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How to be a Facebook “Fake Friend” lie detector; stay safe and secured on social media and smartphones

It was the last weekend of March and I had not visited my facebook because I was actually taking time off the internet to finish my new book on How to bounce back from life’s setback which was for launch on Amazon Kindle. When I checked my email, I discovered that I had two friend requests from two people who had the same name and profile photos which were actually the picture of a popular Pentecostal preacher and entrepreneur. I felt it was a coincidence in any case.

And on Monday morning, I visited facebook and accepted the two requests plus a host of others. First I was curious but in order to also have more evidence and materials for my research work on 111 smart ways to stay safe on facebook and whatsapp, detectand identify liars, spy and identity thieves, I followed my instinct. And guess what, I was right that I was adding a scammer to my friendship.

Once I added the two, they sent me a great and inspiring religious words that could make anyone see them as being kind, humane, pastoral, Bhuda-ic, Christ-like and wealth-promising, First they showered and pronounced blessings of God on my person and later sent me a letter promising me blessings of God if I send money to a little boy who had brain tumor. They sent bank details where I will send the money and then contact them after I had sent the money to the boy. Two facebook accounts with same profile pictures, same name with same story. Got interesting.

I “was ready” to send the money but requested for their phone numbers separately still. But they told me that they do not give their phone numbers because of their position and that God asked them to let me know of the blessings that await me once I can send the money as soon as possible. I asked them to kindly allow me send the money to the Church so the Church can then forward the money to the boy whom I was compassionate to help. They also refused. These two “friends” uses different bank accounts from different banks and their contact is only facebook, no phone number, address or email. Wonderful!

Wrong moves:
They were using the same picture that I was already familiar with which belongs to a Pastor and Entrepreneur. So they were on a wrong path to nothingness.
To this day, once I told them that their scam was not a very convincing one and that they needed to change their lives to get meaningful work, they never contacted me again nor did they delete me from their friendship. I was to leared that people are falling for this without detecting the lies from this scam which has been going on and that they don’t know what to do as people are falling for this.

Compassion is very good, but you need to do it wisely and know the right source. Facebook is a great platform, but there are a lot of Big brothers who pose as friends but are actually thieves. You need knowledge to handle facebook and social media. Your priority when you sign up for facebook or add or accept a friendship on facebook is to know smart ways to stay safe on facebook and whatsapp, detect and identify liars, spy and identity thieves.

Lives and Properties Being Lost To Social Media:
Let me state here that a lot of lives are being lost through friendships on facebook or other social media, girls are being trafficked, people’s identify are being stolen daily and you need to know what to post or not to post on facebook as well as learn how to identify those who are genuine friends. 

There are lots of fake accounts on facebook and their intention is to steal, stalk, and harm your phones in order to steal your identity. This is why Identity theft is on the increase everywhere including UK, US Canada, Australia, Ireland, India,Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Iceland, Singapore, India United States of America etc especially with the advent of applications for smartphone.

You may not understand the phenomenal number of fake accounts on facebook. But let me tell you this; as at 2012, Facebook revealed that fake or Bogus Facebook accounts were between 5 to 6 percent of all accounts, This put the fakes between 40 to 50 million. This is a high risk. What about the number today?

The accounts on facebook are sometimes operated by both human and software accounts. This is not the making of facebook itself as they keep patching and bringing the best security on facebook

You have to understand that there are two types of Fake Accounts. You have Human and Software generated Accounts. The software account is a bot operated remotely via software while the human account is actually a sock puppet account. Sock puppet account is a false account operated by human being pretending to be someone or something they are not.
Whether you are just starting to use smartphones or facebook or whatsapp or instagram etc, you need to know how to be safe and what you should do or not do when you are on these platforms.

I will recommend that you read 111 smart ways to stay safe on facebook and whatsapp, detect and identify liars, spy and identity thieves.

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