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What is Internet Business and why you are not making money online.

Internet is just the interconnection of computers or smartphones through the cyberspace. Understanding this technology and how it works is crucial to your success in any business, especially online business. Getting the right way to set up a blog that majes you real monthly passive income online is important.

With the Internet, you can sell anything from physical to digital services to a global audience.

The world is already a global village.  You can pull knowledge from the comfort of your home to sell in a global platform.  You can also sell same to a local platform.

Unfortunately, most people who want to start online business think it to either be scam or when they do start, they have desperation and wrong tools and application.

They do not understand the technology which is what they need to understand first. By technology, I mean the simple tools and system that will enhance their business in terms of marketing. Let me state that that I was late at using whatsapp and immediately I applied it to my business, I was surprised that even between 11.30 pm and 12.30am, I was making premium income from my from my digital workshop and distance training course in Micro bread bakery and my books.

Understanding how to use tools and technologies if you have to do well online is important.

The other area that I will like to cover which is more crucial is the perception that online business is just rocket science.
It is not. It is more complex than you think. It is just like any other business. When I had to start a bread baking business, it took me time and a period to understand it.

 I learned the skill, started work and I made several mistakes in the beginning. I was not perturbed as it was a period of my knowing what works and what does not. I took pen and paper and wrote down all the things that worked and the ones that did not work. I decided to make my own unique recipes by studying and came up with very unique combinations. That was it so it is with online business too.

One of the primary knowledge you need is to learn how to setup a blog that nets you income on monthly basis either passively or actively

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