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Ice Cube Chills In Philly, Drops Off A Check To Help Students Read

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – While film stars Ice Cube and Deon Cole are on the road promoting “Barbershop: The Next Cut,” — the third movie in the franchise — they dropped off a check at the School District of Philadelphia headquarters, to help young students

Ice Cube, the rapper-actor, enjoyed an enthusiastic welcome and did not disappoint:
“So we proud to come over here and drop 5-G’s on y’all,” he said.
Cube says their $5,000 donation to the “Right Books” campaign will help K-through-3rd graders get the resources they need to read at grade level by the fourth grade:
“It’s a drop in the bucket, but everything helps.”

(Reporter) It’s particularly important to reach kids early in their education…
“Yes, you can touch their humanity, before all of this craziness that they’re exposed to, and hopefully that will grow within them, throughout their adulthood,” Cube said.

As far as Cube’s new movie coming out…
“It’s not only funny, but it’s a movie that deals with real life situations, like parents trying to keep their kids on the right path, and off the streets,” he tells KYW Newsradio.
Actor-comedian Deon Cole gave this advice: if you meet up with “haters in your life, use it as fuel to be a better person.”

“Me personally, I need some new haters, cause my old ones are starting to like me,” he says. “Hopefully, you’ll be in the same predicament. Thank you Philly, we love you!”

Source CBslocal

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