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You are here because you are interested in starting or improving on your bread baking business. 
Know all you need to start and run a lucrative bread Bakery. Bread Bakery business is lucrative, but need very unique secrets for a bakery owner to thrive. Baking is an art and science. Once you apply the wrong principle, all other things will go wrong, including the end products.  See two of my lastest successful clients.

A bakery owner needs the right information and method to follow for success. This is the single reason A1 bread in Ghana was established and sold everywhere from Greater Accra, to Nkawkaw, Kumasi etc and the business was sold finally to international partners for a fat sum.

Read to the last and have all the needed information.

I have been training and establishing bakeries and bakers for the past ten years. 

My US based Ghanaian client who trained online with me to start her bakery told me Ghanaians who visit or travel to US flaunt Bfoster Bread they bring from Ghana to US when they travel. It's a rich bread.

When you visit ShopRite Baking section at the mall, you see people que for fresh bread. You need to ask yourself what the secret is. All these companies thrive and know some secrets on starting and running a lucrative bread baking business. 

Unfortunately, some of us would want to cut conners to start a bakery business and they end up failing.  

I repeat, bread business is very lucative. We have helped Bakers in Kumasi, Sunyani, Garu, Tema, Kasoa, Kokobite, West Hills, Atadeka, Lagos, Awka, PH, Abuja, Jos etc to setup bakeries from scratch and trained them along with their staffs to bake bread that lasts ten to fifteen days shelf life. 

And they are thriving and soumounting the challenges in the industry. While some bakeries are collapsing, a lot are thriving even in Covid period. It's is of note that more bakeries sprang up due to demands for bread when Covid started.  You too can.

The following are steps you need to take to be able to start and run a successful bread baking business.

1. Carry out critical research in the industry within your community: Your baking business starts within your community. You need to understand what sells in your community first before venturing into this business. Don't assume.

Your community may be interested in only Ghc10, Ghc1.50 or N100 Or N200 bread, they may not be interested in sliced bread or it's also possible they like bread that is sweet rather than the one that is salty. For example, in Kumasi, they buy BB Bread which is well buttered than others. In this case, you need to give them a product that is rich in butter.

2. Get expert training: YouTube is nice to learn crafts but won't give you a commercial bread baking formula. YouTube videos will teach you what you may need to know with 1 cup of flour, but won't tell you the real secrets you will need to apply such as real commercial ingredients, baking formulas known by experts. This is where most people keep struggling.

Learn bread baking crafts from experienced bakers. A simple advise you will gain from a mentor can prevent you from a future costly mistake. Unfortunately, many would-be-bakers are still making the mistake of trying to open bakeries through short-cuts. If you are not ready to invest in your future or a business that you want to venture into, you are bound to fail.

Buy books, videos, attend seminars, have mentors, read, study and study, practice. You can't go far in this competitive business if you don't want to learn.

Whether you live in South Africa, Ghana, United States, England, UK, Ireland, India, Mali, Kenya, Ethiopia etc, you need the right principles to bake a good bread that last at least 10 to 15 days shelf life. You need mentoring. Bakeries we have trained and opened in Awka, Asaba, Kumasi in Ashanti, Sunyani, Garu in Upper East Ghana, after Bawku, Mali, Ekpoma, Lagos, Mowe, Tema, Darwenya, Kasoa, Kokobite, Kasoa, Atadeka etc are all thriving and we still offer them consultancy services. 

Picture below is my One on one training in Kumasi. This bakery has grown

You can call/WhatsApp for One on One training in your own location in Ghana (4 days intensive for Ghc2500 including ingredients) WhatsApp:(+233) 0551689453 and schedule your class.

Or for N150,000 in our location or join our July Lagos Class N25,000(2 days: 2nd and 3rd) Call/Whatspp: +2349028854666.

You can join our Online Bread baking Class if you can't attend the physical class as follows:

VIP BREAD BAKING CLASS: Comes with Bread baking ebooks on bakery operation, Full baking Videos and practical online class: Ghc155 or N12,500. 
WhatsApp me on : 0551689453(Ghana), 09028854666(Nig).
Below is one of my latest successful client testimony.

