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3 Powerful Ways to use Facebook to Boost your website and business

While there are much more than 1.5 billion on the Facebook planet as registered users, there is no doubt that it is a power house that is taking over the brick and mortal world of networking. Facebook is across countries and it makes connection easier than ever as a social networking platform.

If you have a business idea or a product or services, there is no best time to launch it than now using the Facebook platform. In fact, more than 700 million people log into Facebook daily and this gives it a pride of place as a marketing platform. Aside the above, billions of websites have linked into this platform.
If you own a website, blog or an eCommerce site, the following are strategies for you to use in bringing more business to your site using Facebook.

1.   Write Catchy and Short Content: People on Facebook do not like long writing. You need to be on point. Write short but catchy words of below 1000 and add picture on your status and link it to your product site. You picture should be visually appealing to your fans and audience who would like to go to the link you provided.

2. Create your site for Facebook engagement: You will need to build your site in a way that all Facebook engagement apparatus are added including likes, comment,s fans and shares). Adding all the Facebook share and comment button will engage your users and encourage them to share your site contents on their own statues through shares and likes. 

3. Start using automated post as well as manual post to Facebook. It is important that you automate your postings to Facebook using various platform. The best automated platform that will post any of your blog post automatically to your Facebook page use to be graffiti but they have discontinued their services and the best you can use now is IFTTT and it can automate your blog post to several social media platform including twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc

There is no doubt that these powerful methods and trick will enhance and improve your website performance and product marketing.

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