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Why I use Ginger and Sweet Potato Water in my bread baking

Bread bakers are supposed to go beyond just baking bread.
My seed and nut bread
Sweet potatoes cure heart attack, diabetics, cancer.
While  being under the tutelege of local bakers in Accra, Ghana helped me to really know how to bake the Ghana tea bread and brown bead, coming under the tutelege of 72 years old local baker in Nigeria exposed me to Agege bread baking.

However, my training with the Philipine baker gave me the real and sound knowledge of Pan des sal which in english are specialised bread rolls.

Then I ventured into the real art of baking bread for nutrition and then continental bread sometimes on the basis of requirements from my one on one clients from various countries. I personally enjoy baking the Lebanese Lebanese or pita bread as well as French Baguettes.

In all of the above, basic ingredients are used. Not satisfied, I took 8 months research into study, experimentation as well as deeper inference on science of bread.

In the countries where I run my micro bakeries, competition has also pushed me into trying ingredients that will make my bread unique as well as those of my clients/students who learn bread baking from me live or through distant training workshop or school.

Adding sweet potatoes water to your bread gives it the same improvement when you use dry milk and much more. It also helps in natural fermentation as well as softness when used with bread emulsifier.

I personally do not use any artificial preservative except using natural ginger and other natural ingredients to have my well baked bread loaf to last for 8 days.

Next time you want to bake your bread, try using sweet potatoes water instead of the normal water.

Will you like to join my next bread baking training live class or want to have distant one on one coaching?  Here you will learn how to use these ingredients for your next bread baking.

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