3. Understand and buy right equipments: Here again is the reason people fail in bakery business. They want to start with buying cheap equipments to make bread and the result is a tragedy. Their bread gets spoiled in few days fast, their bread collapse inside, taste like alcohol, comes out crumbly all these are as a result of buying substandard equipments. 

Don't go to an equipment company to buy equipment just because you hear or someone told you to buy. Learn, understand the details and science of equipments and get expert advise before buying. I have had people buy what they don't need, some expensive before coming to our trainings. For example, I had a Ghanaian one on one client who returned from UK to start her bakery in Ghana. She had bought a particular mixer which never worked. She had to start buying another to run her business. 

An attendee to my monthly physical classes bought a Mixer and was having challenges with it because it was a wrong one. Her mixer is for cake and not for bread. These are some of the mistakes people make. 

Some want to start with bread baking ovens but end up buying Ovens meant for cake. Cake uses a different type of flour which is soft flour made from soft wheat while bread is from hard flour which is made from hard wheat . Bread ovens have different qualities compared to cake ovens. Bread ovens bakes cake but cake ovens won't bake bread. 
Oven you should use for bread must be galvanized and padded.

You also need to know if you are going to use fabricated, rotary or deck ovens. While some ovens uses both gas cylinders and electricity to work, others uses only gas. All these contribute to cost of production

Another factor is your pan quality. Don't buy pans made from Aluzinc. They will go bad soon or keep giving your bread stains or absorb yeast fermentation during  over-fermentation and your bread starts smelling alcohol. In my class and books, I have detailed how to correct this.
We sell only galvanized pans. 

4. What type of bakery do I want to start: Be careful here even if you have plenty cash. Try starting small.  There are different typese of bakery, from hot bread kitchen, restaurant Bakery, full bakery and automated bakery, hom bakery, balcony bakery etc You can start from small a fabricated ovens to five bag ovens per day. However, you may use a quarter bag oven to bake four bags of flour daily. All you need is to understand the science of oven and I have explained all of these in my ebook and classes, online and offline.

This half bag oven below is padded and Galvanized and will give your bread quality and longer shelf life.

5. Branding your bakery product: Some would want to bake good bread and package it with local rubber or nylon and start selling. I have met old-timers who bake good bread but are stunted in terms of sales and  expansion because they use only local nylon or rubber. Get a good branded nylon or rubber to package your baked product with your name. You can creatively use SPECIAL BREAD nylons or rubber to sell your product. Just buy already made nylon or rubber branded as SPECIAL BREAD as seen below and your patronage will rise.

6. Know the cost of starting a bakery, don't asume. You need an expert guide to know the estimate cost of starting a bakery. In Ghana, you can start from Ghc500  from home. In Nigeria, I have many clients who started with their kitchen oven and grew into a full bakery. You don't need to break the bank.
I ran my bakery from home in Sapeima, had a  containerized shop at Fise and Pokuase in Accra, Ghana, a Baking Shop in Lagos and had also worked by renting bakeries in the beginning. Applied knowledge is power.
For full cost of starting a bakery, refer to my ebook.

7.  Understand About Operation: People get excited with bakery and baking business. But start getting weighed down due to the going wrong applications. You need to know how a bakery is operated; Staffing, costing of baked goods, how to package and how to sell or distribute your bread. 
Some come into the industry with assumptions; We will bake and start selling and money will start flowing. Yes, money is going to flow, but it's only when you do the right things first 
Know how much it cost to produce one loaf of bread.
Know how many loaves of N100 or Ghc1.50 bread you will have from one bag of flour and profit. Know which bread size is more lucrative and which one has lesser work involved. Know how to buy quality equipments for standard price.
Know the secret ingredients to add that will give your bread the right commercial volume.
Know what ingredients that you are not supposed to add to bread. For example, substances like Saacharine and Bromate are harmful and Food agencies the whole world has banned them.

Aside the above, there should be a system setup in place for a bakery to operate in independent departments. Put all these in place. 

Understand the science of flavours that but players are using to outsell the low rangers. 

8. Have the right Recipe: You may have all the above in place. Once you don't have the right Recipe for your baking and you start gambling on what type of bread to bake or looking for a bakery around you who is supposed to be your competitor or trying to cut conners to own a special recipe, your business is already gone.
Create your unique recipe and product brands that are perculiar to your business, let it be rich and you will have a pride of place in the market place.

