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How to bake bread without a machine

Complete Ingredients for the experiment
My bread baking without machine experiment started yesterday and its been interesting.

I started an experiment yesterday to make organic bread that will not pass through mixer or miller but fully hand made and beautiful and nutritious. Purely organic and hand made. I have seen measurable progress and this will enable those in the remote areas or those who do not have the budget to start with a mixer to buy only a Micro Oven and kick off with their Micro Bread Baking to their community and create wealth.

I have to undertake this as I have been asked through emails and from my Facebook Fan page by readers and fans on what and how they should go about this. 

I took 3,2pounds of flour and did all the mixing. I love my bread to proof for 24 hours and its been a good one as all sweet and richness of the ingredients have been practically seen to be retained.
3.2 pound of white flour I used for the experiment

My braided raisins bread

My Sardine Rolls
I intend to also teach this method during our 19th and 20th August Micro Bakery Training in Lagos and will be updating and creating a complete Video of this for those who want to have it in video or ebook format too..

Its going to be very interesting time as we have three attendees celebrating their birthday at the training. 

So they are baking their birthday cakes during the time our bread is proofing.
These results of sardine rolls and braided loafs in pictures are exactly among what attendees will work away to start their micro bakeries.

Its our calling, its our journey. 

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