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How To Start a Tattoo Removal Business, make $10 to $200 in 15 minutes

Are you a salon owner and thinking of starting a tattoo removal business as another source of increasing your profit? Or you want to start a business on campus or a busy city or town but do not know what type to start? Or you are a serial entrepreneur who wants to make money from business opportunities? Read this as you will learn how to become a Tattoo removal Entrepreneur.

Tattoo removal is a lucrative business. It is estimated that more 30 million Nigerians have a tattoo. And approximately more than half of these people are planning to have it removed.

The tattoo craze has been an old thing in terms of body-art fashion. Campus students, love birds, even die-hard fans of actors, artist adorn their bodies just like the ones they admire. Some even draw tattoos base on events.

While some have been happy living with their tattoos, there are a lot of those who want their tattoos removed. They are now living with tattoo regrets. What was once so precious to them has become unwanted. These may have been due to various reasons.

While some who have been gang members and had tattoos about their gang world would want it removed with their being in a new world, others may also have it removed after adorning their body with the name of an old lover while the bliss lasted  and now they are in a relationship that is new. Others may have had tattoos and now this same piece of artwork on their flesh is not making them get employment in a decent place.

Religious organization such as Christian denomination could also have frowned at some ladies with tattoos such as snakes and others draws in prominent public parts of their body and they want to get these tattoos off by all means.

Summarily, impulsive decisions is one of the factors, their previous decision of wanting a tattoo had changed gradually because its significance just faded. While a tattoo serves as a reminder, if the owner don’t want it anymore to be remembered then they would likely have it removed on their body despite of the pain and the cost it will bring about for the procedure.

If you are a smart entrepreneur, this is the time to enter this booming industry and make real money. Nothing has really been hotter than tattoo removal now.

How to become a tattoo removal entrepreneur
Reasons to Enter the Tattoo Removal Industry:

 Booming Market
The Tattoo removal business is booming now and is very huge and continues to grow annually. Since the Tattoo regret is high and people are regretting going into having tattoo, there is a booming and ready made market for it.
High Profit
There is no doubt that the latest tattoo removal technology which is laser is great as people are also ready to pay anything to have their tattoo removed permanently. It is a business with high profit. You can carry out a single tattoo removal for between N2, 000 to N20,000 per 15 minutes depending on your class of clientele, location and demographic settings plus cultural issues.

 Low Cost
Starting a tattoo business is of low cost as all you need is an office space, tattoo removals machine and a budget. The space needed for a successful tattoo removal practice is minimal: a waiting room, a treatment room, and an office. The treatment room can be quite small, as almost all Tattoo removal machines a small and space-efficient.

Easy to Perform
Tattoo removal machine has a straight forward procedure and anyone can operate it.
It is very easy to start-: You do not need any specialized skill to start this business, and anybody can successfully start the business.

Steps to take:

1.  Write a Business Plan: It is important that you have a written down business plan on how to go about your tattoo business. It is a known fact that most businesses fail because the owners do not have a working business plan or roadmap.

2.  Get certified with a tattoo removal course. It is important that you attend a tattoo removal course and get certified. There are platforms where you can have certified course online such as International Laser Academy which you can find at . This will also incre3ase your class and price for service.

 3.  Office Space or On-Site:  All you need is a small or moderate office space and this should be in a place with high people-traffic. Universities are also a great location as the students have done these tattoos much and would like to remove same with their “regrets”. It is  actually a place you could charge lesser but with high volume.  You could also run your business on demand at the client’s site.

4.  Get your equipments:  You can buy the Laser Tattoo removal machine from various sites such as,, etc. You can get a portable tattoo removal machine from for $200 or N40,000 to $1000 or N200,000. You can also buy more than one and lease it or open various tattoo removal businesses in various location or partner with barbing or Hair Dressing Saloons.

How to get business:
You can strategize and make money from this business. If you have the portable Laser Tattoo removal, you could offer home services removal. Visit homes and get paid removing tattoos.
You could also make real money from your location. Make hand bills and distribute, advertise using your website and face book fan pages. Always take testimonials from satisfied customers and ask for referrals.

Start a free tattoo seminars and workshops and offer discounts during your informational training.

Above all the above, the best way to make real money is by over delivering with your tattoo removal services and see customers turning into referrals for you.

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