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9 Critical trend that will shape Baking industry in 2022

The challenging cost of Ingredients due to inflation and nose-diving economy has left many bakers of bread, cake, pastries and confectioneries struggling. And this is what I address in this article.

Unfortunately, many of us are not strategic in our trying to solve these challenges. 
Know the following if you are going to succeed and profit in 2022 and beyond.

1. Ingredients are going to escalate in cost: Within the first quarter of the new year, cost of ingredients are going to go further higher-up. From flour to Sugar, Magarine to other ingredients, the result is that bread businesses are going to further collapse because, not many will understand how to adjust to make profit. Unfortunately, the middle men or distributors in some states are mean and would want to take all profits from the baker.

You need to be ahead of the game in bread baking, cake baking etc to win.  You need to know the secrets in the bread baking game.

2. Bread sizes and scaling is going to go further smaller in adjustments or your business will collapse. This is where many are having it tough. Let me explain something. At the beginning of 2021, N100  or Ghc1.50 bread loaves in Nigeria and Ghana respectively were scaled differently. But at the end of the year2021, the scaling has been tremendously affected and bread is sold for N150 or Ghc20. Many bakeries and bakers are loosing money and encountering business losses due to lack of knowledge. I have had my clients and students who had to run to my VIP PREMIUM MENTORING Platform with complaints. 

If you are to succeed in 2022, you will need to scientifically understand bread scaling strategy, understand how much it will cost you to produce one loaf of bread and how much profit you will fix. As I keep saying to my students, there is no need to waste your money making bread and feeding the people, while you make losses. Bread business is lucrative, but most of us will not make real profit because we are applying the wrong principle. 

3. Embracing the right bread flavours: In the past years, bakers, especially local bakers are used to water based snd powdered based flavours. Some cannot do without it. We are in a new normal, a competitive era. Some people just think bread is bread. No. If you are not creatively upscaling your business,  you will be left behind. You want a fantastic, nice aroma bread loaf, but you are not ready to understand what is being used or you have a feeling that it's expensive and will eat into your cost of production. 

Change your flavours. Use industrial flavours. 
Our clients who are even new entrants to the Bread baking business are able to penetrate the market faster and compete favourably with old timers in Tema, Kasoa, Ho Ho, Tamale, Kumasi etc in Ghana as well as Gboko, Abuja, Enugu, Ogbomoso,  Portharcourt, Lagos in Nigeria due to changes in flavours. 
You need to understand the right flavour to use for your Sweet or Sugar Bread, flavour for butter bread, flavour for tea bread and Agege bread etc. You also need to have the knowledge of flavour mixing and how to prevent others, including your workers from knowing the names of flavours you are using. We show you how to premix and repackage your flavours in our Profesional physical or distance (Online) class.

4. Flour prices and alternative flour to use including Soy flour, Cassava flour etc: Most of us are so fixated on not being able to change in terms of what we use on our baking activities. But like it or not, flour is going to further get more expensive in the course of the year. But do you know that if you are knowledgeable, you will make more money when these items get more expensive?

There is need to understand what flour are, what's the content of flour, how it is made, type of flour and how to win by using alternatives.

I use Cassava flour, I use soy flour to augment with wheat flour. These are organic and non-grain flour and also help to give your baked goods some measure of advantages, last longer etc. 

As a Baker, you should be able to learn and know how to produce cassava flour, soy flour, and a host of other flour.  If you have control of your flour or some raw materials, it will be to your own advantages. 

You also need to know which flour is better in the market for your bread baking. Some flour will give you more yield, while you also must know the difference between hard flour and soft flour and which is used for bread baking.
Learn How to Produce Cassava Flour and learn how to make Cassava bread, learn how to make Soy flour. Call or WhatsApp  09028854666 for your Oven in Nigeria, 0551689453 for Ghana.

5. Marketing your baked goods, especially bread and cake. Some of us are having challenges in marketing of bread or cake products. Making good products is one, marketing and succeeding with it is another. 

Don't market your business within only your community. You need some good strategies. For example, while others are marketing by just baking and packaging their bread just within where they are, we have very strong secrets we give to our clients on how to add certain complimentary products in selling their Jumbo loaves and it works faster.

We also introduced BREAD BY SUPSCRIPTION method. We are winning in this method.

6. More baked bread are likely to spoil faster in few days. This trend has gone up and this is one area I have had lots of people calling, emailing and complaining. Yes, because people are adding all sorts of additives to make bread, they are loosing grips about shelf life.

Bakers want their bread having enough weight, big volume, and so add all sorts of ingredients they have just read or are told, resulting in stale, alcohol smelling loaves, bread getting moulds in two days, bread coming out strong, hard or even not cooked at the center or collapsing into the center after baking.
To know how to use the best recipes, and have all above resolved, read all about Chef Henry's Prefect Bread Recipes ebooks and Videos

7. High cost of Baking Ovens and what should be done. 90% of Bread bakeries in Ghana uses made in Ghana galvanized ovens. I have over 12 years bread baking galvanized ovens that I use in various places. They are rugged, bake bread completely, easy to manage, all glassed face, and uses only gas. Deck Ovens are quite expensive for the small to average bakers. Rotary Ovens are also on high price. Nigerians and Ghanaians should embrace galvanized fabricated Ovens. 
Half bag Fabricated Oven is N700,000.00 while same of deck oven is N1,500,000.00. Quarter bag galvanized padded Oven is N400,000.00 whil same for Deck is N1.2million.

Unfortunately, most fabricated Ovens in Nigeria are not galvanized, poorly constructed and don't bake bread profesisonally. This is the reason we sell only galvanized, padded ovens that we use.
See oven below

Call or WhatsApp  09028854666 for your Oven in Nigeria, 0551689453 for Ghana.

8. Stop Using Bread Improvers, this will work well in 2022. I have authored two bread baking books and made two Profesional Videos where you watch me bake and that's what my successful bakers and bakeries are using to excel.  I have spent spent lots of money researching, implementing and experimenting on use of ingredients, additives, mixing methods and baking methods. Most bakers are using certain substances to have big loaves for profit. This is why bakers who are not knowledgeable take to using Improvers and toxic substances such as Bromate. Bromate is cancerous, meaning it could cause cancer. It is a banned substance in the whole world except USA where it's regulated. 
NAFDAC in Nigeria, FDA in Ghana will sanction you if you use this substance.

Bread improvers are good (not bromate), but you do not need it. Bakers uses both EdC and Improvers on mixing. Let me tell you why: Emulsified Dough Conditioners or EDC is what you should use. EDC will condition your dough, bring out the best and give you good loaves. Improver is a part product of EDC, and so you are duplicating Ingredients.

Cut cost of Production. Don't use Improver, don't use toxic substances. For your Industrial Bread baking ingredients that will give your bread class, chewy, yummy, EDC and industrial flavours, Call or WhatsApp  09028854666 for your Oven in Nigeria, 0551689453 for Ghana. See pictures of Ingredients in Ghana and Nigeria below.

9. Recipes will change and and you need to be knowledgeable. Use Chef Henry's Perfect Bread Recipes Videos and ebook, and eliminate lots of cost of production. 
Everything is changing, you need to understand science of baking, know why people are succeeding in bread baking, while others are failing, Know ingredients to use for bread, know the right flavours and understand why bread baked will fall inside, come.out hard, stale, spoil fast etc. Change your recipe and bake quality bread loaves. 
Competition is swift now and will be more swift in 2022.
Take Classes, get mentors, attend trainings and buy books to read on how to succeed in bread baking business. 

How to join my Classes or buy your Bread Baking ebooks and videos. See below and contact me


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