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The (Painful & Personal) Life Contentions I had to contend with on daily basis.

How to defeat life troubles and stay happy and peaceful

On daily basis, I had to contend with calls, chats, emails and phone encounters of the defeated, dejected and people at cross-roads. They come in different dimensions. Pains, Rejections and Life Adversities. Let me state that most of these are women. I also encounter some people who seem to have very toxic and boastful talks about life and these set falls among the men.

Of a truth, l must admit that I was never a good listener before until I learned that God gave us one mouth and two ears so we listen more than talk. I have improved so much in this regard. We are created for the hurting people and for the happy too (so we get happy with them during the happy times and comfort with them during trouble times).

I have had to talk to people who have been rejected by loved ones, disappointed by friends, lived in isolation, and see hopelessness in life from their former self of abundance, happy living and seeming life defeats. Things are no more what it used to be. Some are even affected with depression and illness which is a fall-out of their life path encounter.

Let me say this as I used to tell everyone and anyone I counsel. Life is going to come with pains and gains. Life is like onions, you peel it one layer after the other and cry. Buddha says “Once you know life is pain, then it is no more pain”

As a Christian Science Practitioner, I know one thing is very sure: Life’s adversities are not meant to weaken you. There is greatness and lessons in every adversity. A gentleman cannot be at the war front for he will be killed by the opponent.

Life is so very sweet and you need to embrace pain as part of the sweetness of life. Being positive in any positive or negative situation is what makes you triumph. Every tragedy, setback, rejection, job loss, temporal “defeat”, bankruptcy you may have to go through is meant for lessons. Look at the lessons and learn from them. The higher power is using it to teach you something for your big task of tomorrow. See it positive. It is a mountain and mountains are what you climb up and climb down. Mountains don’t move but you move. Therefore adversities should only shake you but not move you.

And as you go through the troubled times, be careful who you tell what you go through. Some people would plunge you further into deeper crisis with their advice, or mock you. These are toxic relatives, friends or "loved ones". Even some "Pastors" will plunge you further into spiritual suicide journey. The naive ones will suggest someone else is the cause of your life challenges too. That is Africa my Africa. No. This is wrong. Look within and also acknowledge and take responsibility for whatever happens to you. This way you are free and ready to fly with life. God has given you wisdom and you need to use it. Before He formed you in your mother's womb, He knew you; His plans for you are of good and expected end. He created you to resonate and win your troubles. He made you a god.

In dealing with life challenges, I have advanced into a point where I have to understudy the human trinity in creation. Your Soul + Your Body + Dust= You.
There is a part of God or spirit of God in everyman and when you focus more on the bodily suffering as you go through adversities, you will discover that you are giving attention to the mundane. This is why you feel suffering and liken every situation, even the ones you are meant to enjoy as being ethereal suffering. It is in those periods of denial, incarcerations, rejections, troubles, bankruptcies and crisis that you discover who you really are. This happens when you start probing your real essence of existence and knowing your callings and who you really are. Most of us do not know who we are in life. We live the life of others and not our originality.
I have lived a life where I had to combat and confront three negative emotions and I conquered them. Some people tell me that it is hard to embrace as a way of life but I discovered that I have a choice and it can be achieved. I acquired it from spiritual mentors and it has worked for me. These three principles are: Confront Fear (No Fear), No Worries and No Anger.
I have no need and use to get angry at anyone even if it is a deep situation. Anger is one devilish emotion or negative spiritual energy. Conquer it.  It’s hard but you can triumph over it, You will be happy. Just come to a point where you have to state to yourself “I will never be angry with anyone anymore”.
Fear kills dreams and makes you a chicken when you are supposed to be an eagle. Giants also get into fear but they go past it and conquer. Most things you fear are not real. See and acknowledge the fear but confront it. Love people no matter what they have done to you, Open your mind and live life freely and boldly. Go for that your dream. You have greatness within you.
Worry is an attitude from habit. Stop worrying as it will not solve your problems. For example, worrying about money will never bring one, It only makes you sick, anxious and filled up with stress. Solve problems through possibility thinking. There are options to any challenge in life that you will face. Patience is also an antidote to worry. I never worry about anything and I never get sick. I only work out what I want.
In order to achieve all the above, I bet you need to be spiritually conscious. Know God, see Him as your father and talk to him one on one. He is always there to love and guide you and you will never make any mistake for following him.
Above all, know that all challenges are in phases and that challenge, adversity you are in right now has an expiry date.
I go through mine and you go through yours. But I think you should also use your challenges to better humanity as that is the essence of existence on this phase.
1.    Take a pen and paper; write down names of people you should forgive right away.  Forgive them and never remember anymore about it. Forgive yourself also of negative thoughts and what you have done against yourself. These may include when you told yourself you are not good enough, inferior, a failure etc. Forgive yourself.

2.    Write down things you worry about and speak the opposite into your life. For example, if you have been sick and worry about your health, Start speaking sound health into your life and write down affirmative statements such as “I am healthy, I am well, I live in Sound health, I am alive” etc. If it is money, start speaking abundance such as : I live in abundance, I have xxxxx amount by date/month/year in my bank account and work towards how to achieve it. Speak this morning and   night.

3.    Write down twenty possible ways you want to solve a challenge you are facing now. Relationship, finance, job, business etc

You have any pressing question?  Want to join my mentoring challenge to happy and wonderful living, inbox me or comment.
Henry the Great !!

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