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By pattern of creation, your marriage should and must work. You are entitled to marital fulfilment.

But unfortunately, divorces are on the increase. The enemies does not want it to work. There is no reason you will leave your marriage if you are married, or you are getting involved in series of relationships that only gets close to your being  married and your future partner leave or run away or you marry and leave for another marriage and keep remarrying and leaving or remain single.

Check it. You know it. Its hurting to see your partner walk away. But while there are many relatiobships that are in crisis today, there are blisful relationships thriving well. Even if yours is in crisis today, it can also be resolved. It's you.

One way to do this is by applying the principle of "Future Forgiving  ".  

I call it forgiving forward. Let me state this : You were not born into this world to suffer or to weep at the tragedy of your life, especially as it relates to your marital issues. You were born to overcome and be happy.

Unforgiveness is the real major cause of broken relationships. Most of us don't forgive. We are resentful. We keep and pile up issues and pile up our mind, so we get sick at all time.  It is a spiritual force orchestrated by the devil king to truncate relationships. If you are in a dating or marriage relationship, you must learn to forgive. Sometimes, your partner will be wrong and other times, you will be wrong, but knowing that you have a goal to make your relationship work will make you to forgive your partner even if you are right. Love is forgiving, and love is spiritual.

Before you get into that relationship, or if you are already in that relationship, assume it and know it that he/she is going to offend you in the future, one week, one month, one year, ten years from now. Therefore, you will do yourself good, make yourself happy by resolving today to forgive your partner today for any offence he/she will commit against you consciously or unconsciously the next minute to next ten, twenty years from now.

This way, each time your partner offends you, you won't get resentful because you have forgiving him yesterday of and for all future offence.

This way, you are at peace, your partber is at peace and can also change for better, especially when you tell him/her words like 'you offended me, but I am.not angry because I have forgiven you long ago".

What I will want you to do right away is to walk up to your partner and take that vow by telling him/ her you will forgive him or her today of all he will wrongly do tomorrow, ten years from now. Secondly, if you have kept unforgiveness in your heart towards anyone, just note that the person is busy enjoying his/her life. Free your soul and spirit by forgiving and blotting it away from your mind.

More Blessings

Keep Alive!

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