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Bread, Cupcakes and Donnut Course and Class June - Join me

Cupcakes and Bread Baking Next Classes and Course/Training.
(Attend our Bread Baking School in June, 2017)
Bonus Pastries: Donuts Cake and Rock Burns.
Our goal is to see you make good, fresh, healthy and lifestyle Bread and sell in your community. Start a Micro Bakery from home or shop and sell within your community. You dont need to break the bank to start your own Micro Bread Bakery. This lady holds her Octopus Baked Bread During Training

My name is Henry Omenogor, I am an Author, Chef, Baker and Trainer. I started this journey 4 years ago having fallen in love with food business. I run my own hot bread kitchen and sharing my knowledge too. I have trained those who are running their bakery in four countries and my book sells on a global platform. I have moved into the launch of a full Baking School having tan seminars and workshop for years on this. It is now your turn to pick my brains.

Want to know how to make cupcakes? The real business of Bread baking and Cupcakes? You can beat and survive the recessive economy with creative cup cake making and selling within your community. Our past students are doing well in four countries.

Combine and diversify Cup cake with our Micro Bread baking Training and become a Baking Entrepreneur.


“Thanks to you too. I really enjoyed the training.  It’s a great investment with great returns. Our bread idea for special shops is our concentration and you delivered. I am from a family that value quality and that’s what we got" Irene, from Adenta, Accra Ghana

This is Irene on training below as she removes her bread from the oven duding training. She is actually a US based trained Cake Baker before coming for this training. I had one on one training with her for 5 days


"Thanks Mr. Henry, I have started!!!!!!. God bless you always  sir.  Just wanted to surprise you. Your Recipe sooo perfect   and guide so Thanks sir.   Appreciate you so much. My husband    is so excited." Ayeni Omonike Soyombo. Mrs Ayeni Omonike Soyombo becomes the founder  and baker of Freshly Bake. See the picture of her product.below

“I am truly thankful for your time and consider it a blessing to be able to learn this information from you. I have started baking and truly, I have orders this weekend for Raisins Bread. Pastor T.  Blakesley, California, USA. Below is his own made bread.


 “Thank you Uncle Henry for your work. Your vision affirmation section of this training is great. I am lucky as I wanted to travel down to Nigeria after calling you but you called me back to train me here. The milk bread, Sardine and Braided bread has improved my baking products.  Alhaja Zainab, Ashaley Botwe, Accra Ghana.


This is Alhaja Zainab  above learning how to fold and make sardine rolls.

As of today, she owns three baking shop spread in Ashaley Botwe and Madina area of Accra Ghana.


Having successfully organized our workshops and training, we are moving into a complete Baking School. This is a  weekend course in Lagos(4 days). Distance class also available for those who cant come physically. We admit limited students for effectiveness.

Courses covers Hands on practical baking, equipment, business of baking. I will hand over to you my secret recipes and how to get your own equipment easily and cheap especially Micro Oven
Bread Covers Braided, Raisins, Wheat, Butter, Ghana Bread, lifestyle bread, watermelon look alike bread and cupcakes.

Batch B: 23rd, 24th and 25th.
Fee: N30,000 (N25,000 for 1st ten students)Per Student. Paid up before the date or N35,000 at Venue.
1. You can start paying in installment to reserve your slot
2. Chance is on first-come-first-served basis
3. Each student is entitled to my books on Baking
4. Post mentoring and consulting is free for one month.
5. Please come with flat footwear and eat heavy food when coming.

Distant Class also available and you can download my bread baking ebook for free. Click Here
Contact me easily on facebook You can contact me, friend me or follow me on facebook. Click here

Or email me on syobizng
For testimonies of our various students, read this blog, for International buyers and Distant Training, see below

Our course is structured into three levels and you will have to chose which you prefer: 
 Level 1 Package: Four Days Practical Training with eBook: $199.

Level 2.  Four days practical training, ebook and one month post consultation : $299

Level 3: Four days practical Bread baking,  One day Yogurt and Ice Cream Course. $399

Level 4: Four days practical Bread Baking and Bakery Setup, One day Yogurt and Ice Cream Production and One Month Post consulting: $499

Level 5: All of number 4 plus Two months consulting: $600 

Method of Payment:You could pay through several methods including Paypal, PerfectMoney, Cedis(by Bank Deposit or Mobile Money), Bitcoin etcLet me read from you. And thanks again for your interest. 

Contact me easily on facebook You can contact me, friend me or follow me on facebook. Click here

PS: we run our distance course on one-on-one basis

Pix Source:  delish

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