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Marketing and sales are two processes that work together to bring income to a company. Don't confuse marketing to be sales. 

Marketing ends in you telling people about your product. It is not selling your products or services.

Marketing involves activities that brings awareness to your products or services.

Marketing sparks people's interest in your business.

Marketing involves carrying out research, running campaigns, researching to understand the interest of potential customers etc.

Marketing helps to showcase your company's big picture and promote your company.

Marketing department of a company is responsible for pricing of product or services.

Note that marketing as I said earlier is always a long term process. 

Some ways to market your product or services include:

1. Internet marketing: Internet marketing involves various methods of marketing using the internet. They are among others; emails, mailing list, online advertising etc.

2. Print marketing: This entails printing of handbills, flyers and distributing to the public target audience.

3. Blog marketing: You can create your own free or paid blogs and keep writing content about your products and services. There are other free blog platforms you can also write. But don't try to write a full marketing content on blogs. Rather, create content that is based on educational marketing. Describe and write about the benefits and features of your products or services. Blog marketing should be for awareness and know that I takes time to build this.

4. Search engine optimization: Search engine marketing is one way to build long term  awareness for your products. I have people from Canada, USA, Liberia, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria and Wella s Cote D'Ivoire buy big machines and bread baking ingredients based on search terms I have created in my articles which I have written more than 8 years ago. Don't just create article contents, think of future. When you create content on blogs, social media etc use tags, labels and search terms related to your subject, your products or services. And when people search for such terms on search engines like Google, your content should show up with a link to your own articles.

5. Social media marketing: Social media marketing is the trend now. You don't go to social media to watch people's skit or gossips. Use it to market your product and services. You can create contents in social medias including #facebooktips #tiktok , #instagram  #youtubechannel  etc. 

6. Video marketing: Video marketing involves making videos around your products and services and distributing such on social media, and blogs. Content is king. Use your smart phone to make video and download video editing apps such as #inshot  to edit and create professional videos that teach, educate or bring awareness to your potential customers what your products or services can do.

If you run a business, small or big, you own a small shop, or you run a business from home without office or shop, you will need to market your product or services using the internet to reach your audience quickly within your community.

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