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Spiral Mixer VS Local Milling Machine.. What's best for bread Making and which should you buy

So you want to start a bakery and confused what machine should be bought for milling and mixing your bread dough?  Read through to make your own decisions.

During one of my Physical Bread Baking Classes in Lagos, a lady who have been baking from home and selling but was having challenges came from Ibadan, Western Nigeria to attend. Her bread was not coming out well, not smooth, not stretchy or elastic and very crumbly. She uses an English Spiral Mixer for her bread mixing and milling. Unfortunately, she bought the wrong Machine. Single Speed, single phase..

As I travel to homes and places for my one on one trainings all over the regions in Ghana, 95% of the people starting or running bakeries uses local milling machine to make their their bread. When I was starting my bakery in Sapaeiman, Fise and Festus areas where I ran my hot bread kitchens in Ghana, I used the local milling machine.

All my trainings in Medoma, Santase and Apiaedu areas in Kumasi, local milling machine was all we used. In Sunyani, Kasoa, Atadeka, Garu, Bawku, Mallam, Darwenya, Tema, it's all we used. 

When I started my training in Lagos, Nigeria, I used local milling Machine as well as my training in Enugu.

Now listen, one of my clients in Ekiti who runs an NGO uses a local milling machine. She has been complaining about who should help her operate the local machine.

Another of my client, a fresh graduate in Portharcourt, Rivers state uses a local milling machine and sent me message about her frustrations in operating the machine since it is man-powered or manual.  She was advised to buy local milling machine that was installed on the ground of a three bedroom building.

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Moreso, I have many bakers who are using the Spiral Mixer to run their bakery, and are also complaining about the quality of their bread. They complain that their bread does not draw, it's not chewy, it comes out hard, not elastic, crumbly.

The same way those using the local milling machine is complaining. So I am addressing it today.


I have used the two types of machines. Both local and English. When I was putting up my final permanent bakeries, I had to critically consider lots of factors, to buy local milling machine or buy a spiral mixer.

If you are using local machine or spiral mixer, you have to understand that you must use the right bread recipe for both to work well. I have seen bakers who just pour ordinary water to mix their bread dough, they don't use industrial bread baking ingredients and don't even use EDC for their bread mixing. Yet, they want the machines to do wonder. It's not possible. Machine does not make bread good. It's your mixing, ingredients added, methods applied that gives you good bread. 

First thing you need to do is to change your recipes. Don't copy recipes along your street and think all should go well. Those bakeries you know are selling well and people are rushing their bread has secrets you should know.  Understand how ingredients works and change your mixing methods. Don't just pour ingredients anyhow and expect something Wonderful. I have provided a comprehensive details on how to start a commercial bread baking and make profit. I have made my knowledge into a complete ebook series to help succeed.

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1.  It will mill your bread very smooth.

2. It does not use electricity to be powered.

3. It is powered by motor.

4. It will degass very well your dough and remove pocket of air in dough.


1. You need to install it inside the ground, hence your building is permanently condemned and strictly for the machine.

2. It is operated by man-power. If you don't get the boys to operate it, you won't work.

3. The machine could cut hands of operators. Check most bakers and you will see one, two or three fingers are complete cut off. Highly prone to accident

4. The environment is very dirty and not hygienic.

5. Operators will sweat and those sweat goes to the bread dough, contaminating it.

6. It is more costly to install than Spiral Mixer. It has several components you must buy and install all into the ground.

7. Vibration of machine will affect building over time.



1. It's plug and play. Once you buy, you start using by just plugging to a wall socket.

2. It has both mixing of bread dough and milling. Milling is Slow speed, Mixing is fast speed.

3. When ingredients are added in the right way and recipes, you produce a very smooth, elastic, chewy and degassed dough.

4. It is computerized. Set the timer, once it's time, machine will stop and you start cutting and panning.

5. Maintenance is very easy. Just clean.

6. You can move it to any where.

7. It does not occupy space.

8. Anyone can use it. It does not require strength.

9. It is cheaper than buying a local miller.

10. Very neat production and hygienic.


1. Uses electricity.

My recommendation:

We are in a new world, new opportunities, you don't have run a business in a hard way. Be smart. Buy a Spiral Mixer and use the right recipes, mixing method, right ingredients for your bread baking and bake bread that's chewy, elastic, draws, yummy, rich, long lasting till over ten days. And then smile to the bank. 

You can grab my new ebook and be successful.

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