How to make a very crusty Ghana tea bread

There are various types of bread in Ghana ranging from Butter, Sugar and tea. Ghana is actually a bread nation. Great thing about this country is that my bread baking was inspired during a Church worship at Winners Chapel International in the Industrial Area of Accra.

Bread sells in all parts of Ghana and the good thing about this bread is that people in other countries like the bread. 

Tea bread is eaten at all times and could be used to take corn porridge or Koko in the morning or with any other soup or eaten alone. 

When I started baking in my country, I saw they loved this Ghana tea bread and it became one of my best selling bread but I had to innovate it. 

You could make this bread in the USA, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Canada, UK, India etc to Ghanaian living there as a niche business or present it as a variety for your target. This can also be done from home as a Micro Bread Bakery Business., 

The tea bread comes out from the oven with nice crust and it is less of sugar.


·         Bread Flour
·         Salt
·         Sugar
·         Margarine
·         Nutmeg
·         Yeast

Preparation Method
·         It is important that you mix wet for wet and dry for dry ingredients. To achieve this, combine the flour, salt, margarine, nutmeg in a mixing bowl. Mix the margarine into the flour using either your hands or the paddle attachment for the mixer.

·         Add water preferably warm in a bowl, add a tea spoon of yeast, 1 tsp sugar and whisk. Set it aside to froth for about 10 minutes.

·         Add the liquid to the flour mixture and mix until well and evenly incorporated.

·         Make a dough and knead until elastic and sticky

·         Grease a bowl with margarine.

·         Shape the dough into a ball and place in the grease bowl and allow to rise or ferment).
·         Once it is risen, if using hand instead of machine, make sure you punch it down and mould into sizes.

·         Make sure the Oven is heated up to 180C. Allow dough to rise times two in size and then transfer the risen dough to the baking Oven and bake for 30  to 45 minutes while placing a bowl of cold water on the bottom of the shelf.

·         The essence of the cold water is to bring steam circulation on the oven. You could also use baking oven

·         Bake until bread becomes brown in colour and remove from the oven and allow cooling.
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