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Why you should make a Pre-Mix and hide your bread recipe from your bakers

WHY YOU NEED BREAD PRE-MIX:. The worst a bakery owner can do is to give out his or her Bread Recipes to workers. It turns a bakery with no secrets. 

A bakery owner whose bread sells well in Delta State uses our Ingredients and was looking for a worker. Her friend also bakes. Her friend arranged one of his staff to bring ork for the woman, with instructions that he gets all her recipes and Ingredients. He could not succeed because I have developed pre-mix for the lady.

After spending four months, the guy opened up to her that he was sent by his boss to understudy her business, recipes and Ingredients that makes the bread unique and the will then come back and implement it. 

If you want to succeed, you got to "shine you eyes". Business is not NGO, business is business.  See what competitors can do to your business.

1. Competitors will pull your staff

2. Disgruntled staff will leak away your secret for money to other companies 

3. Unique Ingredients will be leaked to your competitors. 

4. You may be expose your company if you have also played in cutting conners.

5. Unfortunately, some people who don't live right but want to use bad or wrong Industry practices will also be in trouble.

Do not cut conners in bread baking business and do not wrong or harmful substances to make bread. 

1. Join Foundational Online Bread Class.

2. Join our Professional Online Bread  Class for and learn how to bake bread and run a bakery business.

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3. Join our Physical Class in Accra, Kumasi, PH, Asaba and Lagos where you will meet me one on one. You can't be good at what you do unless you learn it. 

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If you want to become an expert in bread baking, it's that simple. Unfortunately, most of us do not like to invest, don't want to spend money, or don't want to pay the price.

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