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Lessons from the Billionaire’s Brain.

Sometimes we often try to hide behind our mistakes and fear of failure. And this affects us now and in the future and even to the next generation to come.  I am a fan and a protégé of life and miracle coach expert and Guru Joe Vitale. And I am discussing today from his Interview turned ebook titled “ Miracle Coaching “ program

Joe Vitale has been a man who was broke and lived in abject poverty for years. According to him, he has lived very negative in terms of thinking and psychology. 
Like many today, he was satisfied with where he was until he cracked the success codes and turned everything around in his life.  There was nothing spectacular about what he did, He just discovered something that has been hidden from his knowledge for log, even when he knew that his financial condition was not what it should be. He was to become the supper man in the great and classic Video and book of the ages “The Secret” written by Rhonda Bynes, a woman who conquered the fear syndrome and lived above mediocrity with just a discovery to the billionaire secret too.

Most people are afraid to make mistakes and, if they do, often don’t get past them.  Years ago he ran into a billionaire who had said he had failed numerous times before he hit a winning streak and actually started making a lot of money. The billionaire told him he’d learned something profound from failure – that nothing bad happens to you. And knowing nothing bad ever happens to you takes away the fear you may have. It’s priceless. 

People will have an idea for a business or product and think, “I’m afraid. What if I do attempt it and it fails?” Just remember the billionaire’s story – nothing bad happens to you.

Most of us are governed by the fear syndrome and this makes us not to act. This prevents us from seeing the good in any goal we intend to get to. You need to go pass your fear and bring out that book, that technological breakthrough, that music in your head, that creativity and that business idea into life. The universe will not forgive you, even the ideas that you have if you die without bringing them to affect humanity. 

Failure is a part of life and living. Thomas Edison failed several times but succeeded, Obama became the first black  and African American president of United States, Bill Dropped out of school to pursue his software dream and became the world riches man, Tony Branson did not finish school but came as an underdog to found Virgin Airline and the Virgin dynasty.
The billionaire and the poorest person goes through the same mental, physiological and environmental situation in  any country, be it United States, Canada, India, Singapore or Ghana, Bahamas, Ireland, Spain, Germany and even Nigeria, but the billionaire will always dare to do what the poor man will not want to do irrespective of his fear.
For example, both the billionaire and the poor person goes through 24 hours of time a day, But the billionaire spends his time differently. Once you are able to discover the secret of the billionaire and adhere to it, you are on your way to success. Some of the secrets of self made millionaire and billionaire are all known to even the common man. But the fundamental inertia of taking that first baby step is always one thing that holds the mediocre person back. Once you take that first step in terms of action and you are strongly ready to learn and fail as you go into expertise, you will be no doubt there in a matter of time. 

This is what my mentor and teacher, USA motivational speaker and Author Les Brown call failing forward. You should be ready and willing to through all your life into a dream with focus one at a time and not be afraid of failure. Fortunately, success leaves clue and you can get to know about these clues by having a mentor and coach in any area you want to make success. From marriage to business, spiritual to education, as well as technology, you will be successful as the billionaire if you model other successful people in these areas and make up your mind that irrespective of fears and failure … Nothing bad happens to you.

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