Today's affirmation for your health and wealth:

Today's affirmation for your health and wealth: What you should say today:
I will be unafraid, I will enjoy that which is beautiful and will believe that as I give to the world today, so the world will give to me today.

How amazing you are today. You have a choice to believe and go pass your fears and do great things today. You were sent to this seminar called earth to dominate. 

Enjoy the day with love, fearlessness and confidence.

Your mind is so fascinating that its just a messenger. You have a choice to enjoy today or not depending on what you feed your mind with.

This is your day. Enjoy the life you have been given. Shine light today to those around you .
When people put down, swallow your spit 100 times while thinking of positive thought and then walk away or sing, don't say a word or react. Be slow to anger today. Smile and be happy loving all creations around you.


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