What you should know about constructing your bread proofing box.

There are times your dough will not rise as fast as you want it to or how it should. In cold weather, dough rises slower. So what should you do? Or maybe you had a wrong yeast, what should you do?

Its important you construct a proofing box. Your proofing box will help your dough rise faster. Don't let the name give you headache. It is easy to setup.
If you are constructing this, note the following:

1. Try using 40 watt bulb.
2. Try to add a bowl of water inside your box once you place your dough inside. This will help in moisture.
3. Your box should be a size that can contain what your Oven can bake at a time.
4 Don't place your bulb at the inside top of your box. Have it by the side.
5. Once your box is hot, try to off the light.
6. Don't let your light too harsh and hard on your dough as it will dry your dough top and your baked bread will not be smooth at the top when cooked.
It could be breaking too. And the inside might not be good.
7. You can use wood or plastic material to construct it on your own so long it can retain heat.
Get to your carpenter but have bulb fixed inside.
8. You can also use your Oven as a proofing box by placing your panned dough inside your Oven. The temperature there is different from outside.
9. Try getting a thermometer attached to it.

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