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How to Make Profit From Your Baking Business and how not to make profit

Today, Tema Flour is expensive, Golden Penny Flour is N30, 500, Sugar is N30, 000... Organic Wheat Flour is N30, 000 for half bag in Nigeria. In Ghana, it's going high daily with Tema Hard flour going for almost Ghc450....

Everything is skyrocketing and it's still going higher.. Many bakeries and bakers are struggling to be in business. Some bakeries are collapsing, and many are springing up daily. 
But can I tell you a secret? This the best time to make enough money in the bread baking business if you understand the science of bread baking. Unfortunately, many bakers do not understand this secret. I can boldly state that you can make Ghc1400 from one bag of 50kg flour  in Ghana and you can go as high as N90,000 from one bag of flour on Nigeria. Knowing this require you to take bold steps and get it right through expert coaching, reading books, practicing and taking intentional steps, which most people will not.

In my One on One trainings with clients in Takoradi, Techiman, Djuan Nkwanta, Darwenya, Tema, Dansoman, Kasoa, Medina, Nkwkaw, Kumasi, Ho, Mallam, Ablekuma, Waliwali etc  in Ghana, Asaba, Enugu, Abuja, Eleko, Badore, Lekki Ajah, Benin, Ekpoma, Warri, Awka, Bariga, Ikotun, Festac etc in Nigeria, as well as my VIPOnlineClasses,  my clients and students who are succeeding with their bakeries understand lots about of science of bread baking. Below are some of our Trainings.

Bread baking is an art and science. Those who don't know this are more interested in focussing on the money from this business and so are doing it all wrong by baking the wrong bread standard.

Some are taking to reducing their Ingredients to cut cost, some make sub-standard bread, some add banned ingredients like bromate to have big bread, some bake chaffs etc. Others are adding plenty of yeast etc. You don't cut conners if you will remain in business for a very long time.

I have highlighted here how to succeed and how to fail in your bread baking business.

Tps to success in bread baking:

1. Learn about bread scaling
. Don't use manual scale. It's not going to give you the right bread sizes. It's going to be inconsistent.
Buy digital bread scale for Ghc450 or N25, 000. WhatsApp : +233551689453(Ghana) or +2349028854666(Naija).

2. Mixing Method: Yes I have seen people who just pour Ingredients together and start milling or mixing. You don't do it this way. There are things that does not go together. For example, mixing or combining yeast and salt is not right in your bread baking. Yeast will be retarded by salt. In my teachings and trainings, I have always recommended you mix your ingredients in the form of liquid to liquid, powder to powder. These ingredients must be added one after the other to get the right result. Also, if you are using hand-mixing method, your combination must be different. If you are using Spiral Mixer or local milling Machine, your combination must also differ.

3. Flour type and Gluten: Truth is that most people don't know the differences in flour in Nigeria. Don't use soft flour for bread baking. Use hard flour. Even the retailers do not know and they still sell flour. If you are using soft flour for bread, your dough will not result to producing the gluten in flour necessary for giving structure to your bread. Soft flour is for confectionery or pastries while hard flour is for bread. 

Secondly, some flour gives you more yield than the other, some absorb more water also and some gives more firmness in bread baking. This also depends on the flour that's in your community. 

4. Use Premium Bread Recipes that brings high yield: Let me state this. You will have 1400 bread rolls from one bag of 50kg bread flour and this can give you premium profit. Your recipe is the reason you will succeed in your bread baking business. Don't gamble about this. YouTube recipes are not for commercial bread and I must sink this into you. Commercial Bread does not call for warm water. You don't just also fetch water from boreholes and start mixing for bread baking. These water types will affect your bread yield, quality and quantity.

When you sample bread loaves at the bread selling retail outlets, you will notice some bread are chewy, rich, firm, sweet and last long, while others are chaffs, collapsed to the center, saggy, crumbly like garri and very light, but most importantly not drawing or elastic. You need an expert recipes. 

BREAD BAKING UNIVERSITY PACKAGE: I have made a complete series of my bread baking recipes and bakery operational manual in ebook or digital download so you can access it from anywhere in the world.  It is called Bread Baking University Package Series

The recipes comes in 5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg and 50kg. I have also covered from Equipments science to industrial Ingredients you should use. Above all, the recipes are for Wheat Bread, Sweet or Milk or Sugar Bread, Butter Bread. Sardine, Bread Rolls and Bugger Rolls...

If you purchase today, you will have my bonus videos which teaches you as I bake.

How to  buy your Bread Baking University Series Package with Video Bonus: WhatsApp me on +233551689453(Ghana) for Momo number +2349028854666(Naija) for inquiry. Or pay as below by Bank Transfer:

Zenith Bank: 1017249190(Name: Bakers At Work), then WhatsApp me with your email and Payment details and your ebooks and videos are sent immediately for download.

 International Buyers: Pay by Western Union, Sendwave etc. Just WhatsApp me here +233551689453

5. Lack of Expert Training or knowledge: Yes some of us will read up articles online and watch few YouTube videos and boom, they start commercial bread baking. This is suicidal when it comes to business. For example, a prospective client bought a bakery for N2Million from someone who was relocating to Canada. She called me and requested for One on One training. When I told her my One on One training was N150,000 or Ghc2500, she said she was not interested because the fee was high. She further took some courses somewhere and combined it with Online free books and videos, kicked off with her baking business. 

Unfortunately, her bread started smelling like alcohol and customers were returning the bread, she lost her market share and in frustration called me up for help. We had the Training.

You need a coach, a mentor and expert advise. Take Profesional classes and not half baked. 

Bread baking is lucrative and transgenerational business and must be approached the right way.

Join my next Bread Baking Physical Class in Ghana for Ghc700(Group Class), Take a One on One Training in your home for Ghc2500 or join my VIP online Group class for Ghc300, or One on One private Online Class for Ghc800. You can also join Basic Foundational Bread Class for Ghc20 or N1,000

WhatsApp: +233551689453

Join my next Physical Class in Lagos for N40,000 (Group class), VIP Online Group Class for N25, 000 or Distance One on One Online Class for N50, 000 or One On One physical Class for N150,000

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