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Interview: Nigerian Watermelon Farmer Reveals How to start a Watermelon Farm and its opportunity


There is no doubt that with the falling of the black money maker called oil in both local and international market, agriculture has become the mainstay of revenue in various country. Agri business is a lucrative business and it is time for Graduates to put down their certificate for the this big industry.  In this Interview, we came across one major player in the agri business sector who bared it all on how to start a lucrative Water Mellon business anywhere . Enjoy the interview.

Start Your Own Business Publisher: Please to meet you Mr Oludele. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into the Agri business.

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Atunnise Oludele: My name is Atunnise Oludele,  I am an eBusiness Expert,Ii got started in 2008 to be precise trying all manner of internet business but no result. My breakthrough on the internet started in 2010 when I met  Mr Henry Omenogor  who showed me the secrets. But Agri business has been my passion since when Ii was in secondary school. However, I got started with Agri business professionally in 2014 by venturing into watermelon farming in
Start Your Own Business Editor: Thank you so much.  Will you tell me how the Agri business started and how did you settle for watermelon

Atunnise Oludele;  I took a drastic decision to attend a watermelon farming workshop, having weighed the future of the Nigerian economy and the world as it is tending to technology and
agriculture.  I have attended workshops including snail farming, grass cutter, turkey etc But I discovered that watermelon is practical and profit oriented and easy to embark on with guarantee. It has a financial potential that is high and gestation period is ridiculously short with high profit.

Start Your Own Business Publisher: Will you then tell our readers the opportunity  in water melon business

Atunnise Oludele:  Watermelon cultivation has at least 300% ROI all things been equal. It can be grown anywhere in Nigeria, Ghana or any other country
Start Your Own Business Publisher : Does it require season?

Atunnise Oludele:  Yes there are three (3) planting seasons for watermelon. That is the reason it is available year round. However, it is the safe season that guaranteed massive returns on your efforts and investment on the business

Start Your Own Business Publisher: That is wonderful. I request that you unveil the opportunity for those who want to go into this business and what your advise for them

Atunnise Oludele:  There is huge market demand for watermelon all round the year both for local and international consumption. Even, local consumption is yet to be met. Watermelon is highly consumed by both young and old, rich and the poor; it is accessible to all even along the roadside. It is hot cake fruit that people buy in all part of the country for health benefits of the fruit. Watermelon does not waste time in the market. The demand is so high. It can be sold to mallam at any regular fruit markets in town or sell in the supermarket. My advice is that watermelon business is lucrative and can change financial status of anybody who cares to give it a trial. You will be dazed by the result

Start Your Own Business Publisher : Tell me how to start this business and what you can help would be farmers to do
Atunnise Oludele: You need a farmland which can sourced for through Government or private individual, you need imported hybrid watermelon, some important chemicals that guaranteed crop profiting and many other secrets on how to grow your watermelon for bumper harvest. There is a guide that I have put together with step-by-step pictorial on how to start watermelon agribusiness and make profit from it. I have personally documented my experience, mistakes and all I did to make a success in this business for others to follow

Start Your Own Business Publisher : That is wonderful

Atunnise Oludele: Yes sir

Start Your Own Business Publisher : So how can Nigerians  and our foreign readers benefit from your knowledge on watermelon farming

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 Atunnise Oludele : Another planting season is around the corner and I have package a comprehensive guide on how to make it BIG 75-80 cultivating in watermelon anywhere Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

Start Your Own Business Publisher:  And what is the profit projection on this business plus how much will your prospect start this business with

Atunnise Oludele  The profit is mainly depending on your farm size. However with investment of N45,000 or Ghc900 or $250 on 1Acre of land you are guaranteed of having returns of at least N350,000, GHc7000 or $2,000 within 75-80 days

Start Your Own Business Publisher : Readers, if you want this opportunity, you can email me on syobiz

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