fan page and link your blog with it.
.  How to use the power of content marketing to bring traffic to your website and sell your inforproduct or services.

  Whatsapp and how to really use them for educational selling. Here I will show you how I write inspirational content that lift people’s spirit and later convert them to buying my products or services and keeping them as friends.

.  I will teach you two skills that will carry you through in 2017 and beyond. What I have learned and what keeps many from getting through is that they want fast income without work. It is not possible as you will soon be frustrated. First, lay a foundation for your business and blossom. The global system will progress based on Skill acquisition. I will show you two skills that will pay you money in 2017 and beyond.

LLearn how I have used a mentoring program to get glued to my client after they purchased my product and services. It is tough for people to just pay money to you. Trust is an issue here. But you need to get into their hearts. I will show you how to do this. Even as I write, there are those who have paid me and are yet to take their product or services. 

 I will show you the secret to how I wrote and released 12 books in 2016… And how you can do it faster that I did. And I sell on Amazon, my website as well as other platforms’ have all together, 20 books some published in prints and others on ebook.

  How I started publishing my Magazine/Newspaper and how I took it to a global publishing platform and how you too can do it.

 How to write and convert your book to a pdf format to sell.

 How to make more money next year and how to save more money in multiple ways. It pays as I discovered these secrets.
I I will help, assist you, and consult with you as you start to implement your income blueprint in 2017. You need professional advice and assistance. I will help you on this.

I I will show you how to use various platforms to run your business in other countries. I will specifically show you how to expand your business to Ghana while you are in Nigeria and how to expand to Nigeria while you are in Ghana. This is a bonus

 I will also show you how to go past your fears (which is what is holding you back for years and ) go into your greatness.

II I will show you how to bounce back from that mistake and setback and use them as springboard to greatness.

Above all, you will know how to create high paying information products.
There is no other time to start. It is now, today and this minute. You were created as an important person on this earth. I know what it takes and what pains it is to go through emptiness in life. I was there. If you have a strong desire and goal to succeed, you can. You were created at the best time of life. You resonate and your spirit must be high in 2017 and beyond. It’s your turn and time.

Welcome to Epiphany. 

I am giving the pre-launch of this blueprint to just 50 people and I am done. You have nothing to loose as your payment is money back guaranteed.

Above all, I am making it affordable by all so you have not excuse not to take this opportunity.
How much is it? I would have loved to make it N15,000 (GHc300, or $50) but I will giving this out for just N1,500(GHc15, $5) and I am done with the 50 people.
The price comes to the real cost of N5,000, (GHc50, $20).

For payment details,
You can make your payment directly to my bank account and have your product sent to you by email or Facebook download.

Instructions on how to pay.

1. Calculate the amount you are paying or the product you are paying for.

2. Make your payment by bank deposit or ATM or online to :
UBA Act Name: H e n r y  O m e n o g o r, Act (Savings) No: 2044493628

3. Send the name of payee, product or item paid for and your email address plus phone number to my email  (syobizng @ or phone +234 80 21 31 75 23 .
Eg. Sammuel Doe, Bread Baking eBook,

4. Once confirmation is made, you will be sent your product.  This will take not more than 48 hours.

5. We will always like to make you happy and so you can send a mail to syobizng should you have any inquiry or issues.

6. Pls note this: Kindly  make sure you are sending the right information to help us.

I repeat, if you purchase this product and you don’t like my method, you can request back your money 100%.
Hey! I operate my business live in two different countries and I will expand into other countries in 2017. I will show you how to dare and move into countries.

To your success,
Henry Omenogor
Founder Journey To Wonderful Living

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