Invest in your business. You need the right Recipe, right way to bake bread and bring out good loaves people will buy. You want to bake Tea bread in Ghana, Age Bread in Lagos, Butter Bread, Sweet or Sugar Bread etc, you need the right and working recipe. Some would buy other bakery bread and wonder why their bread is rich, milky, chewy and heavy and elastic. They have secrets which you can't figure out free. 

Lots will ask 'should I use cold water or warm water or ordinary water to mix my dough?', 'should I add Soy flour to my bread or corn flour?',' what quantity of yeast should I add that will be ok?'.
'What baking process should I apply?', 'What mixing method is good?'

9. Know how to seal your nylon or rubber with bread sealers. You need to work fast and smart. You don't need to start tying the neck or mouth of your bread with ribbons 🎀 using manpower. Use easy bread selling machine and work smart when you have volumes of bread to package. Request for a free demo or video on bread sealing machine by sending me a WhatsApp message.

10. Science of bread marketing and selling: In Ghana, Tea bread is lucrative. I know of a family in Amasaiman who bakes and sell five bags of tea bread daily all from home and it's gone in early hours daily. Hey have only pans and galvanized Oven.   In Nigeria, Age bread sells in the west. A type of bread that sells in one region or state may not sell in another. Some like fluffy and thick bread while in another areas, they may like it chewy and rich in butter.

Selling bread is a science. While many are succeeding, others are not. Some may have good baked bread🍞but don't know how to sell bread. Having repeated customers is what give life to your baking business. You need to master this to succeed.
Knowing how much profit you need to make from a single loaf of bread, 10kg of bread, 20kg of bread, 25kg of bread and 50kg of bread is important before you start baking. Knowing also how to scale or cut into sizes your bread dough is important. 

In my vision to help bread bakers start their businesses, I have been involved in live Physical trainings, Online Distance Trainings(My Online Global School 🏫 which you can access 24/7 ), as well as my Video and ebook Products. You can lay your hands on any of my products below to start your bread baking business or improve your bread baking business with unique recipes and step by step guides.

A-Z Guide on Setting up and Running a Profitable Bread Baking business.

This is a Combination of my two packages. 1. Ultimate Bread Baking Package Video and ebook. Full 163 paged ebook and Full Bread Baking Video, and bread Costing guide. Price is GHC49 or N2999
See full link for this product here and testimonies. Click here for stand alone Ultimate Bread Baking Package

But read below on how to get it for low price on my RECKLESS BONANZA PACKAGE.

2. The Chef Henry's Bread Baking Recipes: This guide presents the core bread baking premium recipes and professional bread mixing method in video form. Price is Ghc80 or N4,000. Download stand alone package here. Click herr

But you are getting this Combination(COMBO) on my RECKLESS BONANZA PROMO FOR GHC75 or N3200 if you act this NOW.

A-Z Guide on Setting up & Running a Profitable Bread Bakery Business is the complete guide you need to start and run your Business.
It's my core experience on failing severally and getting it right. It's my complete work, research, practical running of bakeries in two countries, my practical teachings packages into two ebooks and Video clips and full bread baking video.  
It's my compiled and combined answers to series of questions I have been asked by my students and clients. It's a practical guide for bakers and those who want to succeed. You need an experienced person to guide you by taking you by the hands and showing you what works.

See the complete packages below:
Chef Henry's Perfect Bread Recipes is sold on stand alone for Ghc80 or N4,000 and you can click here to see testimonies and details.

See direct link for details of the above and testimonies. Click here for Ultimate Bread Baking package ebook and Videos

See exactly what you are getting by purchasing the COMPLETE  A-Z Guide:
Guide covers from starting a bakery, equipment buying and science of use, 12 bread baking processes explained, Recipes for Tea, Butter, Sweet or Sugar, Braided, Fruit, Banana, and Agege bread recipes, step by step mixing and baking processes, recipes for 5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg and 50kg.

This package further present 16kg practical video as you watch me bake commercial bread. 

Additionally is the Chef Henry's bread Recipes and Video on new science of Bread dough mixing. Watch me use secret flavours, items that make your bread have weight, volume and increase bread shelf life.

Buy your A-Z Guide and get instant ebooks and video download now.

WhatsApp me now on : 0551689453(Ghana), 09028854666(Nig).

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