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5 things you must know about bread baking pans

One factor that will determine how your bread output will be is the choice of your pans. Many don't see this in the beginning and so over time, they start having or baking the wrong product, having stains in their bread and experiencing alcoholic taste in their baked products.

Most of my Distance Online Class Students as well as those who attended my Micro Bakery Monthly Physical Class in Ghana and Nigeria  have been able to understand this aspect of baking as being very crucial to their success and so , they make the right decision in buying the right bread  pans.

I have had enough disappointments with entering bakeries to teach them the art of Bread Baking for my Micro Bakery Private One on One Training (which is Ghc2000, or N150,000) and got disappointed with the pans in the bakery. It sounds so unready for a bakery to buy state of the art machines and then buy bread baking pans of low or sub-standards

Followings are what you should know with buying of pans;

1. Have a pan that is unique in your community: Don't use the same shape of pans in your community. Have a unique pan and this automatically gives your bread a unique shape. I started my bread baking in Lagos with South African pans and had a Nigerian shaped pan in my Ghana bakery. Today, I use Ghana boat shaped Sugar Bread pans in Nigeria.

2. Know different types of pans: There are Smooth aluminium and rough aluminium pans. You must decide what to use. However, aluminium pans will rust fast and retain margarine stains. If you must use it, get a very standard tick one.

3. Galvanized Pans: The best for your baking is galvanised material. First its going to retain heat and will not allow your baked goods to burn. The heat will circulate evenly to give you a nice baked product. We have galvanised pans for sale at N12,000 per dozen and you can call 09028854666.

4. There are two types of Pans; In Nigeria, pans and bread are general. In Ghana, bread is differentiated and this also is determined with the type of pans. Sugar bread uses boat shaped pans and you don't cover sugar or sweet bread while it bakes. This makes it rise up while it bakes. Butter bread is rectangular in shape and flat. To this end, butter bread pans also called Pullman pans are covered while it bakes. Therefore, butter bread pans are produced with covering lid.

5. I reserved this for the last. Your type of Pan can make your bread to smell like alcohol after few days of baking. Light and sub-standard pans will retain alcohol if there are over reactions  of yeast in the dough and this will be transfered to the next baking and continuously. You need to know how to maintain your pans and handle alcoholic taste and smell in your bread.

For much more details about the science of baking, how to bake yummy bread or you want to learn how to setup your own bakery, join our Distance Class and learn 247.

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