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Welcome to our ebooks, Videos, Course and Training section of Chef Henry Omenogor and Bakers At Work Academy. 

Our vision is in teaching and empowering our students and clients globally in the art and science of skills that will enable them live sustainably with financial freedom. 

Here you will find information relating to our courses, online and physical trainings, books, Videos and how to order them no matter your location.  See all below for links.

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Online & Physical Practical Classes.


Foundational ONLINE Class: N1,000, Ghc20, $10, (Continuous 4 days online class covers: Bread Baking, Biscuit, Tomato Paste, Drinks(Cola, Orange, Pineapple Drinks), Yoghurt and Ice cream, Bar Soap Making Class). Click here for details

PREMIUM VIP ONLINE BREAD BAKING CLASS : N10,000, Ghc155, $50, (Life-time membership class and Support service for Bakers: PROFESSIONAL bread Baking global membership). Free download of BREAD BAKING COMBO Videos and ebooks, One on One support with Chef on WhatsApp and phone)

Call/WhatsApp: +2349028954666, +233551689453. Email:

eBooks and Video Home Courses

Profit Making Baking Manual & Premium Recipes (ebook on Saving cost,  eliminating ingredients and baking bread that gives profit, plus Science of Bread baking Operations and Ingredients): N2800.00 Ghc45, $30 Click here for details

THE COMBO PACKAGE - Chef Henry's Perfect Bread Recipe & Ultimate Bread Baking Package:  (eBook Only) N8,000.00, Ghc120, $50 Click here for details

Ultimate Bread Baking Package: (Video and eBook) N2,999.00, Ghc50, $40 Click here for details

Call/WhatsApp: +2349028954666, +233551689453. Email:

Make Your Own Drinks. 55 Practical Cocktails & Mocktails Recipes (ebook for immediate Download) N1,500, Ghc20


Big Book of Baked and Fried Pastries. Step by step Recipes (ebook for immediate Download) N1,500, Ghc20. Click here for details

Start Yoghurt, Ice cream and Ovaltine Doughnut Production (ebook)Click here for details

Call/WhatsApp: +2349028954666, +233551689453. Email:

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